ibell cordless drill


  • High-quality cordless drills with high endurance and plenty of energy reserves  

    Metabo 6.02102.50 cordless BS18LT, 18V / 4 Ah iK (tool)
    I purchased the cordless drill through Amazon Warehouse Deals, which I could save nearly 100 EUR. Apparently the package was no longer sealed and the case has a few slight quirks - probably a returns within the 14-day period. Otherwise, the device an
  • for the cordless drill  

    Wolfcraft 4685000 mobile drilling aid accumobil (tool)
    Lies in my suitcase the cordless screwdriver, cordless drill because do not have a standard head for drill or drill guides. Finally fast but also accurate in Lot located holes for dowels, etc. Exactly what I have been missing. Previously, I had to so
  • Cordless Drill 1  

    Without drill driver GSR 18 V-LI Professional + 2 batteries + charger + L-BOXX + 43 pcs screwdriver bits (Tools & Accessories)
    very good cordless drill, when you want good tools we will seek in quality, it is more expensive but better and above it lasts longer ....!
  • Makita cordless drill DF330DWLE  

    Makita cordless drill DF330DWE 10.8V, 1.3Ah (tool)
    The Makita cordless drill is a good choice for processing of small to medium-sized screws. He has proven especially when working overhead and the drywall. It covers almost all areas of furniture and kitchen installation. It is only marginally when ar
  • Metabo Cordless Drill BS 14.4 LI 2  

    Metabo 602105510 Cordless Drill BS 14.4 LI 2 batteries 1.5 Ah (tool)
    Metabo 602105510 Cordless Drill BS 14.4 LI 2 batteries 1.5 Ah The cordless screwdriver makes a stable impression. The keyless chuck is running smoothly, the built-in LED lights up the workspace good. With the trigger switch can control the speed, oth
  • Very good cordless drill for reasonable money  

    Makita BDF343RHJ cordless Li-Ion, 14.4 V (tool)
    This cordless drill does what it should and that too outstanding. For each hobby craftsman a hot tip. Fits comfortably in your hand, is not too heavy and screwed and drilled like crazy. I do not regret the purchase.
  • Good, handy cordless drill - perfectly adequate for home use  

    Black & Decker cordless drill EGBL108K 10.8V Lithium Ion case (tool)
    This Black & Decker cordless drill I like to recommend to anyone who wants to use it in normal domestic use. I have often used it lately and each time very happy. It is slightly smaller than a "standard cordless drill". This super handy and
  • Tips Cordless Drill  

    Makita cordless drill DF330DWE 10.8V, 1.3Ah (tool)
    Not without reason this Akkubohrschrauber achieved top rated: + Powerful and enduring + With spare battery, durable thanks to lithium-ion technology + Delivery in a case with holster, but with no bits + Processing is top notch I compared this with th
  • The best so far cordless drill I held in my hand  

    Makita Cordless Hammer BHP453RHEX5 in aluminum case incl. 96-pc. Accessory, 2 batteries and charger (tool)
    Over time, one gets the impression that the products of many brand manufacturers lose quality in the price war with other brands. Against this "process of decay" no manufacturer seems immune. Here one would like but only one tool, to which you c
  • finally right angle with the cordless drill  

    Wolfcraft 4685000 mobile drilling aid accumobil (tool)
    With the drilling aid can be rectangular holes in straight, 45 degree holes in rectangular workpieces and center similar in round bars drill. Unless a standard header on the device is available - as with my Hitachi DV 14DSL Hammer - the only sensible
  • Bosch - Cordless Drill Driver PSR - 12  

    Bosch Cordless Drill PSR 12 with Carrying Case, 2 batteries and charger 0,603,955,501 (Tools & Accessories)
    Really a great tool; I tinker a lot and I use it every day. One more, the 2 batteries; while one works the other battery charges; so you are never stranded. good battery life. Small note: I wish we could lock the switch-on button as on most drills. O
  • Makita BDF343RHE Li-Ion Cordless Drill 14.4 V, 2 batteries  

    Makita BDF343RHE Li-Ion Cordless Drill 14.4 V, 2 batteries (tool)
    ++ Quick delivery ++ Item fits as described ++ Super product, drilled and screwed everything I have previously worked ++ Very quiet ++ Loads quickly ++ 2 Li-Ion batteries have an incredible force ++ Very well packed in suitable hard-shell case just b
  • Practical set for the handyman. Use this kit as a complement to a cordless drill / screwdriver  

    Bosch 34-piece X-Line Drill and wrench set, 2607010608 (tool)
    Application: I use this set in the private sector so as to suspend objects in the house or to drill a hole quickly. Function: All drill / bits I've ever used function properly. Processing: The workmanship is good. The drills are reasonably sharp and
  • Bosch Cordless Drill Set GSR 10,8-2-LI Professional blue L-BOXX, 2x Battery ...  

    Bosch Cordless Drill Set GSR 10,8-2-LI Professional blue L-BOXX, 2x battery (1.3 Ah), Bitset 43 pcs. (Misc.)
    I'm excited. This product I bought for internet search and control through "hands-on" in the Bauhaus. Decisive low weight were (with battery installed) and the excellent handling. The bit change in the furniture assembly can be done almost singl
  • Super adapter for cordless drill  

    3 pcs. Profi Adapter Set Holder for cordless screwdriver Socket 1/4 "-3/8" -1/2 "(Misc.)
    I got the adapter actually ordered only because of the 1/2 ", so I can change my tires on the car faster, but for the cheap price I immediately put the whole set. What can I say? Set came by DHL, unpacked, placed in my Bosch cordless screwdrivers, do
  • Einhell Cordless Drill.  

    Einhell RT-CD 10.8 Li cordless drill (tool)
    The Einhell drill I made a good purchase. This inexpensive device does an excellent job and I can with a clear conscience.
  • prima cordless drill for the DIY sector  

    Bosch PSR 18 LI-2 Home Series cordless drills + battery and charger + case (18 V, 1.5 Ah, power control, max. 46 Nm) (tool)
    The drill is characterized in that it is very powerful for its compact dimensions and low weight. The torque data speak for themselves. If the device was even stronger, one short handle could no longer hold possibly. The battery lasts a long time. Th
  • Bosch cordless drill vs drill set  

    Bosch PSR 300-222556 - LI cordless drill (tool)
    High-quality, yet affordable device. But the offered as a set with the machine hole drill assortment "30-piece X-Line Set" seduced to buy the sets, because the machine has a 6-kant recording (after which the offer will be specially noted) and yo
  • Very good cordless drill at a reasonable price  

    Berlan 2-speed Li-Ion Cordless Screwdriver 18 Volt - 1400 mAh - (Misc.) BAS18-1400Li
    The cordless screwdriver was angeaschafft of me because my old his mind already gave up early and you always something needed to screw in the household. The first charge time is, as indicated 3H and this charge he still holds, after a few fittings an
  • Black & Decker cordless drill  

    Black & Decker cordless Bohrschr 10.8 V, 1.3 Ah HPL106K-QW (tool)
    Super fast delivery. Easy to handle this cordless screwdriver, also for women! Leistugsverhältnis price is very good. It if there is a second battery would be available to a longer time to work seamlessly so that would be nice.