hidden face of margo


  • "THE HIDDEN FACE OF MARGO is a touching story, upsetting, deeply human and terribly realistic. "  

    Dark of Margo (Paperback)
    THE HIDDEN FACE OF MARGO is a touching story, upsetting, deeply human and terribly realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I found Quentin, Ben, radar and hyper deep and really captivating Lacey. Margo, meanwhile, is a heroine that i both loved a
  • Our hidden faces  

    Our hidden faces (Paperback)
    When reading this book, one wonders why the writers usually do not come to see his new authors. Such moving characters is quite rare. The plot is superb and the themes discussed as subtle as touching. A Surprise self publishing a must read !!!
  • De-li-cious !!  

    Fried Green Tomatoes (Paperback)
    absolutely delicious !! A novel that is not out of mind after having closed as the characters are endearing. This chronic South never tire because the back and forth between eras maintain the interest of the reader and reveal ever hidden faces of the
  • Kudos for this first volume!  

    1. Magisterium: Iron test (Paperback)
    I have not the habit of talking about this kind of novels on the blog (as I adore that) because I have really hard to put into words all the emotions, all feelings running through me, to describe why the book is awesome without spoiler. But then, thi
  • In the skin of a jihadist  

    In the skin of a jihadist (Paperback)
    Very interesting book I regret my purchase. Young bcp should read the book to find out the reality, the hidden face of these terrorists.
  • This novel is more than just romance  

    Our hidden faces (Paperback)
    We operate in the heart of the lives of several characters in a high school in Pennsylvania, in the small town of Hannah Lake. On the front of the stage, we follow: Fern, a young intelligent and kind girl; his cousin Bailey seriously ill but deliciou
  • Breathtaking January 15  

    Our hidden faces (Paperback)
    Our hidden faces is more than overwhelming and exciting novel, for me it was love at heart who rocked me between laughter and crying and I want to share with you today. Throughout the pages, we follow here the compelling story of young men who, after
  • An excellent tome 2, action-packed and moral dilemmas  

    DIVERGENT T02 (Paperback)
    War is declared between the factions. Soon enough, the Caring who survived the massacre are combined with non-faction and with part of the Bold. Their goal is to destroy the data held by Scholars, now protected by the other half of Aggressive - Tris
  • I'll never get up !!  

    Thoughtless Fearless T03 of the trilogy (Paperback)
    This trilogy is complete, either qu'addictive! I really do not see the time and I read the 3 in the trodden as it was hard to part of the characters. Moreover, the author is preparing a new trilogy with the same characters. The first was just release
  • Very good more 1  

    Insatiable T02 of the trilogy Thoughtless (Paperback)
    I had a great heart for the first volume of this trilogy, Undecided. While I liked and convinced in this romance and I was anxious to find this couple that had me so excited, Kiera and Kellan (ok I admit that it is more Kellan was missing but shhh ..
  • With one of the most beautiful love letters ever written ...  

    Silk (Paperback)
    The delightful story of a nineteenth century merchant sériculteur told by an Italian Alessandro Baricco unclassifiable. A little gem of a few pages, almost new. Nearly actually poem. Or even a song since the trip of the Ardèche trader in Japan is dra
  • Top Maurane!  

    Open (CD)
    I am objective, although unconditional fan of Keane. It really is "Too Strong!" She bcp we book her feelings and hidden faces, I find in this album. To listen and re listening. Her voice is more velvety, it's happiness for the ears !!!! Keane Be
  • Who was Thomas Colbert?  

    For three crowns (Paperback)
    Historically when a woman could not manage to have children she had as a solution to deceive her husband, but it also happened that an infertile couple, helped by a discreet and unscrupulous doctor pays a penniless young man to fertilize the wife (fo
  • An excellent novelization  

    Evil (Paperback)
    If I do not necessarily expect much from this reading, I was still curious about the history of Evil. While we're all familiar with the tale of Sleeping Beauty, we know little about the one that is considered the "evil" of this story. However wi

    PINK MAFIA (Paperback)
    FORM Book easy to read, however, take out a pencil to follow the multitude of characters, entities and 'listed companies. The narrator of REPENTANT situation adds interest to this excellent thriller. As it constitutes an inspector, extrapolates, the
  • Documentary nice but lacks dynamism  

    Highway to Hell (Paperback)
    Taking this book I was like yours SAS which tells his life after his service that may be especially dynamic in Iraq. Finally it is again facing a documentary about Iraq and the living conditions for the Oriental. It includes some of narrative action
  • grandiose and meticulous  

    The case of the Black Dahlia: Further investigation Status: New evidence (Paperback)
    The investigation of Steve Hodel is more than convincing. Throughout the streets of almost 800 pages he dissects us a news unsolved, and we reveal the hidden face of the police of Los Angeles 40s Corruption, crime, sex scandals, everything is there.
  • Xenophobic act or not?  

    Arctic Winter (Paperback)
    What significant in this author is that, over his books, he makes us discover the historical and sociological aspects of his small island. It addresses here, uncompromising, xenophobic overtones of some of his fellow citizens who is afraid, because o
  • Fantastic goth rock with 80's pop / rock appeal  

    Hidden Faces (Audio CD)
    My Vorrezensenten can I join wholeheartedly. And: The in the above two reviews said applies not only for this Salvation Amp album, but for all their publications and even those of the previous project The Home of the Hitmen! The musical influences ra
  • Jabba's basement  

    Lego Star Wars 75005 - Rancor Pit (Toys)
    The assembly of the sets is really easy and fast from the hand. After about half an hour you have put together the 380 blocks. The short construction can be explained firstly by the fact that there are a set of box size (and this price category) rela