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  • Review Joop Homme Shower Gel  

    Joop! Joop Homme, homme / man, body wash, 150 ml (Personal Care)
    Over 20 years ago I was the smell of Joop fascinated and he still plays the same fascination, in addition to the unbeatable price. The order did not require consideration.
  • EOS M Practice Review (updated)  

    Canon EOS M system camera (18 megapixels, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD, touch screen) Kit includes the EF-M 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS STM lens and Speedlite 90EX black (Electronics)
    * Updated & Revised on 09.14.2013 and 06.25.2014 * Hello Everybody, I once summarized here my personal and mostly positive experience after 1 year with the M-system. The initially scathing reviews with the comments about the "underground
  • Tretbügel breaks even after a month completely by  

    Rotho 7541080264 trash Paso, 40-liter, plastic in metal optics, with pedal mechanism, about 35.3 x 29.5 x 67.6 cm (LxWxH), metallic silver (household goods)
    I bought the pedal bin only because of the good reviews. When unpacking the dustbin, I noticed that the Tretbügel from quite thin plastic. Even when using it turned out that the bow was shaky and often even cracked. Even after a month use the strap b
  • Review of the new perfumes from 007 for Woman  

    James Bond for Women Eau de Parfum Natural Spray, 50 ml (Personal Care)
    Hiya I am again, I was the new Parfum for Women 007 Test which only came in March 2015 in the stores. I was always very happy, especially because I you again some great reports can. The perfume comes in a very chic box, black with rose gold. Come on
  • (Well satisfied) Nail Gel Duo UV light without L'Oréal  

    L'ORÉAL PARIS Varnish Gel Duo Forever 16 Burgundy 10 ml (Personal Care)
    I accidentally discovered this varnish Duo Gel L'Oreal in a supermarket and I had tried, I found it very good for a free UV coating, I have not found in the supermarket or in shops like Sephora or Lafayette, so I am led me to Amazon. For a long time
  • Pure FX Hyalronsäure Gel 50ml  

    Pure FX - hyaluronic acid gel Age Control, 50ml (Health and Beauty)
    Have the product ordered as a supplement to a Viper-Tox Serum and Cream, which partially highly praised in the reviews, but then did not bring the hoped-for success in my case. The Hyaloron gel is actually in high doses, so I'll take it at any rate,
  • Not really fully convincing shaving gel for face and body  

    Gillette Shaving Gel Body Transparent Tube, 6 pcs (6 x 175 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Not only for aesthetic reasons but also because I am an athlete I shave for years not only my face wet but also individual parts of the body. Over the years I have not only many different razors and blades used but also shaving, creams and gels from
  • Essie Gel nail polishes generally  

    Essie Gel Nail Polish - Silver Lining - 12.5ml (Personal Care)
    Since I have many different colors, I want to write my review of all the gel nail polish from Essie. The paint looks on the nails out beautifully and keeps, thanks to the application technique about two weeks. Man wearing to the cleaning of the nail
  • Entriegelungsbügel halt!  

    RTA 006100-0 Entriegelungsbügel for Audi / Mercedes / VW (Electronics)
    First of all: I can not understand the negative reviews and rather think that it leads to a lack of knowledge back, how to use Entriegelungsbügel. I own an Audi A3 and there were two handles. No 20 seconds and the radio was developed. Therefore: Buy
  • cheap shower gel in excellent quality  

    Lavera Shower gel organic orange and organic sea buckthorn, 150 ml (Personal Care)
    On this shower gel I happened to come, in our local health food store. For the low price I bought it the same and was pleasantly surprised. This shower gel is well tolerated and does not dry out the skin. The smell is pleasant orange-heavy. Even hour
  • Purchased reviews?  

    Blanket with sleeves - super fluffy - bordeaux red - huge - sleeve blanket 240 x 150 (household goods)
    I do not know how this came about reviews. Although the thing does not smell strictly according to chemistry, but it smells so strong then that I would any man Antu. Now here are the reviews some characteristics that are very subjective. What's cuddl
  • Additions to the existing reviews  

    Sony DSC-RX100 III digital camera (20 megapixel Exmor R sensor, 3x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD, WiFi / NFC) (Electronics)
    Actually, for years I've been waiting for a camera like this: Small and handy, good appearance, good video function and integrated viewfinder. Since I am highly visually impaired and for years I am angry about the abstinence of electronic viewfinders
  • Usually you have no "review" Write ...  

    Meymoon quality 55mm lens cap with clip closure cap (accessory)
    ... For such a small plastic particles. Since here but 1- and 2-star reviews mention that the cover does not fit or falls almost by itself, I would like to disagree with here: The section is secure and also hooked not! Making a difference to my lost
  • Can the partly unfounded negative reviews here so just do not leave you in the room ...  

    Nikon D750 SLR Digital Camera (24.3 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) display, HDMI, USB 2.0) body only (Electronics)
    I rate rare, but here I just have to correct intervene accordingly ... ;-) I have the D750 since 02.10.2014 and could not be happier. Of course there are some details that Nikon better could have done - for example, AF-On button, 1 / 8000s shutter sp
  • Review from the perspective of a longtime Gamers  

    PlayStation 4 - console (console)
    My way to Playstation 4 was a bit rocky. Starting namely all had a Xbox One. With this review, I would like to PS4 from the perspective of a normal Gamers enter (no fan-boy, not a technology freak). Who wants to read only the conclusions can scroll d
  • Toslink cable review  

    mumbi optical digital cable Toslink cable 2m (accessory)
    What can one review already a cable. I have built it between my PC and a devil-conditioning. It all works flawlessly. The plug is after snapping into the socket bomb-proof - so hard that I think I need to use a pair of pliers, if I want to release th
  • Coupon Review  

    Amazon.de voucher via e-mail (Various Topics) (Ecard Gift Certificate)
    The product voucher is all well and good - valid for 3 years, will be immediately sent by email to recipients. Everything works quite outstanding. Why then still such a bad review? Because it is completely incomprehensible that you can get it absolut
  • A review which will allow us to compare with the S4  

    Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)
    This review is less comparing the S5 with the market but rather the comparison with the previous model, since I use this themselves already for a year very satisfied. Therefore, I go a mainly due to the differences between the two models and try to s
  • Switching from Apple to Samsung (NO FAKE review) // EDIT 04/07/2015  

    Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)
    Sun Contrary to 90% of all other reviews I really get this device (with Telekom contract) and have it so well in front of me. Since I had an iPhone 4 and 5 like this review targeted to a wide turn out interesting, precisely because I too. To 11.4 the
  • First games review Ever  

    The Last of Us Remastered - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    It has often been written and it is true .... Super gameplay, graphics and variety. I am a muffle respect builds a review but this game deserves it