kinivo vs belkin


  • Kinivo BTC450 vs Belkin AirCast a clear winner  

    Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone and wireless streaming via the car speakers with aptX (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    So far I have Bluetooth retrofitted in my car on the Belkin AirCast and was almost satisfied basically: the device connected via AUX jack with the jack on the radio, power supply via the cigarette lighter, an additional USB port for the smartphone ch
  • Belkin "yellowing" Vue  

    Belkin Essential 013 Grip Vue TPU Case for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S clear (Accessories)
    The shell is tailored to the iPhone 4S. The buttons on the mobile phone can be with me all the pressing problems. In this respect, the part is fully functional and does the job. Unfortunately, I discovered an ugly yellow tinge at my sleeve out of the
  • ... Belkin 1200VA battery Univ.USV  

    VISION CP1290 / 12V 9Ah AGM lead acid battery Battery (Electronics)
    I have replaced the broken 2 pieces a BELKIN Univ.USV battery 1200VA VAR / USB 670W - there were original indoors only 7.2Ah batteries. Who unscrewing a UPS should really know, however, what he is doing! Immediately disconnect the batteries. Installe
  • Belkin product quality  

    Belkin leather multitasker Folio for Apple iPad Air black (Accessories)
    after a long search for the right cover for my iPadAir I'm stuck with Belkin. I liked it best and is also genuine leather. I get after 24h. exactly what I expected. A top product from a top manufacturer. Smells not a bit by Chemistry, meticulously cr
  • Belkin Laptop Case  

    Belkin Business Notebook case for Notebooks up to 39.6 cm (15.6-inch) black (accessories)
    The Notebook case from the manufacturers Belkin is worth its price. It is lightweight, comfortable and offers enough security's notebook. Through the two Velcro fasteners providing for the strength of the notebook. Furthermore, small items, such as U
  • Poor Belkin copy  

    AmazonBasics Pleated Sleeve for iPad 3rd and 4th Generation (Black) (Personal Computers)
    Since I am already in possession of a Belkin pleated pocket (for almost 20), I ordered due to some very positive reviews this bag - unfortunately! Because the case Belkin given by a thick foam insert very good protection to the back here is not nearl
  • Belkin 17 "notebook sleeve  

    Belkin Neoprene Sleeve for Notebooks up to 43.2 cm (17 inches) Jet / Cabernet (Accessories)
    5 of 5 stars. I have brought my sleeve to my Dreja 17 "notebook from Samsung. Fits like a glove. Workmanship and materials are super. So far I can not report anything negative. Conclusion: Note 1 But be careful: Samsung has "brought notebook on
  • Perfect copy of Belkin Cases  

    AmazonBasics Pleated Sleeve for iPad 3rd and 4th Generation (Black) (Personal Computers)
    A colleague of mine has had this case by Belkin (about 19). So I was very curious to see if the Amazon product can keep up high. That absolutely can! The bags are in fact almost identical. Only the zippers are different because Amazon has there be st
  • Article no brand Belkin! Not working properly (bad contact)  

    Belkin Headphone Splitter F8V234eaWHT-APL Audio Splitter (Accessory)
    Item received quickly, but without packaging! The article was unchanged slipped into an envelope. Moreover it was dirty (???). No brand (Belkin or other) is not on the object in question. After connecting to the article, different helmets tested all
  • Belkin BSV804ca2M  

    Belkin Surge Protector Power Strip BSV804ca2M / surge protector 8 outlets, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 meters cord (Personal Computers)
    Belkin products are of excellent quality to recommend to prospective clients. Works great. I have already ordered multiple sockets at Belkin are obviously impeccable.
  • Belkin still ok, still too expensive  

    Belkin F8W209cw2 Pack 2 Movies anti-fingerprint Screen Protector for iPod Touch 5th Generation Transparent (Accessory)
    Belkin is true to its reputation. The product is perfectly packaged. Quality is at the appointment. But still too expensive compared to competition increasingly aggressive.
  • Belkin quality  

    Belkin F8J041cw2m charging cable and synchronization pin 30 high quality 2m Green (Personal Computers)
    rapidity delivery And the product seems pleased with quality fare elevé Although recognized by my iphone Belkin quality, reliable .. It seems to me !! A counselor so Despite excessive length for my use (15 to 20 cm would have enough ...)
  • Belkin vs Nov @ go: 1-0  

    @ November GO® charging and sync cable for iPhone 6/6 Plus iPhone / iPhone 5 / iPad Mini / iPad 4 / iPad Air (Black) (Electronics)
    Longueure too short, the cable does not turn up as I am made of it is flat, prefers cables Belkin brand. A good word to salvation.
  • It's a Belkin  

    Belkin Sport Armband Case F8M558btC00 end washable neoprene for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Black / Grey (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Nice armband, perfect for doing Some outfit like jogging sports or cycling, the phone fits perfectly in, ALTHOUGH When I wear it it's kind of big on my arm goal that's Because of the phone size and not the fault of the design of this product. It's an
  • Belkin Thunderbolt Cable  

    F2CD054bt1M Belkin Thunderbolt cable M / M 1 m Black (Personal Computers)
    What's more, great value for money compared to Apple products, Belkin and quality (too bad that there is no blank)
  • Dock Belkin Design  

    Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock F4U055cwAPL docking station with brushed aluminum finish (Accessory)
    A good product purchased on Amazon Promo, superb quality, Belkin is to RDV design nikel with my Imac RAS
  • C is the Belkin buy without fear  

    Belkin Universal F8N300cw128 purple Case 10.2 "Netbook with external pocket and touch pad (Electronics)
    Belkin C is nothing to say except a big can for a tablet 10.1 inch external pocket for mouse or charger beautiful finish and a price gun
  • BELKIN = top quality  

    Belkin USB 2.0 Hub 2 ports 7 vertical White (Accessory)
    BELKIN is the top quality I only buy this brand I read in other reviews that the use of the power supply sector was unnecessary. This is really wrong !!! You must use the power supply sector to relieve the mother board of your PC. for it is she who w
  • Belkin ScreenCast TV Adapter  

    Belkin ScreenCast TV Adapter for Intel Wireless Display Extension audio / video external wireless (Personal Computers)
    After a tedious updating the laptop ASUS R700V (INTEL components) and the Belkin case (long with frequent crashes of Belkin), everything works fine and patience required for installation is rewarded. It works !!!
  • Belkin thank you!  

    Belkin F8J057vf passive Station charging and syncing with iPhone audio connection 5 - Silver (Accessory)
    I want to react on this article because I am terrified of the other reviews on the site before my purchase. I trusted to Belkin and product photos rather than comments ... AND I HAVE DONE WELL. Lorseque we seek a base for an iPhone that passes 99.9%