micro b false contact


  • Appartions false contacts  

    Flexible adjustable LED 4 modes neck reading book Hug lamp night light blue for study
    Very useful and effective. Good visibility on the reading light without disturbing my dear and tender. Only after two months of use, appearance of false contacts, forced to bend the lamp with an angle and forbidden to move if lights !!! Too bad becau
  • Food and USB connectors "Chinese" stuffed with false contacts - Material died after 6 months ...  

    DOCKING STATION JOINT SATA / IDE - USB / eSATA + CARD READER function back up (Electronics)
    False contacts were evident on receipt of the goods. The mistake was not to return. I ordered 2 copies (one for friends) who had the same flaws: plug in USB problems rickety and in food (2 parts poorly interconnected and increasingly ill connected to
  • False contacts and silent carrier  

    XO PLATINUM HDMI cable 2m (2 meter (s)) * New version 2.0 / 1.4 High Speed ​​with Ethernet and 3D Full HD * 21 Gps 2160p / 1080p for XBOX 360, PS3, PS4, TV Canalsat HD boxes; Bein, Orange TV, Freebox, SFR and Bbox TV Box, DVD, BLU-RAY, UHD, LCD, LED, PLASMA, Dolby TrueHD, Samsung SONY PANASONIC LG HDTV (Electronics)
    I bought this cable there is less than a year, with another 2 HMDI cables "cheap" (Amazon Basics). I use them at home to connect my TV to my Freebox, my HTPC and my Laptop time to time. After a few months, cable started to make false contacts, I
  • False contact 1  

    Patuoxun® transmitter Bluetooth FM transmitter / FM Bluetooth car / car FM Transmitter / Bluetooth MP3 Player FM Transmitter + Car Charger --fonction Bluetooth (hands-free function) / dual USB / LED screen / 3.5 audio port / Support Micro SD card TF card --- iPhone 4S 5 5S 5C 6 Air iPad iPod Mini 2 Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2 S1 Note 3 February Sony Ericsson Xperia Z L39H Z1 L36h Z2 Nokia Lumia 920/1020/1520 ETC. bluetooth devices and audio port (Electronics)
    Product impossible to use, because false contact at the cigar lighter. I highly recommend this product. However it is very well made
  • false contact 3  

    Flashlight, CREE 2200lm NowAdvisor XM-L T6 LED Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Flashlight (Clothing)
    When it works, this lamp is powerful, but the device containing the battery is too small for accommodation in the lamp handle: it generates many false contacts make it virtually unusable lamp. In addition, it is delivered "in bulk" in a plastic
  • False contact 7  

    BrainWizz® - Lighter Charger Adapter high performance dual USB outputs Max 24W 4.8A for iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTouch, GPS, Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, smartphones, GPS etc., charging two appareills simultaneously (Electronics)
    I bought the first 2 is broken in one month after the outgoing (contact are returned within a ?? The seller made a good after sales service and sent me one. However the 2 I have left I regularly false contact, forced to grind 2 charger in all directi
  • false contact 8  

    Navigon car charger car: 90 ° connector 12V - 24V charger for Navigon 21 1200 1300 Max 2100 2310 2200 3100 3300 4300 5100 8110 P9611 Starter Transonic 7000 7300 7200 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    the connection to the cigarette lighter is not without false contact, indeed, the charger is smaller in diameter than the hole in the cigarette lighter
  • false contact 12  

    Moonar Ultra-Thin Mouse 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse With Candy Color Receiver Super Slim (Green) (Electronics)
    Mouse arrived 3 weeks after the (planned 3 days). Disappointed by the color and quality. False contact in the ignition button, working 1 times out of ten, you can not return the item. I do not advise it.
  • Without false contacts but steep cable  

    Wentronic 50431 cable 2 m Black (Accessory)
    The key to a cable jack is the quality of the contacts; here they are very satisfactory. As against the cable is stiff and tangled in the legs, I bought in a shorter and more flexible.
  • false contact 2  

