livorno daylight lamp


  • Good daylight lamp with a lot of extras, but comparatively expensive  

    Philips HF3419 / 01 EnergyUp White (natural white light, 10,000 lux, Dimmer) (household goods)
    I'm going every year clearly tired, driving loose and irritated as soon as the days get shorter again and the dark season dawns. In addition, I consider myself much forced indoors on what exacerbated the problem. Previously I had not so much disturbe
  • Compact Daylight Lamp  

    Beurer Bucket 40 daylight lamp (Personal Care)
    I opted for this Tageslichtlampe because I was looking for a compact lamp. Other daylight lamps are rather large and bulky. This, however, is relatively small and yet serves its purpose. It fits on any desktop. The workmanship is good and makes an ov
  • Daylight lamp - highly recommended  

    TV - Our original daylight lamp Daylight, black / white, 07985 (household goods)
    The lamp I bought because I realized after ordering of replacement bulbs for as a lamp that is not the lamp but the table lamp was broken, so had to be a new. The lamp looks in black and white really great, fits anywhere, is stable and the light corr
  • auto daylight lamp  

    2 X 1156 BA15S Light Bulb Lamp 5050 SMD 18 LEDs 12V WHITE STICKER
    lamp operating without easy assembly problem instead of origins lamps, but power is a bit tight for day lighting
  • Daylight lamp Daylight  

    TV - Our original daylight lamp Daylight (household goods)
    A really great lamp, the light is just perfect for my eyes, it does not dazzle and is beautifully bright. I have them in the bedroom on my bedside table and take them to read. The walk is a bit lumpy and the switch may be on foot, but that does not b
  • The original daylight lamp  

    TV - Our original daylight lamp Daylight (household goods)
    I am very happy with the pleasant luminosity this lamp. To read my problem, the daily newspaper is now solved with this lamp
  • LUMEN STAR E27 11W 1100 Lumen Livorno [daylight white 5000K] Power 5050 ...  

    LumenStar® LED E27 bulb 11W - 1100lm, 5000K cool white, 180 ° viewing angle, replaced 100W - Livorno
    Much I can not, because the LED is in operation only since 5 days. This LED is really bright, the manufacturer's instructions are aptly. What is missing with in this LED is around a glass or plastic body around the lamp so that the LEDs are better pr
  • Daylight lamp Daylight for work not ideal for optics  

    TV - Our original daylight lamp Daylight (household goods)
    I have already bought the second lamp of the same type. The first has breathed their light life unfortunately after about 2 years of intensive use. The replacement of the light source was futile. The light is to work just great. The lamp covers a suf
  • Daylight lamp ...  

    Beurer - TL 80 - Daylight lamp - 10,000 Lux Intensity (Health and Beauty)
    This light is very good, the true light of day ... Big screen, do not dazzled! light .... it is cumbersome ... you can not have everything ... the efficiency demand a big screen !! I recommend it to you!
  • Subjectively, no brighter than a similar 65 watt lamp and daylight is called many things ....  

    Photo Spiral lamp energy saving lamp 85 Watt / 425W 5500K daylight
    This energy saving lamp produces with little heat (they can be in operation or touch) a relatively large brightness. If I had more space I would recommend more four energy-saving lamps with 23W each, which brings (I have nothing to measure it remains
  • As daylight  

    SIGMA Bike Lights ROADSTER front light, black, 18500 (Equipment)
    I wanted a daylight lamp which is as small as possible and yet provides a passable light. The SIGMA can be easily mounted on the mountain and comes with only two Batterein from. The change is also easy to accomplish. So far did not disappoint, the SI
  • Information for Replacement lamps  

    Beurer Bucket 40 daylight lamp (Personal Care)
    I want to actually write any extensive review on this daylight lamp, but regarding information in the first place. Of built-up light source to pass, as I myself had been looking for in vain for this information before purchasing the lamp. After conta
  • Durable and excellent lamps  

    TV - Our original daylight lamp Daylight, black / white, 07985 (household goods)
    (Note of the author: This review appeared on 25 February 2011 for the identical product in other Fargebung It was only copied here, as the Amazon review does not automatically display in the identical products that are only sufficiently distinguish t
  • Exo Terra PT2188 Rept. 10.0 Desert Lamp 13W E27  

    Exo Terra PT2188 Reptile UVB 150 - Desert Terrarium Lamp 13W, E27 (Misc.)
    A UV lamp which served its purpose! If neither particularly bright nor particularly was, but who expected at the 13 Watt believes probably still believe in Santa Claus. In combination with the Exo Terra PT2136 Tight Beam Daylight Lamp SG Spot R20 / 7
  • Super Bright Lamp - excited  

    10,000 LUX Full Spectrum Daylight Desk Lamp - 70 Watt - nickel (household goods)
    After I had bought a daylight therapy device of Philip and had in continuous operation, I decided after much weighing up if the lamp is worth 120 euros to buy this lamp and I'm totally excited. The lamp runs with me all day and I'm sitting since much
  • Bright, light similar to daylight  

    Walimex Daylight Spiral Lamp (50 W corresponds to 250W) (Accessories)
    I am highly satisfied with the spiral daylight lamp. For my windowless, 6 sqm large study I get daylight-like conditions, what the mood is good. I also wanted to test by purchasing this lamp the Studio suitability for still images. But it is also wel
  • Daylight and low  

    eSmart Germany Photo Fast Start energy saving light bulb | 50 W (200 W) | E27 | daylight / cool white (5500 K) | Diameter: 72 mm | Height: 235 mm (electronic)
    The daylight lamp of eSmart is very bright and unrivaled at the time of my purchase have been favorable. However, it is humming something and smelled on the first day of use for something Exhalations from the hard plastic version, why only 3 stars ot
  • Perfect for work  

    TV - Our original daylight lamp Daylight, black / white, 07985 (household goods)
    Daylight lamps are perfect for working as they do not make as tired as otherwise widespread bulbs and lamps. Therefore we bought this lamp for our workbench, and it serves its purpose fully. The design could be a bit nicer, and the material is simple
  • Small UNF fine!  

    Klarstein Mini Lichtdusche Summer Shine daylight lamp bulb compact (10,000 lux, well-tempered light) (household goods)
    I agree with the previous positive reviews. This daylight lamp is small, easy to use (on and off), very bright and unlike others offered here daylight lamps in the price acceptable. And most importantly, it works in my opinion, especially against fat
  • Extremely bright light  

    10,000 LUX Full Spectrum Daylight Desk Lamp - 70 Watt - nickel (household goods)
    I had long been looking for a daylight lamp and have seen many models and read numerous reviews and book reviews. At the end it was clear: It is to be a lamp, on the one hand serves as a working lamp, on the other hand acts energizing even in the dar