megasonex toothbrush review


  • MEGASONEX replacement toothbrush head SOFT  

    MEGASONEX replacement toothbrush head SOFT
    This spare toothbrushes are very good. For this you need but also the entire system of megasonic that I can only recommend. Ultrasonic cleaning is the Megasonex toothbrush is superhot.
  • Spare toothbrushes  

    MEGASONEX replacement toothbrush head MEDIUM
    From the new Megasonex toothbrush I'm thrilled. First me the short breaks have disrupted every 30 Sek.etwas, but you get used to it. My daughter sharing a toothbrush and only change the essays. This is done quickly.
  • Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8  

    Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8
    After the first charging we took (2 persons), the toothbrush in use. The teeth were smooth and very clean, even in the interdental spaces. The toothbrush is light, handy and fits comfortably in your hand. In the large storage box everything is clearl
  • I am very pleased with the Megasonex and my dentist also. However acclimatization period when cleaning required ...  

    Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8
    Have the Megasonex now for almost 8 months. Am a floss objectors and use them usually only a few days before the next dentist appointment. Go every 3-4 months for tooth cleaning, as I am periodontitis risk and already 2 periodontitis treatments have
  • The Revolution - The best elec. Toothbrush  

    Philips Sonicare HX9332 / 04 DiamondClean sonic toothbrush, ceramic white (Personal Care)
    First of all I must say that I hardly abgebe reviews unless an item is me greatly disappointed or thrilled. But as I almost always rely on the reviews of others, I see it this time as my obligation to write here: I am Zahnfetischist ;-) and therefore
  • The Sensodyne toothbrush for the face. In electrically.  

    Olay Regenerist 3-Zone Cleaning System + cosmetic bag (Personal Care)
    Soso, a facial cleansing brush it should be so. The newest craze, the panacea for every common facial skin problem such as large pores, not a healthy "glow", but too much shine within the T-zone, pimples, wrinkles, etc. I must preface this
  • A super electric toothbrush  

    Braun Oral-B Pulsonic Slim electric sonic toothbrush (1 handpiece) (Health and Beauty)
    After my dentist recommended me this toothbrush, I have this (of course, because of good pricing offer) ordered from Amazon! Previously, I have read a few articles about the product and led me the reviews of other buyers to heart. These have the reco
  • APP with BT4.0 (the smartphone) available. (Hints & Tips App usage with any rotating OralB see review !!!)  

    Braun Oral-B electric TriZone 7000 premium toothbrush with Bluetooth, white (Personal Care)
    (Note to the current price in the spring of 2015: This model (7000) is in the "Blitz offers" for a reduced price (under 120 euros) offered almost every day for several weeks waiting might be worth ;-)!. This toothbrush because of APP to rec
  • Toothbrush Lotto  

    Signal toothbrush Kids, sorted, 6-Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Against the toothbrushes as such is nothing wrong. However, one should here be aware that it is a pure lottery, what range of toothbrushes you get. One reviewer reported 6x Liliifee for the son ... we have 6x Captain Sharky get for our daughter ... n
  • A toothbrush that also meets nonexistent wishes ...  

    Braun Oral-B PRO 6500 electric toothbrush premium (with Bluetooth & 2. handpiece) (Health and Beauty)
    I since the beginning of the Oral B possess PRO 6500 now and can far nothing negative to say about you. I had bought after consultation with my dentist, who advised me to try a electric toothbrush because I was dissatisfied with the cleaning results
  • Ordinary 'first' electric toothbrush  

    Braun Oral-B Advance Power Kids 950 Kids Toothbrush (Health and Beauty)
    Video at View Our daughter noticed quite quickly that Mom and Dad's toothbrushes are different. The buzz and hum and are much more interesting. Since it is already a big girl (2,5 years, claiming that by itself), they want the adults are n
  • Also suitable for normal toothbrushes  

    Toothbrush holder (2 pieces) for electric toothbrushes / workshop design ... beautiful from sheltered workshops fair social eco ... logical!
    Was not sure at all reviews, if suitable for normal toothbrushes, because only the heads of the elec. be mentioned. But can report also normal toothbrushes fit easily, see picture. Sucker really great, simple design, overall great!
  • TOP ultrasonic toothbrush  

    Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8
    For several days I use the ultrasonics toothbrush and am thrilled. The cleaning effect is super awesome and also very gentle on gums, simply no comparison to my previous elec. Toothbrush (Sonic). The Megasonex fits comfortably in your hand is compare
  • Philips Ultrasound toothbrush finally perfect  

    Philips Sonicare HX6932 / 34 FlexCare elec. Sonic toothbrush 2.Handstück, white / green (Personal Care)
    Philips HX 6932/34 Sonicare FlexCare electric toothbrush sonic handpiece + + 1 spare brush standard (Limited Edition) For many years my wife and I convinced users of electric toothbrushes. Even when camping holiday they are always there, whatever lea
  • Failures? - Toothbrush repair itself !!!  

    Philips Sonicare HX6730 / 33 HealthyWhite sonic toothbrush 2. handpiece, Frost White (Personal Care)
    As you can read in the many negative reviews, this toothbrush heads after 2-3 years broken love. The vibration does not come on in the brush head ... This is however not a "breaking point" but a loose screw !!! One of the two toothbrushes for I
  • Mercedes among the electric toothbrushes (rotation). (With tips on the brush!)  

    Braun Oral-B Triumph 5000 (incl. 4 brush) (Health and Beauty)
    The product range of the Oral B toothbrushes models made by Brown's frightening variety! Which model should I use? Years ago, I would have still said no electrical, but one that works without electricity, because that's pretty cheap and does it well.
  • These toothbrushes are a joke  

    4 x Replacement Toothbrush Braun Oral B Compatible for, EB17-4, (1 x 4PK)
    All the negative reviews of this spare toothbrushes are correct. The brush dissolve during cleaning of the main unit and are actually after about five days break. Of course, the low price is suspicious, but a so so bad goods is not expected then. Onl
  • Affordable sonic toothbrush  

    NewGen medicals Electric sonic toothbrush (Personal Care)
    In Amazon the sonic toothbrush is well described and accurate. I agree to the existing 5 star reviews. The point noise was not mentioned, although it is unusual by the sound at the beginning, and the feeling in the mouth. After a few times brushing i
  • Excellent toothbrush (but some minor complaints on accessories)  

    Philips - HX9332 / 04 - Rechargeable Toothbrush DiamondClean - White (Personal Care)
    The Philips Sonicare system is very effective: it has been two years since I use a Sonicare, and the results are obvious. My last visit control after one year of using this toothbrush earned me a particularly glowing review of my dentist about my den
  • Ideal toothbrush for gum problems  

    609981 Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Cross Action Pro 7000 Black (Health and Beauty)
    Having problems gingival sensitivity for many years (excluding gingivitis, periodontitis and others), forcing me to take care of my oral health only partially (maximum washing teeth once a day because I do not support the brush tooth on my gums and t