htc desire 320g review


  • Universal mounting - optimal for HTC Desire with shell  

    HR Richter Car Holder for HTC Desire (Electronics)
    After I had read some reviews here, I already knew that the holder can be used universally. I think that's not bad in principle, because that's still better than a holder into which the Desire to be crammed in and thereby scratched. I think even more
  • Fits perfectly for the HTC Desire  

    iGadgitz Neoprene bracelet sleeve pocket in black for sports, jogging and gym with pocket Case Cover Case Cover for HTC Desire Bravo G7 Android Smartphone Cell Phone (Electronics)
    Due to some reviews here I was a little on doubts whether the case really fits. Time claiming someone that recesses for the headphones are in the wrong place, then one says for the Desire S, it fits perfectly, or it does not fit for the Desire HD. So
  • HTC Desire 816  

    HTC Desire 816 smartphone (13 megapixel camera, 12.7 cm (5.5 inch) touchscreen, 1.6GHz, quad-core processor, 8GB memory, Android 4.4) Glossy blue (Wireless Phone)
    Also I have not bought it on Amazon - but would nevertheless like to pass on my information! Basically, I agree with the detailed review on to the top! - I'm newcomers, the HTC One M7 for HTC Desire 816, gladly I would have changed the HTC One M8, bu
  • worthy successor to the HTC Desire  

    HTC One S Smartphone (10.9 cm (4.3 inches) AMOLED touchscreen, 8 megapixel camera, Android OS) gray (Electronics)
    I have the HTC One S now about 2 weeks in use and that the silver model, which means I have no problems with flaking paint and I have no noise when making calls. +++ +++ Positive Design and Housing: One of the best devices from HTC and thus finally a
  • HTC Desire Z - First Impressions  

    HTC Desire Z Smartphone (9.4 cm (3.7 inches) touch screen, 5MP camera, Android 2.2 OS, QWERTY keyboard, HSPA, without Branding) Tungsten Grey (Electronics)
    This review is primarily aimed at persons who are Android (2.x) and possibly the HTC Desire are already known. I (there good reviews already so much to) until yesterday the "normal" Desire've used, I will not go into great on the "general&q
  • Good Case for HTC Desire HD at an affordable price  

    iGadgitz Silicone Protective Skin Cover Case Case Case Skin in Black with Tyre Tread Design for HTC Desire HD (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I looked at some cases for the HTC Desire HD and of course the customer reviews on Amazon, I could not decide at first. Then my decision was made for this Silicone Case, also because of the tire tread. Although there was still no customer reviews for
  • Super Charger - readings Fire HDX, iPhone 5S, iPad 3, HTC Desire S  

    RAVPower 36W 5V / 7.2A 4-Port USB Charger Charging Adapter Charger for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad series; iPhone 6 6 plus 5S; Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 Note 3 Note 2; iPad (2.4A), iPhone (1.2A) and Android devices (smartphones, tablets) Black (Electronics)
    Was about the device here already written a lot, so a few measurements with multimeter measured here: HTC Desire S - state of charge 74% - iSmart Port - 5.04V / 0.86A HTC Desire S - state of charge 74% - Standard Port - 5.07V / 0.48a Amazon Fire HDX
  • Wonderful case for the HTC Desire S  

    HTC PO S520 Mozart / Desire HTC 7 Bag (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Even if this bag (so far) is awarded only for the Desire, as well as the HTC Desire S fits in beautifully. At first it's just like the Desire quite heavy into it, but that lies down. From the type designation and figure starting I venture also to say
  • No HTC Desire mount, but a universal holder  

    HR Richter Car Holder for HTC Desire (Electronics)
    The holder is not specific to the HTC Desire. Thus, it is unfortunately not possible Desire Integrating cross but it must be used upright. No severe disadvantage because then you see more of the road and less from the region which is not bad in a nav
  • Not specifically for HTC Desire  

    HR Richter Car Holder for HTC Desire (Electronics)
    Qualitatively, the holder of the first impression is visually ok. Looks a bit bulky as in the picture, the material quality is the price, the structure looks relatively stable. While the impression that there is a specific holder for the HTC Desire w
  • Works on HTC Desire Z  

    SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC memory card with adapter Class 10 UHS-I SDSDQU-064G-U46A (Accessory)
    As shown in several forums, this card works just fine, on many phones officially limited to the 32GB microSDHC. In particular, HTC Desire Z. However, it is necessary to format the card correctly under penalty of strange behavior: the phone will reboo
  • Buy for HTC Desire  

    In-Ear-a-Jays Four Ohrhörer - Schwarz (Electronics)
    Product purchased for HTC Desire (Android), how the planned remote does not work quite correctly: - Power: Stall / raccochage / call the last number / pause-play during playback - Does not work: volume control / next-previous track Despite this: the
  • Flap leather case HTC Desire 610  

    YouSave Accessories HT-DA03-Z443 leather flap Case / PU 610 for HTC Desire Black (Accessory)
    Product conforms to the description at a truly affordable price. The HTC Desire 610 fits perfectly with the leather flap holster.
  • Case for HTC Desire 610  

    YouSave Accessories HT-DA03-Z443 leather flap Case / PU 610 for HTC Desire Black (Accessory)
    The article was the description perfectly suits the htc desire 610, good quality black leather with brown stitching, received within the time, inexpensive
  • Sandisk 64GB for HTC Desire 610  

    Memory Card SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 64GB Class 10 UHS-I with a read speed of up to 48 MB / s for Android + SD card adapter for easy open package (SDSDQUN-064G-FFP-A) (Accessory)
    The article has the description, received quickly, packaged very well, also in the package insert an adapter for a computer, inexpensive, perfectly suitable for HTC Desire 610
  • Not for HTC Desire 820  

    Silicone Case for HTC Desire 820 - Hot Pink S-Style - Cover Cubierta PhoneNatic ​​+ protection film (Electronics)
    Do not get on HTC Desire 820 hull based on his keys and walked off not to buy and seller wants nothing
  • Excellent, knows how to forget with HTC Desire  

    F8Z459ea Belkin Neoprene Armband for iPhone DualFit Black (Accessory)
    Very good, I use running 3 or 4 times a week, the buttons remain accessible, easy to clean. I use an HTC Desire, he returned nickel.

    Colorfone PREMIUM FIT2 Business Case / Shell / Cover / Case / Case / Cover / Protector for HTC Desire Black 620 (Electronics)
  • Protecting HTC Desire 610 1  

    Slabo 2 x Screen Protector Film HTC Desire 610 film protection screen protection film "Ultra Clear" invisible MADE IN GERMANY (Electronics)
    Very good product that fits easily. It is perfect. Very suitable on the screen of my smartphone HTC Desire 610