krinner lumix light balls


  • Highlight - KRINNER Lumix Light Balls  

    KRINNER Lumix Light Balls 76000 4x blown glass balls with warm white LED, wireless remote control and batteries (household goods)
    The Light Balls are ready for quick and easy ... used batteries, synchronization, ... done. Remote control of the candles can be used. The product is a real eye-catcher !!
  • KRINNER Lumix Classic Mini  

    KRINNER Lumix Classic Mini Basic Set ivory IR, 14 ivory, wireless LED Christmas tree lights with infrared remote control, batteries in hot / white light 75322 (household goods)
    The Lumic Classic Mini candles I already know in another version with magnetic mount, so me the quality of the product is already known. Already for 3 years without any problems in use. The Classic Mini I have chosen because it in conjunction with th
  • Warm light ball  

    Segula 50683 LED Globe 4.1 Watt, 80 LEDs, E27, 2600 Kelvin, opal (household goods)
    The Segula LED Globe has a great size and can also be freely suspended use without lampshade. Through the frosted glass, the LEDs can not be seen. The light is very warm, slightly reddish with 2600K and is particularly suitable for accent lighting. T
  • Light Ball Head  

    eSmart Germany eS PRO Sigma one ball head for photo / camera tripod | Capacity 6 kg | Height 78 mm (electronic)
    The ball head is more than I expected for the price. I put it into a monopod. PÜositiv to notice is the presence of quick-change attachment. Can I fully recommend.
  • lighter ball head - after initial trials well.  

    Bilora 1150 Professional ball head tripod (accessory)
    Got the ball head today. Screw and mount the removable disk go easy. Everything makes a solid impression. Of course you can not hang 10 kilos, but for a normal DSLR camera with lens it enough. Turn goes depending on the setting slightly to moderately
  • Great lighting effects; Much better than expected and like a real disco ball!  

    DBPOWER® E27 3W RGB LED Crystal Stage Rotating Color Light Bulb Lamp For Party Disco, 20000 hours life, rotation Automatic, 30 to 50 square meters irradiation area
    Video at View My childhood dream has always been a disco ball. The effects are just great in conjunction with appropriate music. It was that simple whole but then not, because a mirror ball has to be illuminated and thus much effort so con
  • Beautiful light for garden  

    Stellar 1076 Solar ball 25 cm (garden products)
    I have now three of these Solarkungeln since last year and I'm still happy. In summer, the light balls for at least three clock in the morning, lots of light longer, later I am so far not come home ... The solar panel is mounted invisibly inside. The
  • Nerve-saving!  

    KRINNER Lumix Classic Mini Basic Set ivory IR 75122 (household goods)
    To KRINNER Lumix candles I'm long lurking undecided because I found it quite expensive. Ultimately, I decided shortly before Christmas Eve but to buy because real candles for us not eligible for security reasons, but I do not feel like the annoying p
  • Big disappointment! 2  

    KRINNER Lumix Classic Mini Basic Set ivory IR 75122 (household goods)
    No more cable clutter - time savings when decorating - these were our motivations for this order. As we have already withdrawn from the customer reviews that the light of these candles is not as bright as the light from conventional lights, and we ha
  • Noble LED Christmas candles with impeccable processing  

    KRINNER Lumix Deluxe Mini extension set red IR 75156 (household goods)
    We have this extension set (each 7 candles) bought twice the basic set (KRINNER Lumix Deluxe Mini basic set red IR 75146 with 14 candles) because our Christmas tree this year stands in a corner of the living room, where wide is wide and no outlet ava
  • Finally an end to the cable clutter  

    KRINNER 74222 LUMIX CLASSIC Basic Set ivory IR, 10 ivory, wireless LED Christmas tree lights with infrared remote control and batteries in warm-white light (household goods)
    For a small Christmas tree in the pot we were looking for an alternative to the usual lighting fairy lights. What can I say, we are more than satisfied with the KRINNER Lumix Set in color "ivory". The box itself does make a lot of her: the indiv
  • The best wireless candles  

    KRINNER 74222 LUMIX CLASSIC Basic Set ivory IR, 10 ivory, wireless LED Christmas tree lights with infrared remote control and batteries in warm-white light (household goods)
    To find the perfect cordless Christmas tree candle, now I have tested KRINNER Lumix, Konstsmide 1989-000 and Sacom. Here's my review, of course, everything is purely subjective, ie. Without technical measurements, such as the light intensity The pric
  • Shapely candles  

    KRINNER 74222 LUMIX CLASSIC Basic Set ivory IR, 10 ivory, wireless LED Christmas tree lights with infrared remote control and batteries in warm-white light (household goods)
    KRINNER LUMIX Classic are shapely Christmas candles. The batteries last for a long time and it had not 1 time the batteries are changed during the Christmas season. The goods were delivered very fast and in undamaged original packaging. The only crit
  • First-class, lightweight Ballpumpe  

    Molten pump DHP21-BL, blue (equipment)
    This is a first class, well thought out and very light ball pump. At the processing quality can not be faulted. That the valve needle is housed in the pump handle, is solved very intelligent. I am completely satisfied.
  • Fast hanging  

    Inge-Glas 1900-04 ball Hanger S-hooks in silver, 4 cm, 100 pieces in a box (household goods)
    Our old hangers were bent and rusted. It was time for New. These here are unremarkable and similar to our elderly. It has quickly hooked the balls and just as quickly hang the balls on the tree. Keep light balls well. At a certain weight but they are
  • Colorful Christmas  

    6x Battery operated ball Waterproof LED String [Model 2014] color change Christmas balls baubles (a long time lighting) with remote control Ideal for Christmas Christmas lights birthday party event wedding 65mm
    Christmas is coming, and somehow I find such LED lights balls very funny. Especially at night with fire in the fireplace I imagine those colorful balls just beautiful before. The balls come in well packaged and in addition include the same a few batt
  • Buy recommendation - Well thought Cat Toys  

    Catit Senses Game 50730 rail for Cats (Misc.)
    Video at View At first I thought that my boys lose as usual after a few days "push ball" the desire to. It turned out, however, that the race track is now in daily use for over a month. Both cat play with enthusiasm. That reminds
  • A great track for every day  

    Catit Design Senses Play Circuit Kit, Game rail for Cats (Misc.)
    Video at View Our small, 18 weeks old, so that plays every day and can not get enough of it. Due to the size of "holes" for the feet but this toy is more suitable for small paws. The connector system is very well made and it can
  • The travel tripod  

    Manfrotto MY 732CY Carbon Tripod (only 950g, 3 drawers, Carbon Basalt, 135cm height) black headless (Accessories)
    As I unpacked the stand I was rather skeptical, very small and extremely light. Placed next Once a light ball head (3.5 kg load capacity as the tripod) on it, the Pentax K5 with BG and the 300mm tele (the weight was approximately 2kg) and out into th
  • Topp tripod  

    Sirui EN-2204 Easy Universal tripod (Carbon, height: 162 cm, weight: 1,52kg, load capacity: 15kg) with bag and strap (accessories)
    To my newly acquired (first "real") camera, I was looking for a tripod that stable, light, relatively easy to stow and is fit to travel. With my height of just over six feet tall, it should have a comfortable height. All in all a lot of attribut