klarstein mixer review


  • Mixed review 5  

    SODIAL (TM) 50 ¡Á AG13 / LR44 / A76 Alkaline button batteries (Health and Beauty)
    The batteries fit in the holster as they are taped which leaves a deposit on the batteries to avoid scratching the faulty contact. They do not work in my laser pointer. I do not know if these are the batteries that do not work or my laser pointer. So
  • Mixed review. 6  

    Jamie's 20 Minute Meals (App)
    Mixed review: Warning: As of today, the application is only available in English or German. Shame but I prefer to use an application in French when talking cuisine. I know that it is here a question of making money by selling application but please,
  • Mixed review! 46  

    Casio - W-96H-1AVES - Men Watch - Quartz Digital - Gray Dial - Black Rubber Strap (Watch)
    Mixed review! The watch is perfect, compact, readable (large print) and complete in its functions. Furthermore the battery really lasts several years. I'm a fan of the brand that makes good products. One problem with this model, but importantly the b
  • 67 Mixed Review  

    Untie me! : Parting to grow (Paperback)
    Indeed, as said in previous comments, the author supports his statements based on concrete cases. We must get to learn the essentials, which is not always simple. I think this is a book to reread several times, to fully reap all the benefits. That sa
  • 77 Mixed Review  

    Sony Vaio Tap 11 SVT1121B2EW PC all-in-one touch 11.6 "(29.4 cm) Intel Pentium 1.2 GHz 128 GB SSD 4GB DDR3 SDRAM Intel HD Graphic 4400 August 64 White-bit Windows (Personal Computers)
    This Sony Vaio Tap 11 inches provides a combination of a tablet and a computer. I did not know this new principle, which seems a good alternative to what exists on the market today. First impressions: very nice PCs, all flat and thin, beautiful quali
  • Byron chimes, mixed review ...  

    Byron BYR212 Kit Duo mobile white bell chimes + Pluggable (Tools & Accessories)
    Very mixed reviews for this ensemble of 2 chimes, a plug into a power outlet and a battery-operated, and a bell button on battery. Nothing to say for the doorbell button (too early to judge the strength of the battery) for either the plug-in chime pe
  • XS100I: mixed review / mixed review !!!  

    Polaroid Waterproof Camera XS100i for action sports Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP WiFi with mounting kit included (Electronics)
    in French: I explain why the "mixed" In normal use (I mean by that: NO under water), I think it is a good camera that makes beautiful movies ... provided you have a good brightness (for indeed the image ' noise 'if not enough light!) I have not
  • 92 Mixed Review  

    Chantal Thomass Lace Case for iPhone 3G / 3GS Pink Gloss (Electronics)
    The hull is pretty (less beautiful than the matte black version I had just before and less tough), but it is cracked even after six months so for the price paid in too quickly. So mixed review.
  • mixed review 35  

    The fighters of the fire, Volume 1: flameproof (Paperback)
    I look forward to reading other reviews of this book, for what mine is mixed. He is Howard, aka musclor, a firefighter with a body to die for and it is Kat, a young teacher, with attractive assets. A fire is declared, it will saved him, and an immedi
  • 59 Mixed Review  

    Klipsch Image S4 Earbud Headphones Black / chrome (Germany Import) (Accessory)
    I read the reviews on this helmet, it appears as a good compromise quality / price ratio, and yet I find that on the treble means all varieties but on low it is a little too far, my opinion is therefore mixed since this helmet provides good overall l
  • Mixed review ... 143  

    Bouletta "Multicase" Duzz Brown Genuine Leather Case Cover Pouch Case for Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 with pull tab and Velcro closure, 100% Adjustment (Electronics)
    DELIVERY: Received on time in Premium fashion (Except that delivery was made with my guardian instead of me delivered directly knowing I did not shake me to express to receive the parcel so, I waited for nothing. The driver made a delivery "Group&quo
  • Klarstein Mixer  

    Klarstein Herakles 3G Power Mixer Professional Retro blender for smoothie, cocktails, ice creams and juices (40000 rev / min, BPA-Free, 1500 Watt, 2-liter jug. 6 stainless steel blades) black
    The Hercules 3D is 100% identical to Omniblend. The packaging is it even manufacturers JTC. So Klarstein is merely an importer of the same device offer cheaper (149). PS Have the unit now has a say in per day, everyday use, and what should I do? All
  • mixed review! 2  

    Memup Media Disk ZX series Digital Video Recorder with built-in TV tuner 750GB (Personal Computers)
    Device owned since + 2 years. Satisfactory connectivity even today (HDMI, Ethernet, audio ...) + WiFi. It has a digital tuner (DVB-T) but the antenna that comes absolutely useless unless one is in front of the transmitter. No problem to record the TV
  • Mixed review for the moment  

    Beurer epilator IPL Pulsed Light System 9000 Pro Salon (Health and Beauty)
    I'm going to share my opinion on this throughout our use. 2/8: I get the epilator. The box seems small, I actually expected a larger device. From the point of view of design (although this is not the most important), it is very successful but the pla
  • Mixed review for recharging  

    Anker® Cables Micro USB Extra Long 1.8m Superior Quality High Speed ​​USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B for Android, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and more (Black) (Electronics)
    I bought this cable to make charging my smartphone in the car, especially when I use my device in GPS mode (with data). Before this purchase, I used a low cost cable. My record is mixed. * Concerning the low cost: the mouthpiece attaches poorly on th
  • mixed review 32  

    Neighbor, neighbor (Paperback)
    I must say that the summary gives us a taste of the story but it is far from us unveiled the heart of the novel. Andrea is an English teacher who is being watched by his new neighbor across the street, beautiful, charming, she falls in love after a b
  • Mixed review ... 33  

    The Color of the Soul of Angels (Paperback)
    * The notice follows is rather mixed, it's nothing to understand. You have been warned! * So, let's go! I was immediately seduced by the 4th cover and cover. The 4th cover intrigued me especially and coverage is superb! These colors that blend, it gi
  • 36 Mixed Review  

    Beautiful inside: Accessories, and lingerie sewing (Paperback)
    I have quite mixed feelings about this book. I love the models, very simple to do, diverse and friendly. The explanations are clear. However, several negative points to note: - I had a concern about a pattern (the satin camisole) where obviously ther
  • Mixed review ... 37  

    Sewing Grains Children (Hardcover)
    In this book you will find: - 3 boy tunics - 3 girl tunics - 1 short pants boy (can be feminized ...) - 1 tank top boy - 1 tank top mixed - 1 sleeveless vest boy (can be feminized) - 1 kimono girl (can be masculinized) - 4 dresses - 1 combi-bloomer g
  • Mixed review !!! 42  

    De Buyer 2015.00 'Swing' Mandoline Swing Black (Kitchen)
    I bought this mandolin recently. At the first use I was amazed with the quality and speed of the cuts. IN contrast after several uses my opinion is more mixed. The silicone feet on the bottom does not give a good adhesion to most travail.De plan, it