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  • Germany slimmed down thanks Esprit  

    ESPRIT men's t-shirt with logo print - slim fit (Textiles)
    ... No matter where you acquire Esprit Shirts ,. 90% are slim. Now it's nice that is steeled the front men in our country and fit than ever. Only I doubt. What is Esprit is thinking to offer only the figure-hugging cuts, you do not understand how so
  • Made in Germany it is worth?  

    Brown Cooltec CT4S Wireless Wet & Dry Shaver (with active cooling technology) (Health and Beauty)
    My personal requirements: Irregular, very robust beard with different growth rate (thus every morning many different long whiskers). Shave Frequency: every morning. Basically, many reviewers have already listed the main points. Therefore, I take my p
  • Not "Made in Germany"  

    100 piece tree candles 100% beeswax candles Christmas tree 5 packs of 20 pcs. (Personal Care)
    Contrary to the picture is not "Made in Germany" but of the "EU", presumably from Poland. Classic case of Ettikettenschwindel, probably there is no more candles of Eika from Germany ?!
  • Charger is supplied with only 220 volts, and even worse, when Oral-B in Germany can not lie a 110 volt charger  

    Braun Oral-B Professional Care 1000 Electric Toothbrush (Health and Beauty)
    Sorry, no understanding of the Braun Oral-B toothbrushes developers. How does that work, in 2013, all Oral-B toothbrushes matter what price range, in Germany only Power supply / charger parts of 220-240 volts delivered. Even with Oral-B in Germany is
  • Blue Bloods - Good cop show, but in Germany mistreated  

    Blue Bloods - Season 1 (Amazon Instant Video)
    Blue Bloods is a CBS television series about the Reagan family, whose members have a long tradition of police in New York. Therefore privately rotates with them (almost) everything about crime; the common food are more of a staff meeting as a cozy fa
  • Class protein powder made in Germany  

    SygLabs Protein 85 Plus Chocolate - 1000g (Personal Care)
    For years I practice weight training and accordingly I have pretty much tried all major brands once. What is important to me? No soy ingredients, no no-name manufacturers and no sugar (low-carb). Otherwise the components, especially in the field of a
  • again a good example of quality Made in Germany  

    WC seat with soft (tool)
    I think Amazon really good! Why? At Amazon you get quality at a reasonable price! In construction market there are practically only goods made in China. For Amazon there are actually for little money a Qualitätsklositz, which is otherwise only commer
  • Very good quality, real Urgeschmack, a rarity in Germany! Absolute buy recommendation!  

    Hirschbräu Allgäu Double Bock Double Hirsch 9 flip-top bottles à 0,5 l
    Today beer has become a commodity unit yes. Especially the Pilsner taste about the same all, hardly any differences. Beer is now using the chemistry set brewed (hops substitutes, dyes, etc.). Not everything that is used in modern beers must be marked
  • If there Bogner quality Made in Germany  

    BOGNER Men Hat Helmet (Sports Apparel)
    Yes they are still there, the clothes are made in Germany. That alone is no longer as once figurehead. With this hat of Bogner but you really can not do nothing wrong. The build quality is excellent. The model is also available in black and red and i
  • Reggae Dancehall from Germany ... MIWATA!  

    Neumood [Explicit] (MP3 Download)
    About youtube I hear about Miwata some time ago. The musicians from Karlsruhe sang only with a ukulele in the snow and enchanted me immediately. German Reggae far away from Gangster Style, sexism, homophobia and plates attitudes. Rather sprayed from
  • Finally also in Germany!  

    Since U Been Gone (Audio CD)
    After Kelly Clarkson's hit single "Since U Been Gone" already for weeks occupied the top 10 US charts, the song will be released in Germany. The singing comes from the successful album "Breakaway". It is a great rock song. Particu
  • Fortunately for Germany  

    Gallery (MP3 Download)
    what a voice. And what kind of repertoire. It is to listen to the CD a treat. Elaiza is a clear win for Germany and finally something else in the usual pabulum. Gallery is recommended definfitiv. Thank you for the great time you spend listen at.
  • CD Germany's Next Top Model  

    Germany's Next Top Model - The Best Catwalk Hits 2015 [Explicit] (MP3 Download)
    Double CD Germany's Next Top Model 2015 .My music is available on this CD, at the Bravo Hits I miss this title.
  • Good blues music made in Germany, with audiophile claim!  

    Is not Nothin 'But ... The Blues Company (Ltd. Deluxe Edition CD & DVD) (Audio CD)
    Good blues music made in Germany, has always been a hallmark of the Blues Company from Osnabrück, which was founded in 1976 by mastermind, singer and guitarist Todor Toscho Todorovic. Not only that virtually all of their previously released publicati
  • Something from Germany ... Kudos  

    Ivy (MP3 Download)
    The ivy quainoo The Voice of Germany won was somehow no surprise, the surprise is this album. While performers other casting shows with Dieters and Co.'s compositions may try their luck on the German music scene and more may have a short half-life, m
  • the Germany-wide Grand Prix talk  

    Satellite (MP3 Download)
    Apart from the fact that the Grand Prix has brought no musical Renner internationally in recent years (I personally do not remember only the Finns and Max Mutzke) why all crows Germany at a time thereafter, to assess the chances of winning one of us?
  • In Germany there have Casting Stars unnecessarily difficult.  

    Unbelievable / Basic (Audio CD)
    Mark Medlock The new song is just schööööön! Romantic, soulful and goosebumps! Absolutely recommendable! When I read quite a few, so-called recessions, strikes me again and again up the bile. Mainly slap and feel comfortable. In Germany there have Ca
  • Welcome to Germany!  

    VicTsing 5000mAh Solar Charger Charger Waterproof Shockproof Dirtproof Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank for iPhone 6, iPhone 5 5S 5C, iPhone 4 4S, iPad 5 iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod, Sony, Nokia Lumia 1520 Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, S5, HTC One M7, M8, Google Nexus, Laptop PC GPS and most types of Android smartphones - Yellow (Electronics)
    Yes, what I want to say because actually my headline? It's simple: In addition to a few exceptions, the weather in Germany can not decide quite. One day we walk around with a thick sweater and a jacket, the next T-shirt. So one should rely on a kind
  • Accustomed high "Made in Germany" quality of Wicked :-)  

    Wicked Chilli Bike Mount Secure Bike / Motorcycle Mount for Apple iPhone 6 Plus (backup tape, QuickFix, Made in Germany) (Accessories)
    What I like on the holder: + The mount really budge on the disk + The mechanics of the attachment mechanism is very tight + The workmanship is very good + Made in Germany Product What I liked less: - The Holder is not padded (danger of scratches, etc
  • From Germany's fattest men's magazine recommend!  

    F-Secure Internet Security 2015 SAFE including 1 year / 5 devices + 200GB YOUnited (license)
    Germany's thickest men's magazine c't presented recently fixed again as full of holes is the Windows-virus protection at the factory. Not even any external solution found with regard to the detection of unwanted intruders grace the tester. F-Secure w