Headset bluetooth macson


  • Super headset, bluetooth awesome! Very decent sound quality.  

    Philips Citiscape SHB8000WT / 00 Foldie foldable Bluetooth Audio Headset with call acceptance function for Mobile Phone White (Electronics)
    Sound quality really good, not excellent but it does not disappoint me once yet. The loudness is really enough! Most is really the bluetooth mode that lets you listen to his music or to participate in a telephone conversation / Skype (thanks to the i
  • August EP650 Stereo Headset Bluetooth Wireless Ear Supra  

    August EP650 - Wireless Stereo Headset Bluetooth 4.0 NFC aptX® Circum aural - Earphones with integrated microphone and rechargeable internal battery - Compatible with Mobile Phones, iPhone, iPad, PC, Tablets, Smartphones etc. - Black (Electronics)
    nothing to do with his little brother the 635 August (but beautiful design helmet arms too long and too rigid) much better listening comfort, perfect sound insulation, good bass, generous sounds. 12 euros difference are quickly forgotten. no connecti
  • Bluetooth headset for good value for money  

    TaoTronics® Bluetooth Headphones In-Ear Headphones Sport Bluetooth 4.0 earphones for mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, laptops, tablets, smartphones (A2DP, speakerphone, built-in microphone, 6 hours of play time) (Electronics)
    TaoTronics® Bluetooth In Ear Headset, Bluetooth Speaker, The packaging is high quality but focused on the most important no huge package with colored printing, but a small, stable cardboard box. The Bluetooth headset comes with USB cable for charging
  • A particularly comfortable headset  

    August EP650 - Wireless Stereo Headset Bluetooth 4.0 NFC aptX® Circum aural - Earphones with integrated microphone and rechargeable internal battery - Compatible with Mobile Phones, iPhone, iPad, PC, Tablets, Smartphones etc. - Black (Electronics)
    I had the opportunity to try the helmet August EP635 Stereo Headset Bluetooth Wireless - leather cushions with Microphone and Rechargeable Battery - Compatible with iPhones, Samsung, Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Google, LG, Nexus, iPad , Tablets,
  • Have bluetooth on wired headphones ONLY 2 MONTHS  

    I6 Bluedio Clip-On Stereo Earphone Bluetooth4.1 wireless headset / microphone headset indicator LED screen inside for iPhone6 ​​/ 6s / other Bluetooth device (White) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    This adapter transforms the wired headset bluetooth headset. With the standard 4.1, it allows to have very little quality loss. It has its own equalizer (it is changed by flight + and - buttons simultaneously). To change the language, just to pressin
  • Great sound but fragile headsets TOO!  

    Headphones Philips Fidelio M1 / ​​00 Black with Pickup function and microphone for mobile phone (Electronics)
    Tried after reading comparative tests and the rave reviews the nomadic headphones PHILIPS Fidelio M1, I fell for this compact model, sober, elegant and well finished. After trying in store with my iPhone and compared to no less a nomad 20taine models
  • very good but not for Bluetooth 4.0  

    Patuoxun Stereo Bluetooth Wireless transmitter may be associated with a headset, speakers and Bluetooth receivers White (Electronics)
    Ideal for all helmets off peak headset bluetooth 4.0 the device connects and put out my helmet not support 4.0
  • Perfect for the home office  

    Gigaset S810A DECT cordless phone with answering machine, steel gray (Electronics)
    I have the Gigaset S810A Cordless phone and the headset Plantronics ML20 Bluetooth Headset black for 5 months now in use, and especially for the home office purchased. For myself, the reliability and quality of equipment, trouble-free and flawless ca
  • Super Clock albeit for me not quite right  

    Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 (1.6 inch LCD display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, Android Wear) Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I want to briefly summarize what is at stake here in the Rezesion first. I want to compare the SWR50 a little with the MOTOACTV Motorola and thereby describe a bit my application. Since I now have the SmartWatch 3 only a few hours the course are only
  • Its OK but poorly fit on the head  

    Neoxeo 3500 HDP Bluetooth Headphones Black wire (Electronics)
    It closed headphones supra-aural (= based on the ears) very light folds easily for transport: the atria are folded inward of the arch and remains ultimately the equivalent of a banana that go inside the black velvet cover provided. + Nothing to say i
  • A good USB charger!  

