jomos shoes opinion


  • Mr Slipper of Jomos  

    Jomos Feetback Men Slipper (shoes)
    Class quality as I have not received all of my Jomos shoes. Always fit exactly and the processing is great. The good price-performance structure I find all Jomosprodukten again and again. Can only recommend this company.
  • Familiar Jomos Quality  

    Jomos Feetback 4 406403-37-000 Men Lace Up Brogues (Shoes)
    My husband wears really only the Jomos shoes. He has professionally many hours "on foot be". These shoes have passed him super straight away, not suppressed, just Aircomfort! Size drops from normal, not too far. Very easy to clean!
  • falls slightly smaller in my opinion but is a great shoe!  

    Nicoboco Huran - Boys Sneaker (Textiles)
    We have this shoe intentionally ordered one size larger (rather too large than too small) and now it fits our son just perfect. Since we were looking for a higher end shoe brown, but unfortunately not found in this dark brown, we were glad to have fo
  • Super 8 shoe  

    Crocs Crocband unisex Children Clogs (Textiles)
    Super shoe had only the size ordered the tatzächlichbträgt my child, but did not fit. So ne number of purchases greater, and now they fit. This means if in my opinion a bit smaller.
  • nice shoes, nice color  

    Richter's shoes Terrino 2106-323-6611 boy sandals (shoes)
    I have twin boys, and do not want to always buy brown or blue. have ordered these shoes in red. You are very beautiful. equal sprayed with leather spray and wear after a few weeks, the shoes are still very beautiful. they fall in my opinion a bit big
  • Class Shoes 3  

    Bugatti U18011 Men Derby Lace Up Brogues (Shoes)
    My opinion of these shoes is perfect for a tuxedo suit. Of course you can also wear trousers and jeans so. A great shoes like always.
  • Super shoe from Geox  

    Geox JR KRAZE G boys Closed sandals (shoes)
    The shoe is just great, as usual everything from Geox. Note: The Geox fall in my opinion a bit narrow. Therefore, for my son I need always one size larger than his other shoes (currently 34 instead of 33).
  • Very nice shoes 2 1  

    soccci Pirate Lauflernschuhe / Baby Shoes / Slippers (Textiles)
    Despite the relatively high price but I decided to buy these shoes. They not only look good but are also as expected very good. They adapt to your foot as described. The leather is very soft and the sole is somewhat slippery. The build quality is als
  • Good shoe, very good value for money  

    Kempa Status XL 200843701 Mens Athletic Shoes - Handball (Shoes)
    Hello, I bought the shoe 2 weeks ago and am extremely satisfied. Through my poor bands in hock I have to play with extra sports tracks, which most shoes are "ausgelatscht" after faster time. That's why I chose the extra-wide "status XL
  • But Enger Good running shoes!  

    ASICS Gel-Trail Lahar G-5 Tx Herrren Trail Running Shoes (Shoes)
    Pouring rain, further muddy forest floor and a willowy Marathon Running person extending through the mud over hill and dale torment while matschspritzend the Wild aufscheucht at every step of the undergrowth .... oh ... have the right at any other of
  • hot shoe does not slip from the leg  

    Sterntaler Baby Autumn-Winter boot swabs (Shoes)
    I really wanted to have a suitable for the winter warm shoes for our baby who does not constantly slip off the foot or leg when the baby moves. At first we had a couple of sheepskin shoes that are laced in the ankle and also go only slightly above th
  • Defective shoes / buyer broke off email contact!  

    Nike Free 4.0 V2 Running Shoes (Textiles)
    One of the two shoes in my opinion reducer quality, the sole of this did not correspond to the elasticity of the other, which was evident from the fact that remained this expansion joints further spread apart very much in the unloaded condition, also
  • great shoes 9  

    Clarks Funny Dream Ladies Brogue Lace Up Brogues (Shoes)
    Have these shoes though not purchased through Amazon, but in the shoe store, still wanted to give my opinion: Super comfortable, soft footbed, even if you walk all day in it, the feel is still pleasant. I wear a size 42, and many shoes looked at me a
  • Beautiful shoes, are rather slightly smaller and rather narrow.  

    Marco Tozzi 25311 Ladies Kurzschaft cowboy boots (shoes)
    My daughter and I have ordered us this pair of shoes and it suits us both. We actually wear more 40 and have the shoes ordered in size 41. That was a wise decision, because the shoes turn out in my opinion, somewhat smaller. Otherwise, they liked eac
  • The sports shoe as compared to Ultimate Ears & Co.  

    Jabra Solemate Bluetooth speaker (Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, speakerphone) White (Electronics)
    I was looking for a speaker for use in the park, the lake, etc., which does not take up much space and to even to make good sound. Impossible? I find anything of SoleMate it was at the end but unfortunately not! I've tested in recent weeks after a lo
  • Great shoe for the cold season  

    Tamaris 1-1-25107-21 women's boots (shoes)
    Since I have this shoe he is my faithful companion on cold days. He is very comfortable and warm. The fit is good, it falls in my opinion from normal. The fake fur is very high quality and is very soft. Everything was great, I can only recommend!
  • Shoes inside synthetic - miserables air!  

    Bugatti T55071 Men Derby Lace Up Brogues (Shoes)
    The shoe is a disaster. Carrying some time Bugatti shoes and has always been pleased. However, this shoe is a joke. Indoor synthetic. Unfortunately I have seen it nich (purchased at the store). I can make this shoe does not carry long as my feet in i
  • a Great shoe with ill-processing on the heel  

    Bugatti T55071 Men Derby Lace Up Brogues (Shoes)
    also I had bought these shoes, was very pleasantly surprised by the feeling itself. The foot was like "embedded" in the padded sole to the front foot area he sat tired and very comfortable. Only at the heel I had some problems, which I pointed o
  • Super shoe with small weaknesses  

    Under Armour, Men Boots (Textiles)
    Did the shoe now for 3 months in use. Unbeatable is the comfort and the weight. Compared to normal Einsatzstiefel z. B. from Haix he is light as a feather and also brings a corresponding wearing comfort with. The shoe has 2 weaknesses. It is not suit