miele stacking kit wtv412 instructions


  • Stacking Kit with Konstuktionsmangel  

    MIELE WTV 412 Stacking Kit (Misc.)
    Kit stable but complicated assembly instructions (2x dryer on washer lift) and a tool for aligning the dryer when it is in the rail does not exist. The feet of the dryer is a hexagon (wrench, size 24) and as a key does not fit definitely into the nar
  • Simple object but requiring engineering skills and linguist to assemble the kit  

    Duronic - PLB2820 Cantilever- Wall bracket - Fixing with articulated arm for LCD TV - 15 "to 24" - Swivel and Tilt (Electronics)
    Supplied in kit. Instructions in English, no translation and in addition the patterns do not match the model to mount, as - Some screws are too long and must be sought in his personal tool box washers to remove the important games! Even the picture o
  • fits perfectly 31  

    WTZ 11310 Connection kit f. "Sensitive" (Misc.)
    I have decided to use the washing machine 86305 WTE compared to WAQ284A1 - for the simple reason, because my Bedinungspanel WTE 86305 selbsterklaerender seemed. Have also the associated Bosch dryer WAQ acquired 28321, and the Stacking Kit WTZ 11310 C
  • Lightweight and comfortable  

    Gelert Light Air Mattress XL (Misc.)
    SIZE: The mattress weighs incl. Transport bag, repair kit and instructions as stated in 1100 grams. Following initial pumping, venting and packing up to get a handy package of about 28 cm length of about 49 cm in circumference. This packet can be (de
  • Incredible performance at low cost  

    FiiO E12 portable headphone amplifier Montblanc (3.5 mm Stereo Jack Black) (Electronics)
    When I ordered the thing I was a bit skeptical - what you can ask for 140 - large expected? Now I'm smarter and absolutely pleasantly surprised. First load, connected to the FIIO X5 (using the Stacking Kit), the Beyerdynamic T90 plugged and then just
  • Matching between structural frame  

    AEG LAVATHERM T├ľKO +++ IH heat pump dryer / A +++ / 8 kg / white / Silent System Plus (Misc.)
    Since I have the dryer and also a washing machine AEG was "Tower thought" immediately obvious. On top of the heat pump dryers, below the washing machine. Here is the answer of the AEG email support help: ************************* You can put on
  • OK for the price 4 3  

    Support TecTake metal accessories fireplace shovel, broom and poker
    The article is delivered in kit with instructions in the form of drawings. It is easy to mount (3 pieces and two Phillips screws). The product is well packed but there were some scratches on the shiny part that is painted gray, and paint is chipped o
  • Scooter which is only worth its price  

    On ARPEJE - OFUN17 Funbee Cross - Cycling and Vehicle for Children - Scooter 2 Wheels (Toy)
    it comes in a kit, the instructions are almost nonexistent with a barely legible diagram. Twice (exchange once) the wheels were veiled. we have to call a professional to adjust the wheel problem and adjust the brakes: What increases the price much. F
  • Universal washing machine overlay  

    Wpro SkS002 Overlay Kit Universal Washing Machine (Miscellaneous)
    This universal stacking kit is not suitable for any drier because once in place I can not remove the cover under the tumble dryer for cleaning a tray underneath.
  • Perfect 1 6126  

    Wpro SKA002 Anti-vibration pads (Miscellaneous)
    We put the anti-vibration pads associated with the stacking kit and I must admit that when the washing machine or dryer works there is almost no noise.
  • pads to protect your equipment from vibrations  

    Wpro SKA002 vibration pads (Miscellaneous)
    originally purchased to put the feet of my dryer to replace a stacking kit, I finally opted for laying at the feet of my washing machine to soften even the tiny vibrations of new appareils.J 'was able to put my dryer above the washing machine without
  • Flower loom quite handy, but ..  

    Set of French knitting weaving work to flowers with 6 sizes of French knitting By Curtzy TM
    The explanatory diagram to make flowers more succinct! You have to go on Youtube to find tutorials (in English unfortunately) to hope to find achievements models. I also preview video on a US that there the kit includes instructions for use with vari
  • Genial! 7 128 6 1923  

    Bluedio DF630 Stereo Bluetooth Headset + Streaming music pairing Multipoint Voice Command (white) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Very good product, handles very well 2 telephones and music. Works great. I highly recommend for those looking for a cheap and effective kit. Instructions in French.
  • Very practical to use and brings clarity as to pH.  

    Neudorff 00125 pH soil test kit with 8 tests (garden products)
    Easy to use. The order provided by me in experience results from the garden professional who controlled the earth on its pH with an expensive measuring device, confirmed. With the soil test kit and instructions, that comes with table can be easily as
  • Stiller Koreans  

    Samsung SDC3D702 / XEG condenser / C / 7 kg / condensate display / door opening (Misc.)
    Delivery as always perfect, no cause for complaint. The unit fits our Samsung Washer 9844th The appearance is very high quality, nothing seems rickety or cheap. The highly polished outer plastics make a solid impression. Unfortunately, the stacking k
  • Instructive kit and finally an autonomous Internet radio  

    Internet-Radio IR100 in aluminum profile housing, Complete Kit (Electronics)
    The kit was the fulfillment of a Christmas wish and was built in the short term with much joy. All components are mechanically very precise. The design is well thought out and very compact, and even if one has to do with the electronics that is hidde
  • Problems with the Johansson 9640 KIT Stacker / Destacker satellite Multiband Converter  

    Johansson 9640 KIT Stacker / Destacker satellite Multiband Converter (Accessories)
    Video at Amazon.com See I've been 2 years now using the Johansson Stacker Destacker 9640 kit and am up yesterday also very satisfied. The suddenly for no apparent reason (as with almost all the errors so happen !!) there was no reception. The only th
  • Super Cleaning Kit with detailed instructions!  

    Swordcare incl. German Manual (Misc.)
    The care set contains everything important you need for the care and maintenance of a katana. Instructions are easy to understand and in German. All parts and maintenance products contain warning.
  • An instructive kit  

    Buki - 7340 - Science & Nature - Solar Vehicles (Toy)
    This kit allows to assemble, test, and understand the operation and performance of solar devices. This is a good start in the field.
  • Instructive kit  

    Kosmos 627 928 - Wind Power (Toys)
    The cosmos Experimentierkasten Wind Energy is designed for children over 10 years. Based on 5 different models you can try wind-energy in practice. The box is nicely decorated with blue, green and white colors. The size of carton is appropriate for t