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  • Great news Karine Giebel  

    Game Masters (Paperback)
    2 new in this little pocket book. There we find the world of novels Karine Giebel, with suspense and very dark characters.
  • Karine Giebel love love!  

    Game Masters (Paperback)
    A book of over Karine Giebel I devoured. I do not get enough. The plot, rebounding and all that to the American sauce with whatever is happening in French in our French countryside, delicious. She reconciled with reading thrillers that I had abandone
  • Chase menne Karine Giebel  

    Blood Dogs (Paperback)
    It s not a question of his best thriller, away from (I have preferred bites shade) but in this short novel is Karine Giebel book a chase has two incredible voice ... Lost destinies, strike plates, ordnance lives, destroyed A staging outstanding Karin
  • Karine Giebel, in very short version.  

    Game Masters (Paperback)
    The talent novel Karine Giebel is undeniable ... His mastery of the new, in this little booklet, also reveals! Congratulations for the first of two new Masters of the game: "Post Mortem", incredible style, absolute black atmosphere and its outco
  • Not the best but Giebel is readable  

    Till death unite us (Paperback)
    Not worth "just a shadow" or "redemption for murder," etc. .. But the characters are endearing as the suspense until the last page, descriptions of landscapes very detailed mountains, we believe it. But I do not put 5 stars because of
  • Brilliant 26  

    Just a shadow (Paperback)
    Cloe is young and beautiful, it has the future ahead of her. This ambitious and haughty woman is desperate to succeed and move up. It is the envy but also jealousy. But one "strange phenomenon" disturbs and make him lose his beautiful insurance:
  • An easy and quick reading  

    Elicius Terminus (Paperback)
    I knew Karine Giebel this summer with "Just a shadow." I immediately loved its style, originality and above all ... the twists on every page. Needless to speculate on the end of the story, it will be any other way! In 3 months, I've read all his
  • The best !! 59 1  

    Purgatory innocent (Paperback)
    After "Murder to Redemption" I told myself, well, this book will be its best, impossible to do better. Indeed, "Just a shadow" was a little disappointed --Even if it is an excellent thriller --- because, in my opinion, it was not the s
  • The horror in camera. Sensitive souls refrain;)!  

    The bites of the shadow (Paperback)
    I read the book right after "Just a shadow" by the same author that I never tire of writing style and the incredible imagination. I put a 5/5 to "just a shadow" which was for me the ultimate favorite. A book that marked me forever, I t
  • a good thriller 9 1  

    Elicius Terminus (Paperback)
    a good thriller, as usual with Karine Giebel a notch below that sublime "just a shadow" still Highlights: big psychological tension, it goes fast Weaknesses: Lack some false trails as well as trails to guess who the murderer In summary a good th
  • a great novel!  

    Never forget (Paperback)
    If you enter the game, you let yourself be transported in an absolutely amazing story! I devoured it, I'm picky. ALL the books by this author are remarkable, I've read them all, and I look forward to reading the latest (sur seine die) I just received
  • While testing 2  

    Purgatory innocent (Paperback)
    I just finished "Purgatory of the Innocents" Karine Giebel (600 pages never read so little time), I must say that even Maxime Chattam never made me feel so much in reading (at the level of sensitivity and fear I hear). In a way that reassures me
  • Excessive or surreal but very addictive ...  

    Murders for redemption (Paperback)
    I discovered Karine Giebel with "Blood Dogs" black novel, short, simple and highly efficient style stripped but just terribly, so forward (especially after reading comments) that I immersed myself in his last "Murder for redemption" ..
  • ... Until the overdose.  

    Purgatory innocent (Paperback)
    Unconditional Giebel that manipulates the reader as a person, who we receivership as its hero, who takes us on journeys without return, after the madness (blood hounds, redemption for murder, just a shadow) but this time the Empress the polar plunges
  • Not his best 1  

    Blood Dogs (Paperback)
    Dogs sangPour me under his other novels, too dark gratuite..et an ending that leaves hungry ... His novels always end badly and it would occasionally be rewarded with a happy ending .We expected too much after a d├ęprimante.A recommend giebel k "killi
  • Superb 785  

    Irradiated (Paperback)
    Find Franck Thilliez, Barbara Abel, Karine Giebel, Favan Claire Marie Vindy and other talented authors for this collection of stories, magic just c'st. The lyrics are beautiful, tender, moving, black, a wonderful literary cocktail to consume without
  • Excellent thriller! April 2  

    The bites of the shadow (Paperback)
    Karine Giebel really blew me away with this thriller, very dark ... One wonders how far the horror and madness will lead us. Nothing is left to chance. I loved it from beginning to end and I'll rush on his previous novels I hope just as good.
  • A thriller taking but not fully realized  

    The bites of the shadow (Paperback)
    How long the hero could he survive the torture, physical and mental, inflicted by his jailer? This is the question that arises frantically turning pages, as you feel taken hostage with him! The majority of this story thus takes place in a closed sess
  • Always on top! 24  

    Game Masters (Paperback)
    I love the pen of Karine Giebel. His Thrillers really want the reader in suspense and there, for once and although this book contains only two small new, I admit that I had a great time. Barely started the book is finished. That's the problem with th
  • A slap! 6  

    Just a shadow (Paperback)
    I did not know Karine Giebel and therefore discovers this disturbing novel, disturbed, captivating and breathtaking. I had not read such a suspense novel for ages ... The story begins on the hubcaps, the time to discover the main characters, and the