hipp fragrance


  • Pleasant fragrance  

    Dove Gift Pack Silky-Soft: Pflegedusche, silky shimmer body lotion and feel-good socks (Personal Care)
    The Dove products are not only cheap, but also very comfortable to the touch. In addition, the fragrance is very discreet and angenehem. A good product.
  • Very good care characteristics, versatile - the lack of fragrance  

    Nivea Men Sensitive Gel Cream 50 ml, 1-pack (1 x 0:05 l) (Health and Beauty)
    What's really great: for example, I tend to the end too quickly "Shine", below the chin but to dry skin. For both problem areas, the gel is perfect and really makes several hours for a healthy skin climate. I use the product every day by th
  • Rich, fast absorbing Milk lotion for normal skin with a great, gentle fragrance  

    Hipp Babysanft Milk-Lotion 350 ml, 2-pack (2 x 350 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The Babysanft Milk Lotion by Hipp is a gently scented Milk lotion that can be seen and apply very well due to their relatively liquid consistency. It gives enough moisture for normal baby skin, but of course no cream and therefore not as well suited
  • Hipp Milk Lotion  

    Hipp Babysanft Milk-Lotion 350 ml, 2-pack (2 x 350 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    This lotion is just awesome because no allergy can be triggered, I take this as a nice body lotion for me, thank you Mr. Hipp!
  • Timeless, pleasant fragrance for every day!  

    Joop Go! Eau de Toilette Zerstà about 100ml (Health and Beauty)
    Smells in the top note of citrus fruit, fresh and fruity ... and it is in the middle note is a fruity blend of citrus, lavender, moss and slightly woody! Durability is not quite as long as at Jil Sander Men, but still in the green zone Similar fragra
  • Great fragrance, super price  

    Joop Go! Eau de Toilette Zerstà about 100ml (Health and Beauty)
    Having the Eau de Toilette seen in the store at twice the price, I am of course very happy. The fragrance we already knew, is very pleasant and unobtrusive.
  • California Car Scents perfume box for the car. Fragrance: Coronado Cherry ...  

    California Car Scents perfume box for the car. Fragrance: Coronado Cherry (cherry) (Automotive)
    Property me 2 appointed by the scent doses to establish this in our bathroom because I have been looking for many variants that will hold for a while and to give a nice smell in the bathroom. The fragrance can was shockingly small for me, because I h
  • Pleasant fragrance, pleasant skin feel  

    Nivea Deo Spray Fresh Ocean 150 ml, 4-pack (4 x 12:15 l) (Health and Beauty)
    This product is one of the deodorants that are equipped with the new spray head. There is no cover, but the use is carried out with a new rotating counterclockwise. I like that better than a cap, which tends to get lost. This deodorant leaves no sput
  • Great fragrance - without aluminum - good performance  

    8x4 Deo Spray Play to Game (1 x 150 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    At any classic men's fragrance from the 90s me this Deo reminded (possibly Coolwater? I can really no longer assign definitely ... but a pleasant smell). Of course you should not use deodorant as a "fogger", because even a short puff of spr
  • "Thanks to" the lack of any real Alusalze deodorization, but only a little strange for me fragrance  

    8x4 Spray Deodorant Discovery, 1er Pack (1 x 150 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Aluminum salts in deodorants, silicone in shampoo, dental amalgam - many achievements of recent years and decades, then hailed for their positive qualities and not wegzuleugnenden effects are, caught in the crossfire of criticism in recent years. Tha
  • A very mature, universal fragrance  

    Bentley For Men Intense Eau de Parfum, 100 ml (Personal Care)
    I am far from being an expert on perfumes and with head and heart notes I know certainly not from me; anyway here my review for those who can not do anything with these terms also: I would describe the scent as very mature. Clearly male and distincti
  • Pleasant fragrance 1  

    Ipuro Classic Line Raumduft Lemongrass 240 ml (household goods)
    After several attempts with room fragrances from different manufacturers we chose Ipuro. I must refer to the manufacturer's site for the exact product information. Personal experiences: A matter of taste! First of all: The assessment of air freshener
  • Fresh fruity fragrance  

    8x4 Ocean Fresh Spray 150 ml, 3-pack (3 x 0:15 l) (Health and Beauty)
    In order to prevent unpleasant odors from perspiration, has the personal care industry and diverse features: deodorant sprays, deodorant spray, deodorant roll-ons, deodorant cream, deodorant powder and deodorant sticks are our daily companion. In the
  • those who favor the fragrance, this cream is like  

    Florena Anti Wrinkle Day Cream with Q10, 1er Pack (1 x 50 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    As with other Florena products you here as soon as you hold the rugged pot in hand, the problem with the protector. I think it's good that the protector also fulfills its function, but the removal is already sometimes a headache is. But if you did it
  • great fragrance - conveniently packaged  

    Fa Men Gift Set (250ml shower gel, deodorant spray 150ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The set got our son to Nicholas, he loves the "male" scent and he buys exactly this fragrance now repeatedly after. The gel can be used simultaneously as a shampoo that De fits perfectly. In the enclosed toilet - bag everything can be taken
  • Light "Cool Water fragrance" - effect when you sweat enough not strong  

    8x4 Ocean Fresh Spray 150 ml, 3-pack (3 x 0:15 l) (Health and Beauty)
    I increasingly use deodorants without aluminum, in particular on stress and heat-free days I come well with it. However, I sweat too excessively. Gladly I also encroaches on the other, or 8x4 Deo. However, I do not like as long all scents. This
  • Typical "Girls fragrance"  

    8x4 Deo Spray Hollywood (1 x 150 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Because I sweat not strong, I like to use on days without heat, sports and stress alumniumfreie deodorants. Aluminous deodorants can be identified by the term "antiperspirant". The 8x4 deodorants are known. "Fragrance Guard deodorants
  • Favorite fragrance  

    Mexx Fly High Woman femme / woman, Eau de Toilette, Vaporisateur / Spray, 20 ml (Personal Care)
    For several years I use the MEXX Fly High and keep getting compliments for its pleasant fragrance. Also could it have always been very convenient to purchase at the drugstore next door - but now I unfortunately had to find that the shelves were fille
  • Fragrance  

    Paco Rabanne One Million homme / men, Eau de Toilette, Vaporisateur / Natural Spray 50 ml, 1-pack (1 x 50 ml) (Misc.)
    The fragrance is super and also holds a very long time. Man has what. To nechsten day, so I use it very often Like it a lot!
  • Strong fragrance  

    Coral Optimal Color, 1,5l for 20 WL (Personal Care)
    The detergent bottle is made of durable plastic, can be kept well and keeps its shape even when pouring. One can use the closure cap for dosing. The detergent has a not too strong, pleasant smell and is designed for 30 °, 40 ° and 60 ° wash. "Co