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  • Kodi for Fire TV  

    Kodi (App)
    Why is Kodi not officially released to the Fire TV? The app runs perfectly on it and the access to his private film collection is the perfect complement to the Instant Video offer. So Amazon ... Kodi share in Fire TV App Store !!!
  • Why are the Fire App's unchecked reasonable - why app's only for 'Fire tablet.  

    Tales From Deep Space (App)
    Anticipation, actually it is common to evaluate the game with an asterisk. Because I do not know the game, since it only runs on Amazon Fire devices. Surely it would work on other Android devices, but presumably it is believed at Amazon that you buy
  • fits well for the new Fire HD7 Tablets  

    Verbatim Store n Stay Nano 8GB Memory Stick USB 2.0 OTG incl microUSB adapter black (Accessories)
    Since the new 2014er Fire HD7 tablets (the series that no longer "Kindle", but only "Fire" is called) support yes now finally connecting USB storage devices, so I needed a small and low-cost USB stick Micro-USB adapter. So I came
  • Sitting pretty tight with Kindle Fire HD7.  

    AmazonBasics Protective Case for Nexus 7 / Kindle Fire / Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 17.8 cm (7 inches) (Personal Computers)
    Looking for a suitable protective cover for my Kindle Fire HD7 my AmazonBasics Protective Cover for 7 "devices was proposed by Amazon. After the shell comes from the Amazon program, I thought that it would fit perfectly. In addition, the low pri
  • Not to capitalize on my tablet  

    Prime Instant Video (app)
    It wants me around the straining not succeed to bring the app on my tablet (Galaxy Samsung Tab 3) after installation to run. They can not be called easy. In fact, I slowly look no longer what I call prime customer actually still all need to play the
  • Finally it also works on Samsung Tablets  

    Prime Instant Video (app)
    Now current review: Finally, the app can not only download even also install. On a mobile phone not tried it yet, but my Samsung Tablet 4 runs smoothly so and wireless streaming from Prime Instant Video has had until now no dropouts when watching sho
  • UPDATE: off is possible! Great for Amazon content. Games OK. Apps poor.  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    UPDATE 27.9 .: There is a possibility the unit in standby to move (!) I have a RF keyboard / touchpad combination (similar to the "Measy RC12 Keyboard Air Mouse 2.4GHz" only was my much cheaper) and it is by plugging the USB receiver immedi
  • Works! 50  

    Prime Instant Video (app)
    Finally, the app was released. The design is still in need of improvement and the movie listing confusing, but run the movies and in usual good quality. The app runs smoothly on tablets, however, the smartphone version of the Amazon app to be install
  • Amazon has homework successfully submitted - very good!  

    Prime Instant Video (app)
    Update in April 2015: Prime Instant Video runs with me also on Android tablets and thus I actually really to complain about anything and increasing to 5 stars! Update after 2 months (Feb 2015): Bin with both the performance and HD-quality very satisf
  • Faulty compatibility specification  

    Amazon premium headset (accessory)
    The sound of the headphones is very good and clear for an in-ear model. Unfortunately, the product description is not correct: Although there is "komaptibel with Fire Tablets" specified, the button have the cable when connected to my Kindle
  • Great Smartphone with many possibilities  

    Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (Telekom) (Electronics)
    I can do a lot of people that the fire phone Bad not understand. Before I buy a cell phone, I make myself normally clever, what it can and can not do. Everyone should be aware that just like the Fire tablet and the TV Fire on the Amazon site services
  • Thoroughly successful set-top box - a detailed description with hints, tips and experiences  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    Introduction let me say that I have gained some experience with all kinds of TV-connectable equipment. This goes beyond HTPC, Apple TV, WD TV, Raspberry Pi, to name but a few. The focus was always to create an easy-to-use media center solution. As th
  • BlackScreen the Second  

    Hell, The Dungeon Again! (App)
    Unfortunately, with me right after the start, a black screen with ongoing background music. Device restart, wait, inching inputs do not improve this condition. Recommended a star for the music, otherwise for Fire-tablet users because gave away 99 cen
  • Very good data charging cable Perfect workmanship super Fuktion  

    Ugreen Micro USB Cable Data Cable Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 I9500, Nokia Lumia, HTC Blackberry, Tablet PC, and Most Android Tablets, Android phones, and Windows phones (0.5m / 1.5ft, White) (Electronics)
    Ugreen Micro USB Cable Data Cable Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 I9500, Nokia Lumia, HTC BlackBerry, Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet PC, and Most Android Tablets, Android Phones, and Windows Phones ********************************
  • Finally a tray for standard Windows games.  

    One tablet Xcellent 10 | to 4 x 1.83 GHz | 2 GB DDR3 RAM | 32GB SSD | 10.1 inches, 25.7 cm, IPS HD touch screen with LED backlight (1280 x 800 pixels) | incl. magnetic docking station / keyboard / touchpad | incl. Windows 8.1 + Microsoft Office 365 Personal | miniHDMI + microUSB | Intel HD Graphics | WLAN 802.11 a / b / g / n Bluetooth 4.0 + | (Personal Computers)
    I am 7 years enthusiastic primordial inhabitants of the virtual world "Second Life" and be used to access my iMac. Now I have also an iPad and a Kindle Fire tablet. For both - as IOS and Android - but there is no full-fledged apps for Secon
  • Calculator for the Kindle  

    Panecal Scientific Calculator (App)
    What can I say. A good app for the simulation of a calculator on the Kindle Fire tablet. Thus, the Kindle is a full-fledged calculator in large format.
  • Does not deliver what it promises 1 1  

    Mad Catz Wireless STRIKEM QWERTY keyboard for Amazon Fire TV, PS4, PS3, Android, PC / Mac (gloss black) (accessory)
    According to title this keyboard is compatible with the Fire Tv. After testing, I can say: Definitely not! All keyboards are connected to Bluetooth (so far in Deutschand) incompatible with the Fire TV. The MadCatz Support was also not willing to say,
  • Better equal without SIM lock.  

    Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (Telekom) (Electronics)
    Amazon could have out of trouble and bad reviews if they had offered the same phone without SIM lock. Feels Like 80% of the 1-star reviews are from people who have it actually have liked but would have no telecom adhesion contract. Now the phone: Har
  • Digital Edition: Just calm down.  

    Star Wars: The Digital film collection (Amazon Instant Video)
    I am one of the few who have the digital collection risen and are happy .. As it was frequently asked: Yes, it is the English soundtrack included and you can choose between German and English switch back and forth. If you have a Fire tablet can also
  • Short Conclusion  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    1 star: Super Hardware, Super processing, very tiny 2. Star: Extremely liquid handling and precise keys to remote control or Amazon game controller. ANYONE can use this device right away. Very detailed "introduction video" with operating in