    Anker® Charger 40W Sector 5 USB ports Equipped with PowerIQ technology for Apple & Android Smartphone, Tablets and Other Devices is charging via USB 5V. (Electronic devices)
    If like me you have multiple devices that charge via a USB port (headset, bluetooth headset, tablet, phone, ...) you often find a place to plug in your equipment. Most chargers supplied have a USB port, are rather bulky and take sometimes two at once
  • Headphones sound epoustouflant  

    Legend + R Bluedio Bluetooth Headset Version 8 Tracks 8 units of the Revolutionary drive NFC Support Bluetooth4.0 Effect of music deep bass Wireless Headset Circumaural Ear gift retail packaging Last publication of the whole World (Legend Black) (Electronics)
    I got helmets and not least in terms of quality, big brands (Shure, Sennheiser, Bose, Sony, ...) but also of little-known brands, and I can tell you that the Bluedio R + m Legend 'simply amazed. I tested the headset bluetooth and wired on a Samsung G
  • A product that allows to do without wires!  

    [New Version] TaoTronics TT-BA01 Transmitter / Transmitter / Adapter / Bluetooth Stereo Audio Adapter for iPhone iPad iPod MP3 Players tablets laptops home theater computers, 3.5mm audio device (Not a Bluetooth receiver) - Black ( electronic devices)
    I received this product from TaoTronics to test it. As always, my opinion remains impartial. -------------------------------------- What is this transmitter? -------------------------------------- This Bluetooth transmitter is used to add bluetooth t
  • No fan of the phone while driving, I like against by listening to music ...  

    Avantree HM100P: Bluetooth motorcycle intercom, Universal, waterproof, music streaming media and voice GPS navigation, 6 Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 3/2 notes, HTC, Nexus 5/4 Sony and other Bluetooth devices (headphones not included) (Electronics)
    Finally I installed the Avantree kit for bikers (or scootman ...). Not being a supporter of the phone while driving, so this is a use of music, and incidentally, passenger intercom that I hope to use the kit. So I set up in my headphones without part
  • TaoTronics  

    TaoTronics TT-BA01 Transmitter / Transmitter / Adapter / Bluetooth Stereo Audio Adapter for iPhone iPad iPod MP3 players portable tablets home theater PCs, audio equipment 3.5 mm (Not a bluetooth receiver) - Black (Electronics)
    corresponding object description seller today's date product works great facility -from 5 minutes and works with different headset (Bluetooth) small and very practical good product
  • Surprising, and perfect for my PS4!  

    XO Mini Microphone for 3GEN iPhone / iPod Touch 2GEN / iPod Nano 4gen (Electronics)
    Player PS4, I had since the arrival of this console as a feeling of unfinished .. Indeed, in order to avoid forcing players to acquire expensive wireless headsets, and having removed the ability to connect a headset bluetooth, Sony had added the joys
  • Indispensable! 25 October 1132  

    BTHDVOICE SuperTooth Handsfree Supertooth HD Voice with Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    A pairing of great simplicity with two phones (Blackberry and Iphone 4S Q5), intuitive use, a newfound freedom of action compared to wired headsets / bluetooth. I had doubts about the quality of sound, quickly raised: only a very heavy rain can make
  • Doubtful about the long reach  

    Bluetooth USB adapter, USB Nano GMYLE® CSR4.0 Class 1 Bluetooth V4.0 Dongle Dual Mode Long Range Wireless Adapter (Electronics)
    Only 3 stars because of the scope 100 meters which needs to be verified. I thought, my Plantronics headset (bluetooth long range) on the ears, to gardening in my small garden leaving my mac inside my little house. Deep in my land more than 10 meters
  • A thin battery that quickly load your smartphone  

    EasyAcc External Battery 5000mAh Ultra Slim Portable Electric Bank Alloy Aluminum for iPhone 6 Galaxy glass HTC Google Android / Windows Phone - Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I was pleasantly surprised because the battery is thin, beautiful. It's nice and enjoyable. As regards the size, it is the size of a large smartphone or a PHABLET. I compared. It is a compact battery. Besides, its handling is pleasant, it is easy to
  • Excellent audio quality and independent record!  

    Plantronics M50 Bluetooth Headset with Multipoint noise-canceling microphone (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    EXCELLENT Headset BLUETOOTH offered my wife associated with its Samsung i9000 SMS. Perfect quality audio microphone, microphone sensitivity excellent (with noise suppression) and all that, with a whopping !!! is AWESOME !!! so impressive that my wife