laptop samsung r710 wont charge


  • Samsung microUSB car charger  

    Samsung ECA-P10C microUSB car charger for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 10.1N (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The Samsung microUSB car charger for Galaxy Table 2 10.1 is the perfect companion for longer driving. It is really handy and fits perfectly into any Hanschuhfach. A good investment.
  • SAMSUNG right wall charger  

    Cable kit for Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 with charging cable ETA-U90EWEGSTD, ECBDU4AWE data cable, charger MicroUSB sector 2 A 2000 mAh White (Electronics)
    A wall charger and USB 2A SAMSUNG detachable cable / USB MICRO line with my expectations. The whole looks like the original SAMSUNG I own. Similar operation.
  • Samsung Mobile phone charger  

    I had lost the previous charger! Now I use it instead of changing cell. It was what I had found better and cost / quality. It works perfectly.
  • Great article for my laptop Samsung SGH-U600  

    UniversGsm - SECTOR CHARGER ORIGINAL SAMSUNG SGH-U600 U700 D800 E9 (Electronics)
    I bought this item for a replacement of my original charger that dropped me. So it was welcome, it met my expectations.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note2 Charger Wireless Superding  

    Samsung Galaxy Note2 Charger Wireless Induction Docking Station Dock Black (Electronics)
    An unusual charging station. Angular abgestetzt so the Smartfon also during charging good to use and is very easy to read. I do not know why but the battery life has increased by more than double. The built-in magnet puts the device immediately in th
  • Samsung ETAOU10EBE original charger for ..  

    Samsung ETAOU10EBE Original Charger for Samsung Galaxy S4 (accessory)
    because my charger cable was broken, I needed a new and just as I was shopping with them sowiso Did I thank it ordered the same
  • USB power strip for PC / Laptop --- and limited use as a charger.  

    AVANTEK 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub with VL812 chip set, 12V / 2.5A adapter & 3.3ft / 1m USB 3.0 Cable
    I use the USB hub either on my laptop, which has * too few * USB ports, as well as in exceptional cases also as a charger, a maximum of 3 devices (smartphones, tablets) and I can not apply to the use as a hub for the PC / laptop still sue as charging
  • Hs after the first charge  

    @ PELTEC spare battery for laptop Samsung NP-Q320 Q430 Q530 NP-R23 R530 R590 R439 R440 70A00D E151 RV720 / R408 R458 R468 SEG Q318 R510 R519 R710 R522 R520 R580 R460 R505 R509 R730 Hawk Black 4400 mAh (Electronics)
    Purchased to replace the battery of a samsung r710 died suddenly (but no longer had a high load capacity for years). the battery goes without forcing, even if it is not an official adjustment. when inserting the battery is put in charge, except that
  • Compatibility, charging time and perfect autonomy  

    @ PELTEC spare battery for laptop Samsung NP-Q320 Q430 Q530 NP-R23 R530 R590 R439 R440 70A00D E151 RV720 / R408 R458 R468 SEG Q318 R510 R519 R710 R522 R520 R580 R460 R505 R509 R730 Hawk Black 4400 mAh (Electronics)
    As usually, no complaints about the delivery. On the battery itself, no problem to use it with my laptop Samsung, the charge time is shorter than the original battery and autonomy is also very correct. In short, given the price, I am pleasantly surpr
  • Too cumbersome compared to my original charger Serie 9  

    Samsung - AA-PA3NS40 / E - slim black notebook adapter - 40 watt (Accessory)
    I bought this replacement charger original charger a laptop Samsung Series 9. Long gone, do not sizzle and a good finish. Its main drawback compared to the original charger is that of being bulky. The housing itself is not great, but it comes with a
  • Laptop battery as good as the original.  

    Lavolta Portable Computer PC Battery for Samsung R519 R530 R590 R620 R730 R780 Q320 RF710 compatible with AA-PB9NS6B - 4400mAh 11.1v - Warranty 1 YEAR * (Electronics)
    To replace the original battery of my Laptop Samsung which ended with discharge very quickly I chose this model "Multi-References". In use the performance of this model show equivalent to the original battery with a battery and an identical cool
  • 6 Car Charger  

    PacK WHITE 3 WHITE ACCESSORIES *** Car Charger MICRO USB Cigarette lighter To SMARTPHONES SAMSUNG (see compatibility) PEN + capacitive touchscreen black + COVER Black Velvet for storage or mobile accessory (Electronics)
    Charger used to power my laptop Samsung Galaxy S 4. No problems for 4 months of use. The pen is still working but I do not use it often.
  • Good battery charger but no brand that does not take!  

    Samsung Original Battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 White (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The photo is misleading! One sees the end of the word "Samsung" on it while it is not a samsung battery that is provided! Moreover, it is unbranded, lower capacity, lower size (Battery of the game once in such!), And above all, it takes much les
  • Equivalent Samsung Battery  

    @ PELTEC spare battery for laptop Samsung NP-Q320 Q430 Q530 NP-R23 R530 R590 R439 R440 70A00D E151 RV720 / R408 R458 R468 SEG Q318 R510 R519 R710 R522 R520 R580 R460 R505 R509 R730 Hawk Black 4400 mAh (Electronics)
    The battery fits perfectly into my laptop Samsung. The burden is even slightly higher than the original battery. Nothing to report negative the opposite.
  • A good fast charger to catch 110 to 230 volts  

    Aukey® Aipower Milti Charger USB Port Sector / Universal Mobile Charger / Wall Charger with 3 USB Ports / Adapter Charger EU inlet - 3-Port USB Charger (24W / 5V 4.8A) Black (Electronics)
    This wall charger with 3 USB ports has the advantage of being relatively quiet WHEN IT is plugged into a power outlet. Indeed, no greater than 10 cm from the outlet for nearly 80 grams, it is well in place and can charge three devices simultaneously.
  • USB cable for samsung galaxy tab  

    System-S USB cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab (Electronics)
    Consistent with the description. Well finished product of good quality. In the same quality as the original home of Samsung. Can charge the tablet samsung galaxy tab 10.1, 8.9, 7.0 and 7.0 or more. Allows charging and data transfer. Small arrows on t
  • It's not a Sony charger !!!  

    Charger + Cable Micro Usb Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - Black (Electronics)
    Everything is in the title. It is not a Sony charger. Works well but the ad is false. It rather looks like a Samsung Galaxy S3 charger Type
  • Very good car charger  

    Aukey® USB Cigarette Lighter Car Charger 36W / 7.2A 3-Port (2.4A * 3) Cigarette lighter car charger equipped with AIPowerTM Technology pourApple iPad Air, iPad 4, 3, mini, iPhone 6, 6 More iPhone, iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, 4; Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy Tab; Nexus 10, 7, 5, 4; G3 LG Optimus; HTC ONE M8; Moto G, Moto X; Bluetooth Speaker, GPS etc BLACK (Electronics)
    The charger complies with the photo and seems less imposing once in hand making only 8 cm high with a width of 3.6 cm. Long gone in spite of a plastic that takes fingerprints. Once in place, there isnt much to complain with 3 USB ports delivering up
  • OK charger, cable P30 to redeem acceptable considering the price ...  

    Samsung ETAP10 USB Mains Charger + cable for Galaxy Tab P30 (Electronics)
    I ordered this set in DSPROMO charger and USB cable in place of the original Samsung - mistakenly left in a hotel room. This is the Samsung tablets travel charger, in this case a Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi P8010 (by the way the best I've had so far in ter