kaffeepadmaschine wmf 10 400100


  • WMF Lono Kaffeepadmaschine  

    WMF Lono Kaffeepadmaschine (household goods)
    I'm very satisfied with the Kaffeepadmaschine. Coffee is sufficiently hot. The taste is also good. Handaufgebrühter coffee tastes naturally somewhat better. But of course, taste many factors such as variety of coffees, amount etc .. Of course this is
  • Beautiful Kaffeepadmaschine  

    WMF Lono Kaffeepadmaschine (household goods)
    I have received WMF Lono Kaffeepadmaschine how Amazon usual, after already 2 days. It is beautiful to look at and the coffee tastes very delicious. I can only recommend!
  • Typical WMF  

    WMF 0795386030 Stockpot Ø 28 cm (household goods)
    Good workmanship, good quality, fast delivery, what do you say to WMF more ... strong buy recommendation, even if the price is WMF-typical. Quality just has a corresponding price.
  • Also suitable for WMF 10 coffee pad machine  

    Petra Electric ACF 4 antichlor filter (household goods)
    I followed previous recessions, in which it said the charcoal filters offered here would work for both Petra and for WMF devices. If this can only confirm and am looking to have a little saved. Petra = slightly cheaper than WMF. ---> Same product
  • WMF is not great  

    WMF 0730056380 Cookware Set 5-piece Collier (household goods)
    Have I bought the product and I'm not really excited! The pots were okay, but the handles are hot during cooking. I have a pot immediately after the first time to cook WMF need to send because it has well recognized rust. The lids have no steam outle
  • WMF is not what it promises  

    WMF BUENO kettle 1.7 L (household goods)
    We use our kettle 1-2x daily. After about 6 months, a small screw was after the prescribed descaling the kettle. For me, unfortunately, not seen where it was installed? I would not imagine so; if someone does not notice and etc in a tea or baby formu
  • WMF Kaffeepadmschine convinced me  

    WMF 5 black Kaffeepadmaschine (household goods)
    In the office we use for almost a year, slightly larger WMF 10. Now I have the new WMF bought 5 pad machine for home use, which differs from the WMF 10 mainly differs in that it has no milk frother onboard. The milk froth function, we do not use in t
  • Usual good WMF quality.  

    WMF 1287866040 Teaspoon set 6 pieces Bistro (household goods)
    Somehow disappear in our household teaspoon, so it was time for replenishment to ensure and after a bit of research here at Amazon, I decided for this spoon and do not regret it. Six spoons for just under 20 euros are a very good price, especially as
  • WMF - worth the money!  

    WMF 1288066040 Espresso spoon set 6 pieces Bistro (household goods)
    Normal teaspoon heave in the espresso cup? Just thinking about my toenails rolling up ... * grmpf * - In an Espresso cup and spoon are exactly the WMF offers here in the usual quality. * Shine and shape could not harm the dishwasher so far * The mate
  • Familiar WMF quality. Timeless design. Highly recommended.  

    WMF 1288066040 Espresso spoon set 6 pieces Bistro (household goods)
    ==== Update May 2014-6 years use: You can see it is not the spoon. No rust, must --- little signs of usage you say more? :-) ==== Even though I have the 6-he had for some years set espresso spoon of Silit in use, I found this set of 6 WMF extremely a
  • WMF Profi Plus is not equal ProfiPlus  

    WMF 1872916030 Garlic press Professional Plus (household goods)
    Comparing this with the Press WMF 1871636030 then you realize that the press offered here is again more expensive. But the charge seems to be paying off (the long-term use will show). At least has still not complaining about broken welds. And the fir
  • Typical WMF 1  

    WMF 0641026030 Weinflaschenverschluss Clever & More (household goods)
    Have this Weinflaschenverschluss chosen because I was in terms of quality and functionality never disappointed by WMF. There is a point deduction because of the closure is not compatible with all bottle necks.
  • Cookware free WMF pan  

    WMF 0589004290 Cookware Set 4-piece induction Bueno (household goods)
    Booked through Amazon a Cookware for induction hob searched and then I came across this great cookware set. Here became even a pan (WMF 0550054291 Schmorpfanne Ø 28 cm Profi Select) settled for free. Unfortunately, this pan is not suitable for the in
  • Had more of WMF quality expected  

    WMF 0617706040 Water Carafe Black Basic 1.0L (household goods)
    Have this carafe purchased by WMF and hoped for a the appropriate quality. The appearance is very nice - it was also already. The cover fits after a while no longer so tight in the carafe neck. And this has a very thin glass wall. When I, after I use
  • WMF 0630646030 frother  

    WMF 0630646030 frother Kult (household goods)
    We have acquired this milk frother at WMF in the store. After about 9 months (about 10 x) runs in the use of the handle out a rust broth. For about 20 euros you would expect but that processes stainless material there. We are disappointed by WMF. I a
  • WMF vegetable knife 18 cm class  

    WMF 1885316030 Paring knife 18 cm class (household goods)
    The WMF paring knife has a super ergonomic handle and a very sharp blade and you have very good care of his fingers! It's a super vegetable knife !!!
  • Good coffee enjoyment, good Kaffeepadmaschine!  

    Philips Senseo HD7825 / 46 Viva Café coffee pad machine, 1450 W, Kalkindikator, brombeerblau (household goods)
    As we previously only a coffee - filter machine and then had a coffee machines, we have now decided malzusätzlich for Senseo. The Senseo HD 7825/46 was well packed in color Brombeerblau delivered what we like good. With a 0.9 liter water tank, a heig
  • Handy mill for solid WMF Prize  

    WMF 0661579990 Salt / Pepper Mill Depot (household goods)
    WMF stands for quality. Test, I had bought a WMF 0661579990 salt / pepper mill with Depot as Peppermill. Since she has convinced me, I have now bought later a second mill as salt mill. You can either grind to a depot as well as directly into the feed
  • WMF 0795386030 Stockpot Ø 28 cm  

    WMF 0795386030 Stockpot Ø 28 cm (household goods)
    Shipping was as usual very good. I am extremly disappointed - the pot lid was totally deformed - I really wonder how something through quality control before shipment comes, or can be packaged by the manufacturer. Thus, the otherwise very nice big po
  • WMF halt ..  

    WMF 1106009349 Cutlery Set, Atic Cormargan Protect, 60-section (household goods)
    Sought favorable robust quality cutlery. WMF has a lot of choice and the quality has always been good. I can only recommend it Cromargan still looks like on the first day. Would I buy it again. Take another determined years