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  • The most powerful organizational tool in the world  

    Organize your ideas with Mind Mapping (Paperback)
    This book, this method have reconciled my left brain and my right brain. Suddenly everything became simple and clear. Usable in all fields, this method saves a lot of time in his professional and private life, to be more efficient, more compelling an
  • A quantum model of development of the individual and any organization  

    NeuroQuantis, the Neuro-quantum Company: A quantum model of development of the individual and any organization (Paperback)
    NeuroQuantis is a new management method that bears another look at lindividu so that it can fully flourish within an organization. This practical approach to management provides powerful and innovative tools, inspired by quantum physics and neuroscie
  • A very good tool 2  

    Methods of archeology Guide (Paperback)
    This is a very good tool written by archeology professors for students (like me) and for lovers. It is very well done as in 7 chapters discusses the history of archeology, field work, interpretation / theory, data processing, archeology in society an
  • How to make simple complicated tools  

    The beautiful story of Favi: the company believes that man is good Tome 1 Our beautiful stories (Paperback)
    In Volume 1, Jean-Fran├žois Zobrist introduced us FAVI. In Volume 2, it has the tools that have been adapted to the company. Behind a company that seems simple, hides a real reflection of appropriation of tools that are often presented in complex ways
  • App on Kindle Fire Organization made easy. : *)  

    GoToApp Full (App)
    An app on which you did not wait, because you could not imagine that there is something Practical .... is always a big surprise and cause for joy. GoToApparat organizes automatically all existing apps in Ordnder first (after first start). Then you ca
  • Powerful editing tool for amateur photographers, weaknesses in importing existing pictures  

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 (full version without media) (license)
    Adobe Photoshop has long been for professionals of the main image editing tools. For amateurs, however, not only too expensive but much too large in many points and confusing. Adobe has released for this group of users, the stripped-down version elem
  • An outstanding tool - if you can handle it  

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (DVD-ROM)
    Photoshop Lightroom perhaps one of the most misunderstood programs in the photo area. Looking at the reviews for this product, it becomes apparent that some buyers seem to approach with false expectations or demands for this product. Nevertheless Lig
  • Class tool set  

    Hama Mini Screwdriver Set 13 pieces, magnetivity, Torque, slotted, Phillips, Case in leather optics (Accessories)
    This Screwdriver Set comes in a package that presents the case unfolded under transparent plastic. The packaging can be opened easily. The delicate synthetic leather bag makes a good, quality impression. Even at first glance, even the tool very reass
  • Great tool  

    Tonino Lamborghini electric chainsaw KS 6024 Lamborghini (tool)
    So far I had not rangetraut a chainsaw because it's a rather dangerous tool. After I had used this time with a colleague, I then bought myself. Because ... it's quite a useful tool in a larger garden, keep costs in contrast to other devices serh unde
  • recommendable, surprisingly high-quality tool kit  

    Aquarium Set 30cm (1 & 2 plants scissors tweezers) (household goods)
    A recommended vendors. I bought the set directly in the provider's online store and already taken a day later in the receiver simply does not get better, which is why the delivery time can be described as absolutely exemplary / needs. Even the packag
  • Excellent tool for presentations  

    Logitech Professional Presenter R800 radio, presentation equipment, PC / Mac (Electronics)
    The Logitech R 800 fits comfortably in your hand, the green laser pointer produces a highly visible light spot and is to my mind more convenient for presenters and audiences as a red laser. The timer Vibration setting helps temporally terminated pres
  • Diagnostic Tool  

    Smart System Info (App)
    In addition to information about the system (eg CPU usage, current CPU speed and memory consumption) The tool also displays information about the operating system and to give the compounds. For 5 stars I would have still desired diagrams with the way
  • Practical watch tools in basic quality  

    Watch tools Tool bag clock repair watch tool set 30 pcs. Convolute
    I was looking for a Uhrmacherwerkzeugset to the batteries of my quartz watches to change itself. Especially with my watches Sector has meant many a watchmaker, he could not open it with its special tool without the risk of scratches. In the meantime,
  • Great tool set for the short-to-use ...  

    I have the tool set for changing the camera in the iPhone 5 used ... It was clear that this is not about high professional tool is (in the price) But I was surprised ... With the tool can work well ... Since the camera changes the iPhone needs to be
  • super tool in the everyday kitchen  

    Tweezers - kitchen tweezers - turning tweezers - Length: 29cm - bent - grooved - Stainless steel (Misc.)
    I use the tweezers in the kitchen. . For 8.90 including shipping a really useful tool: whether for turning small fried food, decorating delicate foods or just fishing out of eggshell fragments from the scrambled eggs ... really great! Unfortunately t
  • Great tool - Super Price  

    Hama Mini Screwdriver Set 13 pieces, magnetivity, Torque, slotted, Phillips, Case in leather optics (Accessories)
    I'm usually a bit skeptical at Hama products but this tool has convinced me. I bought it to replace my MacBook in the hard disk, for that you need the smallest screwdriver, both for securing the hard drive as well as for removing the cover of the har
  • Clocks Tools  

    FINEO® Uhrenwerkzeugset 30 pieces in nylon bag watch tool watch tools housing opener for anyone Repair Set convolute (Misc.)
    Simple tool, but useful for hobbyists. Unfortunately, not all clocks lid open with the tool. But Standart watch no problem. And how often you change the battery, and it is sufficient. Who expects a professional tool. Will be disappointed. But at the
  • Very good tool for my photos *****  

    Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) swiveling display, Full HD) Kit including EF-S 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS II (Electronics)
    Hello, There are already many reviews on this great product from Canon. I 've therefore made not for the umpteenth time to list all the technical data, but I would like to make a different kind review, but definitely to help you decide whether this c
  • Rolson Tools 60390 LED -Kopflupe  

    Rolson Tools 60390 LED Head Magnifier (tool)
    Rolson Tools 60390 LED -Kopflupe is good for fine and not things, but sometimes then slides the visor down easy nachzeihen the screws. But the various Lupe essays are all right.
  • Craft equipment and tools Artist  

    Pentax K7 digital SLR camera (15 megapixels, Live View, 7.6 cm (3 inch) screen, HD Video, Car HDR) Kit incl. DA 18-55mm WR + DA 50-200mm WR (Electronics)
    The camera with the two kit lenses I have in less than three days - get sent from AMAZON - so really quickly. Previously I had also researched extensively for meaningful for me accessories. As a full (and quality) ready to use basic equipment I addit