memteq gsm repeater


  • That part is good, but ....  

    Hama Fensterdurchführung (F-jack to F-jack) plated [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (Personal Computers)
    I bought this in part because it was displayed on the Amazon site, in conjunction with the Call Stel GSM repeater MSV 200.D, one could think that both items fit together. However, this is not so !!!!

    Since installation we finally have the home network, we are in orange, I do not know if it works as well with other providers. The only downside of this product is the thread that is not long enough, between the antenna and the amplifier, it would ta
  • Mellow Repeater  

    Netgear N300 Wireless EX2700-100PES range extender Essentials Edition (300Mbit / s, LAN port, WPA), white / gray (Accessories)
    From a repeater with adjustable external antenna I promised myself a good radio coverage. To anticipate this matter here I was not disappointed, whatever measurements aufzeigten. The repeater is easily connected to a Fritz box via WPS. WPS can be sta
  • Not active amplifier? Repeater?  

    UGREEN USB 3.0 extension cable USB 3.0 A-Male to A-Female and gold-plated contacts up to 5000 Mbit / s (2m / 6ft 2Stücks) (Personal Computers)
    "Active with signal amplification"? Sorry, but then stands on the packaging no more of "active" or "repeater". Housing probably too small for a Microverstärkerlein? Strange: In the specifications on the product website,
  • Just endless repeat button ...  

    The Köln Concert (Audio CD)
    24. 1. 1848, James W. Marshall found a gold nugget near Sutter's Mill and the California Gold Rush starts. 24.1. 1975: The Cologne Opera at Offenbachplatz is show and listening position of Keith Jarrett concert. Everything around it up to the wing is
  • The first time you hear so-so; the repeated listening genial !!  

    Hinterland - Deluxe Edition (CD + double vinyl + T-Shirt) (Audio CD)
    When you first hear the album could be described as ,, xoxo '' - be a bit disappointed supporter. For me at least it was so; I was only, in addition ,, in ash rain '' and ,, hinterland '', ,, quite okay '' in Gedätchnis. It was at the beginning a lit
  • "Can not Repeat The Past?" .... - A great soundtrack ....  

    The Great Gatsby (Deluxe Edition incl. 3 bonus tracks) (Audio CD)
    "Can not Repeat The Past?" "No!" "Well, Of Course You Can .... Of Course You Can ...." Honestly: Baz Luhrmann's version of "The Great Gatsby - The Great Gatsby" has absolutely no interest to me at the cinema re
  • AVM FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 310 on Netgear WNDR3800 router  

    AVM FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 310 (300 Mbit / s, WPS) (Accessories)
    Have decided (no experiments =) the same for a brand product and have not looked back. The repeater, 2 days after the order came, settled in a few minutes via WPS (6sec press the button on the repeater and then the corresponding button on the router
  • Very good combination repeater and DVB-C  

    AVM FRITZ! WLAN Repeater DVB-C - Dual tuner for cable TV (DVB-C) (Accessories)
    Already have a 7490 and waiting for these repeater because he the 2.4GHz and 5GHz 7490 may as simultaneously (dual WLAN AC + N). The installation was done quickly to start small difficulty. I had the first repeater on 5GHz bridge (standard) with the
  • Highly recommended, repeatedly corrected, easy to install no more scratches, location  

    Hard Glass Screen Protector Glass Screen Protector tempered glass 0.3mm thin for Samsung Galaxy S4 (and all other mobile phones) (Electronics)
    After I had several protective plastic films used on my equipment, I had to renew for scratch again, I opted for this tempered glass sheet. Use the supplied cleaning wipes I cleaned the screen and then placed the tempered glass sheet. Because of my U
  • As always, repeatedly heard, only then judge  

    Immortal Memory (Audio CD)
    This review refers to my predecessor "... There was no other plate, to which I have been waiting so as to the new Lisa Gerrard. But precisely this anticipation that I had to insert in the CD player, suggested to me by the almost 58 minutes in a
  • Genial! Toll! [Repeat loop: 50x]  

    Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (Personal Care)
    At the beginning I did my makeup always applied with your fingers. Eventually I bought a flat brush from the big blue perfume and cosmetics giant) was therefore reasonably satisfied. However, the result does not convince me 100%. The coating technolo
  • Excellent quality and repeatability  

    Infrared laser / pyrometer thermometer / - 50 to + 380 ° C (Misc.)
    The long wait was worth it. Compared with the GM300, which looks almost identical but is slightly smaller, in direct comparison, the repeatability is significantly higher. Is equipped with a 9-volt battery. The plastic housing is pleasantly non-free
  • Strong wireless connection (iVmAVM Repeater 300E unbeatable duo)!  

    AVM FRITZ! Box 7360 Wireless Router (VDSL / ADSL, 300 Mbit / s, DECT base station, Media Server) (Accessories)
    1a Until now! Have a VDSL 50 line of Telekom, as a router (so far) the Speedport W723 type A was previously good, but: The last two updates of the router went in favor of IP telephony, which I do not use because I have a separate landline. Ergo: sinc
  • Repeated test winner  

    ERGObaby Baby Carrier Original collection -from birth package (3.2 to 20 kg) (Baby Product)
    ERGO BABY CARRIER is now several years repeatedly up front when large and small ion Institute test babywearing. Also we have to rely on those judgments and have concerned us the ERGO baby carrier for our baby. I save aware of the declaration of the a
  • Fritz Repeater  

    AVM FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 310 (300 Mbit / s, WPS) (Accessories)
    Unlike a few in the review forum that had problems with the connection to a telecom router, I can easy connection and the stable gain (rarely short - break - in the seconds range) only praise. Have been good experience with the device. Fritz Repeater
  • Makes my repeater unemployed  

    TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT wireless powerline network adapter (WLAN Repeater, 500Mbit / s, 2-Port) set of 2, white (optional)
    I bought the TP-LINK WPA4220Kit to connect my TV no longer via wireless LAN to the Internet as max cathedrals & Co. In HD transmissions my WiFi was fast at the limit. And since I wanted to put any 20 meter network cable through the apartment, the
  • Good quality, even after repeated washing  

    VITASOX Men Health Socks Without rubber 4, 6 or 8-piece set (Textiles)
    Because of good quality that is already the second order. The first ordered socks I have been almost a year. They can be worn comfortably as they do not einschnürren. Even after repeated washing they remain fit, are not ausgeleihert and consequently
  • Well, even for repeated use, but not as comfortable in the grip and screaming in color as it appears on the screen  

    Tablecloth made of cloth-like nonwoven, ÖkoTex 100, angular, in different sizes and colors (red, 1,20m x 2,50m), ideal for any party, catering, club party, birthday
    Well, even for repeated use, but not particularly pleasant grip and screaming in color (bluer, plays significantly into Raspberry Red), as it appears on the screen. Price reasonable.
  • NETGEAR, super repeater  

    Netgear WN3100RP-100PES N-300 WLAN Repeater (300Mbps, LAN port, WPS, integrated socket) (Accessories)
    Previously I had the FRITZ! WLAN Repeater N / g. the work but transmission power and speed was not enough for me. I needed something with antennas and I bought this Netgear Repeater. I like it very much. He is joined in 2 minutes via WPS button to th