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  • Super Card Reader from Digisol  

    DIGISOL 47100 56in1 memory card reader 4.1 (GL826) W / S, xD / SM, CF, SDHC, MS, PRO-DUO HC (Electronics)
    This Card Reader by Digisol is really great. I bought it to describe my 4GB SDHC memory card from SanDisk. Installation is easy, of course: plugged into the PC and the device, wait a few seconds for the Windows XP hardware detection and ready. Then m
  • My second Digisol-Card Reader and definitely not my last  

    NEW! DIGISOL 47201 V2.0 65in1 DIGISOL Card Reader 4.1 for xD / SM, MS XC DUO, CF, SD-HC + SD XC - BULK (Electronics)
    The first I have directly Digisol ordered on the phone, it was there immensely friendly and uncomplicated. But could not yet SDXC, so I've given away him and ordered me the next here. Both are same quality beyond doubt and yet assembled this in Germa
  • Class 10 failed test because Sandisk Class 6 write faster when  

    Transcend Extreme Speed ​​SDHC 4GB Class 10 Memory Card (up to 20MB / s Read) (Personal Computers)
    Transcend Ultimate Class 10 SDHC 4GB card has under Windows7 with me this benchmark with h2testw v1.4: FAT32 formatting Letter: 8.4 MByte / s Read: 19.5 MB / s NTFS formatting: Letter: 8.7 MByte / s Read: 19.5 MB / s This is the class 10 standard and
  • Super Performance  

    SanDisk SDSDX-016G-X46 Extreme SDHC 16GB Class 10 UHS-I memory card up to 45MB / sec. Read (Personal Computers)
    To be honest - I had my doubts about whether it's really worth to buy this card. Compared to the competition, it is about 2/3 more expensive. I was not prepared to pay so much more for the name. Therefore, I tend to the much-praised Transcend 16GB Ex
  • up to 30 MB / s are a big word ...  

    Toshiba SD-C008UHS1 (BL5A microSDHC Class 10 8GB Memory Card (optional)
    The values ​​for Class 10 are of course met (10 MB / sec sustained write performance). In my not slow degrees "Digisol 4.1" -Cardreader (USB 2.0) are 64-bit reaches about 12 MB / s write performance and about 22 MB / s read performance on Win 7
  • Cheap and fast (100% class 10)  

    A-Data Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) 32GB Memory Card (Retail Packaging) (Personal Computers)
    I have so far always used SanDisk CF cards for my digital camera. I had my video camera that can withstand only SD cards, even gladly resorted to the range of SanDisk, but price increases of over 80%, I was now not really willing to pay. After A-Data
  • Quick and worth the price  

    Samsung microSDHC Plus 16GB Class 10 Memory Card with Adapter (MB-MPAGAEU) (Accessories)
    Yes there is not much to say. With me tested on Digisol 47200 Card Reader / Writer 4.1 18.6 MB / sec read 17.4 MB write / sec just awesome. Lovely, too, that an adapter and a sheath is included. Yes and that unpacking with a plastic / cardboard cover
  • Already quite fast ... for a 15MB / s (100x) Class10 SDHC card  

    Lexar 100X Premium (SDHC) 32GB memory card (electronic)
    As Amazon this 32GB SDHC Class10 (100x) card offered by Lexar as "Advent Gift" for less than 1 euro / GB, I ordered spontaneously and speculated on a supplement to my SANDISK Class10 Card, with my NIKON D90 almost 4 images / s (setting: 4288 * 1
  • Good card reader, relatively quickly  

    Transcend P8 All-in-1 multi memory card reader knows (personal computer)
    Property me a few days ago a new memory card (Transcend 300x 16GB CF) granted and realized with horror that they were only marginally faster on my old Digisol card reader than the Transcend 120x. I've then this card reader concerned. The highest meas
  • Relatively slow when writing  

    Transcend 4GB 133x CompactFlash CF MLC (Personal Computers)
    A second after I had made a 50D photo, I turned the camera off. Then she showed still about 2 seconds write activity on the map. That seemed quite slow, so I tested the speed with h2testw. The card reached me only a write speed of about 8 MB / s in a
  • Very fast card reader, not only for SDHC!  

    NEW! DIGISOL 47201 V2.0 65in1 DIGISOL Card Reader 4.1 for xD / SM, MS XC DUO, CF, SD-HC + SD XC - BULK (Electronics)
    After Blitzversand I have the 5 card reader within 48 hours.! receive and am completely thrilled! On the Digisol card reader I am more or less met by chance on a test at CARDSPEED and can only confirm the results. With Hi-Speed ​​SD Card (for example
  • Simply TOP Card  

    Extrememory Performance 32GB Class 6 SDHC Memory Card (optional)
    This memory card is just great! Write speed: 15.0MB / s, write speed: ~ 19MB / s. Use these extremes in Aiptek Z700 Full HD camcorder and it all works fine. Is read with "DIGISOL USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader 52in1" or by the camcorder itself and t