hayday for fire tv


  • allcast for Fire TV  

    AllCast for Fire TV (App)
    the app allcast for Fire TV works, she does it for what it has been programmed. Unfortunately, permanent nerve Werbeeinblendungen.Die operation of the app is simple and understandable one wants to control the fire TV Stick with this app has the possi
  • Super for Fire TV 1  

    SPMC (App)
    Full support for Fire TV. All major addons and functions work. Use SPMC mainly to access my network drive. So far, all possible formats are played.
  • "Beautiful Case for fire phone"  

    Case-Mate CM031567 Tough Slim double-layered sleeve for Amazon Fire Phone black / silver (Accessories)
    These are a nice Case for fire phone. The metal finish looks great and through the sheath, the fire phone is visually jazzed again. The casing and the frame are made of plastic adaptable, the fire phone fits well in it, and all keys can be operated p
  • Class control for Fire TV  

    Remote Mouse for Fire TV (App)
    Works with Nexus 5 (lollipop) and fire TV. Mouse pointer is a bit too small. Feedback when clicking would not be bad. This is but complain all at a high level. The app has saved me buying another keyboard and mouse. I also would like to not have lyin
  • finally available again for Fire TV  

    The Walking Dead: Season Two (App)
    very successful continuation of the first part, and perfect for the Amazon Fire TV with a controller. hopefully there soon the third part
  • miserable Support for Fire TV  

    Hab wanted the app on the Fire TV installed and because of the control (which was apparently not implemented correctly) ask. Statement of support "Sorry no idea .. we have the built more than a year ahead of time and I have honestly no idea how
  • Not suitable for Fire TV  

    N24 Next (App)
    Contrary to the description ("Works with: Fire TV remote control") does not work this app on my Fire TV unfortunately. After the start screen either a gray area or a non-controllable menu appears. I've uninstalled the app therefore immediat
  • Perfect for Fire TV & Harmony One  

    FLIRC USB dongle (for media center / Raspberry Pi / XBMC) (Electronics)
    Hello people, was indeed already written a lot, still a little info, since the start in spite info's from here was something: - With me (WD-TV, sound bar, cable box Panasonic plasma) runs over the complete control over the Harmony One - Therefore equ
  • Not available for Fire TV, app improvement  

    Audible for Android (App)
    Unfortunately incompatible with Fire TV. It's amazing: Audible is an Amazon Company, although it seems very difficult to prepare an application for Amazon to bring hardware to the series. On other platforms, the Audible app much "room for improvement
  • Perfect for fire-Tv  

    SPMC (App)
    Works smoothly, for example on fire TV. Especially if you have a PVR from the Linux corner, fire-TV is thus very upgraded, especially because going through Lama saves so, SPMC is displayed directly in the carousel
  • Why are the Fire App's unchecked reasonable - why app's only for 'Fire tablet.  

    Tales From Deep Space (App)
    Anticipation, actually it is common to evaluate the game with an asterisk. Because I do not know the game, since it only runs on Amazon Fire devices. Surely it would work on other Android devices, but presumably it is believed at Amazon that you buy
  • Edler headphones for Fire TV Box with great reach, but shaky Knöpten  

    Harman Kardon BT Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphone with Microphone (Electronics)
    This part is on the way out and I wanted to initially buy the newer model (Soho Wireless). However, I find it an absolute disadvantage that the successor model "only" on ear is. So I did not have good experiences. Most press these parts too much
  • Unfit for Fire TV  

    UTube for YouTube (App)
    Despite top Internet connection Dauerruckler and constantly charging icon via Fire-TV. Despite pressure on the pause button to allow the box pre-charging of the content, as one would expect, for example, from PC or tab, no buffering of the stream. In
  • Not for fire phone, although in the AppStore?!?  

    SIMSme - your safe Messenger (App)
    Maybe I'm too stupid, but when I search the app on the Mac, then I find you. But I go over the fire phone from Amazon, then I can not find the app, although it is in the Amazon goals? So ertsmal 1 star ... Just take a look ... Unfortunately, the Amaz
  • Super Suitable for fire hoses  

    Blanks / clamp buckle for keychains, for 25mm wide webbing - 100 pieces
    We have had Keychains from old fire hoses. For this terminal closing are ideal and are not as expensive as in some craft stores. Definitely buy recommendation.
  • Battery for fire alarm  

    Duracell Procell 9V battery (Personal Care)
    Hello there, I was looking for a battery for the fire alarm in my house. The heavyduty quality which was the fire alarm has impressed me. The CA have held for two years. Have googled a lot and then I stuck with this battery. So far I am satisfied wit
  • Useful app for Fire TV Stick  

    ZDFmediathek (App)
    One can have long to access the media libraries of public television over the Internet. This is useful but especially if you can do that with the domestic television, so the information and entertainment program back a bit more self - to make - regar
  • Infinity "Search for Fire TV sets"  

    Amazon Fire TV remote (App)
    On the Kindle Fire HD, the app is not running, or is the box not on the network. Therefore, the app is useless.
  • For Fire-TV relatively useless so far ...  

    Twitch (App)
    Preliminary briefly to explain ... actually I've Fire TV mainly acquired in order to comfortably watch one or two Prime Video on the TV Youtube, Twitch and possibly can ... Although you can call various streams on the specified games or channels on t
  • Super for Fire TV  

    Kodi (App)
    By far the best media player with lots of extra function. Kodi runs on various hardware platforms and is continually evolving. It would be desirable Amazon unlock this program not only in the Amazon App Store, but also in Fire-TV App Store to allow a