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  • Price Pops - not a sound sensation, but for everyday use in-ear headphones  

    igadgitz IGX-450S Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Lightweight Stereo Sport in-ear In-Ear Earphone Headphone (music streaming and microphone with noise reduction for hands-free calling) with Case - Black / Neon Grünn (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    What makes a good or practicable headphones? The comfort, the sound? And how important is the price? The course also depends on what you know or are accustomed. But it is important of course, the environment in which you can hear on a regular basis,
  • Headphones with excellent sound and innovative use  

    Sonixx X-Touch Wireless Bluetooth Headphone / Headset with touch control, microphone and remote control for all smartphones (iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows / Samsung Galaxy / HTC etc.) - 3 year warranty - German Manual (Black) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I own quite a few, small Bluetooth headset as a constant companion while jogging. Although the sound is not bad, but was not previously approached my cheap but good Superlux HD 668B. What I lacked was hearing a sound excellent, wireless headset for m
  • A wonderful headphones  

    Devil Aureol Real open Over-Ear Headphones Black (Electronics)
    I use the devil especially than the headphones on my digital piano when I do not want to disturb the neighbors at night, because the open design does not matter. The sound is very good, the comfort is good, I did not wear even after prolonged pressur
  • Very good headphones, with a small reservation ...  

    Beats by Dr. Dre Studio 2.0 Over-Ear Headphones - Matte Black (Electronics)
    I have the Beats Studio 2.0 (in matt black) for over 4 weeks in use and am when it comes to sound, comfort and processing, more than satisfied. What, however, a little bothers me is the built-in battery and the very modest maturity. To this end, late
  • Great headphones  

    Sennheiser MM 70i In-Ear Headphones (Electronics)
    Sound great, fit class isn ear, but only with iPhone ... I switched to Android (Samsung), because they funktioieren unfortunately nciht right ... up down did not work, and the phone does not work ... so just niormale micro headphones, with which one
  • Headphone holder keeps not perfect.  

    DBPOWER® Mini Wireless Bluetooth Headset Headphone Earphone Headset + Microphone Mobile Free listening to music for Apple iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S, Black (Electronics)
    Delivery and packaging super. Headphone easy to use, size pleasant, unfortunately holds the earhook not perfect on the headphones, it is only clipped and this dissolves also from time to time. It's a fumble. But sound in order to retain therefore, at
  • great headphones 1  

    AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones (Electronics)
    The AmazonBasics In-ear headphones have a really good sound quality for such a low price. However, it is not easy to replace the ear plugs, but an zwirbelige matter: First, I wanted out of curiosity times the size L auspropieren. Only after I had the
  • Unfortunately useless as headphones for sports activities  

    AmazonBasics Sport In-Ear Headphones (Electronics)
    At first listen this AmazonBasics headphones myself convinced by the price-performance ratio. After some use, however occurred a strange phenomenon. Without intervention, the volume changes - set to maximum (very uncomfortable) or to minimum (annoyin
  • SOUNDS - Big City - Premium Lifestyle Bluetooth Stereo Headset Headphone (All-In-One) white with USB charging cable and SOUNDS Transportation  

    SOUNDS Big City KS780 premium lifestyle All-In-One Bluetooth Stereo headset with USB charging cable and audio transport bag white (Electronics)
    First I want to address first time the design of the headphones: The headphones are white (or red or black). In my opinion, he looks at least as good as beats by dr. dre solo HD, if not even better. I think that the headphones look in knows best, but
  • Very good headphones to the Service Excellence  

    SOUNDS Big City KS780 premium lifestyle All-In-One Bluetooth Stereo headset with USB charging cable and audio transport bag black (Electronics)
    After I initially two other Bluetooth headphones in the price range of about 50, - had risen but not quite satisfied with this was (seating comfort, sound), I end November 2013've then gained these headphones. Sales by the company SatChef, delivery v
  • Great headphones in good quality with excellent sound!  

    SOUNDS Big City KS780 premium lifestyle All-In-One Bluetooth Stereo headset with USB charging cable and audio transport bag black (Electronics)
    I bought the headphones for my 14 year old son and of course even extensively tested. I've tried a number of current headphones in recent times, so I have to compare it to. One ahead; Price range is for the Big City Sounds really good! There are Blue
  • Top headphones, good sound quality  

    V7 HS6000 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo Headset / Headphones with NFC connection function and built-in microphone (2x 1.9 Watt, 10 hours of battery life, speakerphone), white (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    For almost 3 weeks in - and outdoor - use, super headphones. Battery lasts forever felt, I had to believe him only once or twice a charge, despite almost daily use. The sound quality is great, the voice quality for calls is absolutely sufficient, eve
  • Interested, amazingly good sounding headphones  

    Macrom Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones - M-HPB20 - Red (Electronics)
    I had very low 'shot' at Christmas time than flash range The first copy. The delivery time should be several weeks - two days later the headphones was there ?! Unfortunately confirmed the suspicion that it was an already used returns: torn original p
  • Here the product description does not promise too much. Good & sound headphones.  

    Macrom Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones - M-HPB20 - Black (Electronics)
    One should and must not always believe everything would convey what marketing Proverbs often. Here, however, the statement is true: "If you believe that you need for Bluetooth headset that look chic and simultaneously deliver impressive sound sp
  • Battery for headphones  

    Sennheiser BA 151 Battery (Electronics)
    fast delivery of the brand product to the left nor on the order day marketplace. A battery that is still on the market 7 years following the purchase of a headphone, has sen a good buy. Gladly again.
  • TechniSat headphones  

    TechniSat StereoMan 2 (2.4GHz wireless headphones) (Electronics)
    Well, headphones look very cheap, everything was very rickety, good fit of the earpieces, hard to see control buttons for volume up / down and on / off, you have to feel for, along with the charging station, the whole system is very clunky, you have
  • Stylish headphones for music on the go  

    ARCTIC P614 BT - Premium Bluetooth 4.0 headphones for music connoisseurs - Improved neodymium drivers - 30 hours playback time (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The headphones look very stylish and be operated with the buttons on the external ear. By creating an agility they fit perfectly to the ears. Laterally on the outer ear can be the head shape by pulling adjust the fork. The frame is very robust and th
  • Top Headphones  

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition 600 ohms (Electronics)
    After a long search and compare finally found the right one. Granted, this part is not exactly cheap, but you will be compensated with an incredibly great sound. From the deepest bass to treble, perfect. However, the 600-ohm version should only set w
  • Cheap headphones with decent quality  

    Sony MDR-E9LPP In-Ear Headphone pink (Personal Computers)
    I use these headphones for jogging mostly because me to the original iPod headphones keep the now already 5 years to shame. The headphones are robust and offer even when running a good sound quality. I had cheap headphones because it has the run cons
  • Sony headphones MDRE9LPL - just loved it !!!  

    Sony MDRE9LPL In-Ear Headphones (104 dB / mW) blue / transparent (Personal Computers)
    Have worn the last model of Sony headphones (fits extremely well and does not fall out even during fast running and moisture TOP !!) they have kept with me for 3 years without quirks !! Now the problem was that one side Leiser was but still continues