    Belkin Extension 3.5mm M / F 3m (Accessory)
    there is a false light touch when I plug it, but at this price ca pass (less than 2) cordially.
  • False contact sheath problem  

    Aukru 2M USB 3.0 Cable for ASUS EEE Pad Transformer TF101, TF300, TF201, TF700, TF700T, Slider SL101, Prime TF201, TF101G, TF300T, TF300TG - 200 cm - Data Sync Charger - longer than the original cable (Electronics)
    The sheath that holds the cable to the power jack on slider is too loose, there is a game that causes bad contacts and I obligee to maintain the right wire with adhesive tape so that the load is done. Decue.
  • false contact 4  

    Logitech Z213 Speakers PC for Mac / Tablet / Smartphone Black (Personal Computers)
    The sound is not bad at all, but .... pregnant intersect on their own after 10 minutes => obliged to off / on the subwoofer to get the sound .... Apparently the problem of bad contact is not new (see older comment. The price increased by 5 euros, but
  • False contact 5  

    Delock Adapter USB micro B to Mini B (Accessory)
    Same as Peter, after a few weeks in improper contact requires me to look for an alternative. So this product is of low quality.
  • Okay, issues false contacts by time: check that the load  

    Auto Charger, Car, Lighter SONY-ERICSSON QUICK pr D750i - J100i - J110i - J120i - J220i - J230i - K200i - K220i - K310i - K320i - K510i - K530i - K550i - K610i - K610i - K750i - K770i - K790i - K800i - K810i - K850i - M600i - P1 - P990i - S600i - T650i - V630i - W200i - W300i - W550i - W580i - W600i - W610i - W660i - W700i - W710i - W800i - W810i - W850i - W880i - W900i - W910i - W950i - W960i - Z250i - Z310i - Z320i - Z520i - Z530i - Z550i - Z610i - Z710i - Z750i (Electronics)
    Very good. Meets expectations. Small problems of poor contact at times, at the phone jack. We must ask it properly to ensure that the phone is charging. But it just may be that my phone will celebrate 6 years (Sony Ericsson w810i). Would recommend an
  • many false contacts  

    My songs 6 songs to listen, to watch 6 images (Album)
    We were offered this great book, good selection of nursery rhyme, beautiful designs, good sound .... so why only one star? and well because of bad contacts occurred after only 1 or 2 days. It started with one song, after four days we are at 4 of 6 pa
  • False contacts all the time  

    TETRIS - Modular Tetris Lamp (Toy)
    I wanted to buy this lamp for a Geek friend, and patatra, lamp sizzles after a while or a block does not light despite contact. Brief extremely disappointed, the seller returned to me after 1 month none and there can not be reimbursed! Avoid it if yo
  • False contact 9  

    USB Charger for Canon LP-E8 / EOS 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D / Rebel T2i, T3i, T4i, T5i (Electronics)
    The contact is not done well, you have to calibrate the battery with cardboard so that it loads. It is not good detects the highly discharged battery.
  • false contact 11  

    Audio Adapter F / F 3.5 "stereo (Accessory)
    prevents a faulty contact me to get the stereo. only mono sound comes out, unless continually press the sheets, somehow. In short innutilisable at least with my equipment. An equivalent product found near my work perfectly. Delivery impeccable though
  • False contacts  

    AmazonBasics Lightning to USB Cable Apple Certified White 1.8m (Electronics)
    I bought three cables of this type. The 3 cables have ended up connection error on the iPhone side outlet. Very disappointed.
  • yes runs but false contacts!  

    ieGeek® splitter Audio Splitter Cable 3.5mm jack (stereo jack 3.5mm male connector and two stereo female 3.5mm) for loudspeakers Headphones (Electronics)
    It should tweak the connections for good sound. It still manages to get satisfaction, but it is not reliable. So my 2 boys want to take over the plug in their earphones to watch videos on the tablet by car. He would rather connect one headset and tak