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  • Recommended cable, Macbook Air 13 to 27 inch Asus, Super service by CSL  

    CSL - 2m (meters) Mini DisplayPort (miniDP) to DisplayPort (DP) Cable | Certified | 24K gold plated contacts | PC & MAC / MAC, MacBook Pro, MacBookAir more. (Electronics)
    After the first cable had glitches again, after a complaint was sent to me at CSL quickly and easily a replacement cable. This now works properly on a Macbook Air 13-inch in 2012 and Asus 27-inch monitor in full resolution of 2560x1440 WQHD.
  • MacBook Air now with better wireless  

    GUMP WD0001 wireless LAN adapter (300Mbps, USB 2.0) (Accessories)
    Bought the stick for my MacBook Air in 2014. (Too weak WLAN) had previously on the 1st floor Although WLAN but no connection. Now I have full power! The router is in the basement! Can buy only know! Driver I have found on the Internet: Realtek USB WL
  • Something just for a MacBook Air 13.3 "  

    Inateck 13.3 inch Macbook Cover Sleeve felt Ultrabook laptop bag specially designed for Macbook Pro 13 Retina and MacBook Air [size: 36 cm x 26 cm, black elastic Arretierband, Color: Grey] (Electronics)
    I bought the version for MacBook Air 13.3. The delivery was almost lightning speed :-) The blanks for the shell are straight cut and seem to be sutured clean. The lining, which does not seem out of the felt material, but viskoseähnlich is neatly edge
  • A (nearly) perfect bag for my 13 "MacBook Air  

    Plemo jacket nylon fabric envelope bag shoulder bag for 33 to 33.8 cm (13 to 13.3 inches) laptop / notebook computer / MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air, Grey (Electronics)
    Beautiful appearance, good workmanship, good protection for MacBook Air. The two additional subjects are very handy when it can choose two opening options: in a horizontal position of Velcro, a zipper in a vertical position. Minor points: I do not ha
  • Perfect for large hands on the Macbook Air  

    HP X7500 Wireless Mouse H6P45AA ABB Bluetooth, scroll wheel, PC mouse, PC / Mac, notebook mouse, 2-way (Personal Computers)
    Have searched a long time for a Bluetooth mouse for my 2014er Macbook Air. Have brought with ultimately the X7500. Plastic feels "normal". Click buttons easily with audible click and do not wobble. The mouse wheel running (to) light and can
  • Good bag, too big for MacBook Air  

    Cool Bananas (2995374) Shockproof Pouch for Apple MacBook Pro 33cm (13 ") (black) (accessory)
    The bag is well made. She does not stink to chemistry, has no bad seams and the zipper looks reasonable. The overall design of the bag is simple, has a sophisticated in my eyes. Whether the bag "Shockproof" really is, I can not (yet) judge.
  • MacBook Air killer  

    LogiLink 10-port USB 2.0 hub with power adapter, black (Accessories)
    Very convenient device. Unfortunately, the product is defective and has destroyed me twice the logic board of my MacBook Air. The problem could be narrowed down only after the second incident on the USB hub. On a request for comments, the manufacture
  • Super Part for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro  

    [1-year warranty] VicTsing 3 in 1 Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI / DVI / VGA DisplayPort Cable Adapter for Apple Mac Book Pro MacBook MacBook Air Mac Mini - White (Electronics)
    Have this adapter be ordered so that I can connect my MacBook Air in your home or office with TV screens, projectors or monitors. All ports work absolutely great and are easy to spot (marked with DVI, VGA, HDMI). The design fits to Apple and the proc
  • "Too large and bulky, at least for a Macbook Air 11  

    Plemo Felt Cover Sleeve Case for 27.9 to 29.5 cm (11 to 11.6 inches) Netbook / Laptop / Notebook Computer / MacBook / MacBook Air, Brown (Electronics)
    WÃ're pocket half a centimeter wide wÃ'rde fit in my 13 "Macbook easily. FÃ'r the Macbook Air 11 "is therefore simply too massive. I hÃ'tte me equal to a 13" can buy GerÃ't if I then transported in a bag in the fully Größenvorteil lost. T
  • EasyAcc® 13.3 inch Ultrabook Cover Leather Case Sleeve for Apple Macbook Air.  

