is severin electric grill good


  • SEVERIN electric grill  

    Severin PG 2791 Barbecue grill electric black (garden products)
    I used to always believed the only things grilled on a charcoal grill are good, now I was my son disabused. I bought this electric grill because things taste wuderbar.
  • Good electric grill, with which one can have his joy!  

    Steba VG 300 electric barbecue grill hoods, black / red (garden products)
    We bought this grill for our balcony, since both charcoal and gas grills, unfortunately, did not come into question. After a little research we are then fairly quickly acquired a Steba VG 250 and VG 300, as this provides for a very good value for mon
  • Good electric grill with plenty of power but cumbersome cleaning  

    Weber Q 240 electric grill stand Dark Grey in 2012 (garden products)
    Have recently purchased this electric grill model as an exhibitor and am really satisfied with the cooking results. The nice thing about this grill is that you can barbecue food grilling sämtliches for up to 6 people at a time. Have so far Roster and
  • Good electric grill stand with medium-sized cooking area and useful accessories  

    Severin PG 2792 Barbecue-electric grill black (garden products)
    Looking for a balcony suitable electrical Standgrill I find anything in this. The structure of the black level grills enamelled steel housing went quickly and well for one person without any problems. There are not too many accessories, so that the n
  • For an electric grill surprisingly well  

    Severin PG 2792 Barbecue-electric grill black (garden products)
    I have ordered this grill to grill sometimes quickly and without much harassment of neighbors (we have a charcoal kettle grill). In comparison to the previous (usually cheaper) to electric grills of the Severin classes is better. The grilled food is
  • Electric grill PG 2792 much better than imagined  

    Severin PG 2792 Barbecue-electric grill black (garden products)
    As we have recently moved into an apartment with balcony and barbecue ... ... permission, was the question of a barbecue. Charcoal grill or electric grill. I knew by then not a single electric grill and therefore was the whole thing compared with som
  • Absolute alternative to electric grill  

    Weber Q? 1200 Blackline, Grill
    have the grill from the hardware store but no matter. was many years he or outdoor electric grill with charcoal. At coal comes naturally ran nothing. However, on the Weber grill was by electro revolution. may be that the 2.64 kW rated power are Bishe
  • Electric Grill # 1  

    Steba VG 350 BIG Barbecue Säulengrill Crested (garden products)
    I have this grill after much deliberation and finally bought back and forth. Meanwhile, already 3 months, and sometimes grilled about 6 it. Due to the problems that you should know the most that you can easily barbecue beeen balcony difficulties with
  • Prima electric grill  

    Severin PG2790 electric barbecue table barbecue black (garden products)
    As long-standing Charcoal Grillerin I was skeptical as barbecue on electric grill works and how the taste result. After the first test, I'm surprised the grill is very easy to handle. It injects nothing, it does not smell and there is no smoke, thus
  • The perfect electric grill indoors and out  

    Steba VG 90 compact Barbecue Table Grill black (household goods)
    The last electric grill was a standalone unit with bowl of water, open heating coil and barbecue area with many openings for fat to drain away. The running through the openings fat then distributed on the bottom of the grill surface and burned so fir
  • Prima electric grill with a small design flaw  

    Tefal GC 3050 Contact Grill Ultracompact 600 (household goods)
    I bought this after a long barbecue compare. Wednesday night and ordered amazon typical Friday arrived (great!) So was able to be on Friday night losgegrillt. Meanwhile, we have tested it a few evenings with pork, chicken and beef. And here's my vote
  • Top Electric Grill  

    Tefal TG 8000 BBQ Family electric grill (2400 watt) (household goods)
    This electric grill meets all my positive expectation. Excellent value for money; high wattage; Two separate grill plates provide optimum grill or heat setting. And most of all: a super comfortable and easy to clean, thanks to a part sizes that allow
  • Good electric grill  

    Steba VG200 BBQ Grill table with glass lid (garden products)
    I am satisfied with the device very. We have him now the second summer in use. We had an e-Grill of Aldi, which over 10 years performed his services As always, there are compromises: Sausages are not so good. One should rather take mini sausages. It
  • Very good electric grill  

    Teppanyaki griddle plate (griddle with 2300W, fast cooking, Multigrill with Hot Zone Bratzone)
    I bought this Grill last week and have to say it was a very good buy .... The grill arrived quickly and as described. This week we have several times tried it ... 10 minutes drive preheated, we went the same losgelegt ... beautiful large grill surfac
  • Very good electric grill at an affordable price  

    Steba VG 250 BBQ electric grill with stand (garden products)
    The unit could be set up easily. Except here's the rub, to use the cover as a windbreak. Actually easy, but it is not rudimentary in the guide explains (must be bolted to the inside of the lid handle). By integrating the heating system in the grill o
  • Severin table grill  

    Severin PG2790 electric barbecue table barbecue black (garden products)
    Severin Barbecue Table Grill is highly recommended, and is super processed, I would buy again, had the predecessor type in use for years, great device
  • as a tabletop grill good but the quality ...  

    Termozeta 73879 Gran Gala Tischgrill (household goods)
    As Tischgrill the device is very easy to use. At 2000 watts I would have expected nothing less. Whether for meat, vegetables or roster, job done right and very fast! Thus, it was even with the positive. As others have written before me already, the s
  • Super electric grill  

    Steba VG 350 BIG Barbecue Säulengrill Crested (garden products)
    My brief summary of this product: - Easy assembly - Very good results with the grill food - Good heat distribution on the grate - Easy cleaning of the grill grate From me there is 100% purchase recommendation.
  • Super alternative to gas or electric grill. Suitable for balconies and small apartment house terrace!  

    Lotus Grill charcoal grill series 340, color plum, 38.7 x 38.8 x 26.9 (garden products)
    This keeps Grill, what it promises: - Almost without smoke (Caution: Use only outdoors anyway!) - Ready to use in about 2-3 minutes - At the garden table used - Minimal coal consumption, ideal combustion, barely residues - Despite real charcoal grill
  • Great electric grill for a very fair price!  

    Severin PG 2781-400 barbecue electric grill including grill book / griddle / non-stick coated cast iron grate (garden products)
    We grill on this grill for 3-4 persons. The grate is sufficiently large and of good quality. We have now tested the grill several times and we very happy with it. Everything we've grilled it is durchgehahrt to our complete satisfaction. For example,