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  • Vega ...  

    Nero (Premium Edition) (Audio CD)
    ..bleibt a hip-hop giant for me. The album previously disappointed me, but by Nero Vega has again proven that "I'd rather stay broke" no single piece remains when it comes to good music from Frankfurt.
  • Once there was a bird of paradise from Las Vegas ...  

    Open: An Autobiography (Paperback)
    One thing first: Neither I play tennis myself, yet I was a particularly big fan of Andre Agassi to the active sportsman times. The bird of paradise of Las Vegas with the wild hair and crazy clothes Tennis was always a bit too flashy and overdone flas
  • Almost like Vegas Pro  

    Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 (DVD-ROM)
    I think this result is mainly for the enlightened amateur, pros and semi-pros do not have enough (or usage rights for that matter) and will be directed either towards or Sony Vegas Pro to Adobe Premiere, and those who want to do only family memories
  • las vegas book on intramural  

    Las Vegas In A Few Days - 1ed (Paperback)
    I offered to someone who has to make a trip to Vegas wanting to stay only in the city, it was packed .. on this book gives a wealth of information.
  • Incredibly, Vega!  

    Kaos (Audio CD)
    Have I got the album right after release because I have very celebrated albums before (Nero, Vincent). To take just one thing in advance - Kaos is an advancement, better and full level as Nero and Vincent together. I'm totally impressed! Especially s
  • Vega supplie with Kaos - better than expected album  

    Kaos (Limited Fan Edition) (Audio CD)
    Top Album !!! The old Vega is back (with some musical progress). Kaos is in my opinion a mix of permanent Dear I broke and partly Nero (a couple of beats, the dark / "depressive" Nero, which did not please me, V has left behind). The best 3 trac
  • Vega - Vincent  

    Vincent (Audio CD)
    First of all: BUY! The album is just mega Krass. A great asset to the German rap. With this album Vega goes "with the head against the wall". By little features (two, with Bosca and Timeless) can be very, listen to a lot of Vega's talent. Whethe
  • Vega is real, not "real"  

    Kaos (Audio CD)
    The development of the Frankfurt rapper Vega has undergone in recent years and which was already evident in the last Labelsampler the Friends of No crew, culminating in the release of his latest album "Kaos". There is much to see from the old Ve
  • Vega the king ..  

    I'd rather stay broke (MP3 Download)
    Poet, warrior and good man .. an album that is heard, as if your soul had even written !! That's Vega .. Friends of nobody ..
  • VEGA ... Rap ​​without Fremdschämen!  

    I'd rather stay broke (MP3 Download)
    After collabo album "German problem", the "Eagle Boy EP" and various contributions on mixtapes and the Juice CD presents the Vega now its long-awaited and often shifted album "I'd rather stay broke!" Anyone who has ever had t
  • Best Las Vegas Swing underrated superstar  

    Live from Las Vegas (Audio CD)
    Was it his early death or else just unlucky: He is with us probably underestimated the size of the popular US show-biz. Maybe he remembers just a little too hard on Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, but certainly not in the Robbie Williams or Michael Bu
  • Bobby Darin live in Las Vegas, February 6, 1971  

    Live at the Desert Inn (Audio CD)
    If you have seen "Beyond the Sea," then you know that Bobby Darin started off singing rock songs like "Splish Splash," moved on to being a hipster with songs like "Beyond the Sea," dabbled in jazz as personified by his record
  • That is what is meant by Action Rainbow Six Vegas 2  

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 [Software Pyramide] (computer game)
    Rainbow Six Vegas two, in my opinion the best game of his Klasse.Anfangs thought I as a scrap, because I've played the first part on PSP. But when I've bought the game and it was played the first time I thought it was great. Story: First of all have
  • Vegas baby brother  

    SONY Movie Studio Platinum 12 (DVD-ROM)
    Who needs a good program to edit videos, take a short 50 Euro in the hand and gets Movie Studio 12. There is no reason for the budding amateur filmmakers a cracked version of Vegas Pro to have at the start, because Movie Studio can do everything you
  • Easy abgespecktes Vegas Pro 12. Slow-motion improvement. Only Windows version.  

    SONY Movie Studio Platinum 12 (DVD-ROM)
    The Sony Movie Studio 12 is nothing more than a slightly scaled-down (especially the lack of support for the import of certain "professional" video formats) variant of the legendary video editing software Sony Vegas Pro 12. What is missing is su
  • DVB-T antenna VEGA  

    VSG Power 5+ aluminum DVB-T rod antenna / signal Stark mobile use / Magnetic & 3m cable / with 5dB + Gain Gain / for all DVB-T receiver, Sticks & Radio (MOBILE POWER 5+ Black) (Electronics)
    The antenna is really not bad. I have tried very many Freeview Anmtennen and this little VEGA is not among this the worst. I give her, however, only 4 stars because the big brother (to have for 15.99 here on Amazon) is still ne class better. And sinc
  • Las Vegas live  

    Tangerine Honey (MP3 Download)
    Frankie Moreno occurs since last year in the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. Property me before our holiday in July 2012, the song concerned: listen. Was it on the spot due to time constraints not see, but the show is supposed to be great. He is also trad
  • VEGA is BACK  

    Vincent (Incl Bonus 2 -. Tracks / Exclusive to Amazon.de) (MP3 Download)
    And another great album from VEGA! I'd rather stay broke was awesome but this album surpasses anything! Bin on Youtube happened upon "Can you Seh'n" encountered and I knew the album I have to have! I'm already looking forward to the next album .
  • New Vegas now also uncut in Germany ...  

    Fallout New Vegas - Ultimate Edition - [PC] (computer game)
    One indeed wonders sometimes what already in the bodies of the ESRB is going on. New Vegas then got a 18er released only with some (A) sections, so it has not been possible to separate limbs in human and humanoid enemies, even blood effects were abse