    EasyAcc® 13.3 inch Ultrabook Cover Leather Case Sleeve for Apple Macbook Air 13 and more (gray; Size: 325 mm x 240 mm x 19 mm) (Personal Computers)
    The leather case fits perfectly on the MacBook Air. Often one has trouble finding a suitable protection, since it is very very flat. Here this was resolved but perfect! In the beginning it smells a little funny, but drops to just if you intentionally
  • Great bag for the MacBook Air 13 "  

    EasyAcc® 13.3 inch Ultrabook Cover Leather Case Sleeve for Apple Macbook Air 13 and more (gray; Size: 325 mm x 240 mm x 19 mm) (Personal Computers)
    I've been looking for an opportunity, "to protect my MacBook Air 13 from scratches, if I take it on the road, and I am happy with this bag. It smells neutral and fits perfectly. The MacBook does not slip in your pocket back and forth. Only the Velcro
  • Great laptop bag, but only for Macbook Air 13 "!  

    Snuggling Macbook Air and Pro 13 "Bag (Pink) - Leather Case with a lifetime guarantee for MacBook Air 13" & MacBook Pro 13 "(electronics)
    I have the bag for my Macbook Air 13 "bought and it fits like a glove (though I have to stand there pushing the narrow side of the MacBook is top, otherwise goes to the" lid "over and over again and is so funny from the bag from ) but it fi
  • Apple Macbook Air to Lenovo not regretted second!  

    Lenovo U330p 33.8 cm (13.3-inch HD LED) Notebook (Intel Core i5-4210U, 2.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD, no operating system) gray (Personal Computers)
    For years I had an Apple Macbook Air or only a 13 "then the 11.6". I usually work with 2 monitors, I can do better scientific work, for example for the university. Why did my Mac Sell must because this has got more and more with temperature prob
  • Ideal Macbook Air 13 "bag for study  

    Coodio® Universal 13.3 inch Laptop Case + Accessories Pouch for Apple Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Retina (Fit all 13.3 inch ultrabook laptop notebook) - Grey (Electronics)
    My Macbook Air 13 "sets every day the way a long way, so I thought I'd buy myself rather decently to protect .. The large bag an envelope around it is perfectly tailored for the MacBook Air and has also zip on the front (quite handy for a hard disk o
  • Works with MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012; rigid cable  

    AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter (Personal Computers)
    Until now technically in Ordung. I run so an old VGA TFT on my Macbook Air 13 Mid 2012 was set up without any problems. By the very stiff, short cables but arises on the side of laptop, after you connect the VGA connector a thoroughly "chunky" c
  • Perfect for MacBook Air!  

    Tucano Second Skin Script Microfiber cover with protective cloth for 33.8 cm (13.3-inch) MacBook Pro gray (Personal Computers)
    While I was looking for a suitable and especially Send Notebook "pocket" for the MacBook Air (model 2010). Had problem with many reported for the MBA and bags is that they are just too big and the MBA is not really firmly enclose and thus can pr
  • External Drive for MacBook Air  

    Samsung SE-208AB / TSWS external DVD burner 8x (6x DVD ± R, USB 2.0) incl. Nero software white (accessory)
    The ratio of price and performance are in this external drive. It is light, handy and also looks quite presentable. I bought it for my MacBook Air (Mountain Lion) and it works flawlessly. Important for Macbook Air users is that the drive requires onl
  • MacBook Air protection in a chic design with a touch of nature  

    Booq Viper sleeve VSL13-SND Case for MacBook (Air / Pro Retina) 13 inch sand (Personal Computers)
    I have in the past week the Vipder slleve 13 Cases by manufacturers Booq for my MacBook Air 13 received ". Just like the Fibre snapcase for the iPhone 5s are the models of the Viper sleeve partially made of natural fabrics. The fabric gives the produ
  • the macbook air that I received today do not correspond to the product presentation photos  

    Apple MacBook Air 11 "MD711F / B (Intel Core i5 1.4 GHz, 128 GB, 4 GB of RAM, Intel HD graphics) (Personal Computers)
    the note does not concern the quality of the mac but the fact amazon misled us with pictures that do not correspond to the product sold: Attention is the Yosemite version that is installed on the MacBook Air and on that moèdle, there is more integrat
  • Good ethernet device for macbook air  

    Afunta (tm) Apple-style USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter - Compatible with Apple MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Models - Replacement for MC704ZM / A (Personal Computers)
    For the price it's not bad at all. Recognized by my macbook air, there are just a plugger does it work, we had to 100Mb. After the device is rather cheap, the USB cable is thin enough, the case heats a little ... I do not know if it lasted a long tim