mobile phone shell


  • Super high-quality mobile phone shell  

    11.6 to 12.2 inches Tablet PC Laptop & Notebook tweed Case Cover Sleeve Smart Cover with cow leather closure perfect for Apple MacBook Air 11.6 "Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Ativ Smart Seria 7 Slate XE700. Asus VivoTab TF 810 F200MA CA LA Acer Aspire Iconia Tab Switch 11 V5 Chromebook C720 11 + CB 3 One TravelMate X LG TabBook H160 Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Lynx Flex S20 S30 HP Envy Toshiba WT310 Sony Vaio Tab 11 fabric 1 (green plaid) (Electronics)
    Great mobile phone shell, Very good workmanship of selected materials of very good quality. My phone has a cover. I was looking for a larger envelope and found them here. I am very happy since then and despite daily use still looks like new.
  • Mobile phone shell ok and film for garbage  

    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 TPU Silicone Skin Case Cover Case Bag in black + 2 x screen protector - QUBITS retail packaging (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The Case for the mobile phone is OK, everything fits and easy to operate. The screen protector is certainly something for experts and not for casual users. I did not manage the screen protector (2 attempts are possible) to get on the phone without bu
  • Very nice, simple mobile phone shell  

    Nokia CP-373 light gray case for Nokia 6303/6700 (accessory)
    makes the phone with sensitive display for everyday use. Fits perfectly for Nokia 6303, so that it can also rapidly disappearing times in a jacket pocket or handbag. Good Buy!
  • Chic, fine mobile phone shell  

    Nokia CP-373 light gray case for Nokia 6303/6700 (accessory)
    The material is very fine, easy to clean and insensitive even with daily use. Only the inner closure (connection between the two sides, so that the phone can not slip out below) could be optimized, so as you can not connect easily the charging cable.
  • Simple mobile phone shell, but compact and handy.  

    Terrapin Leather Case Cover with stand function in BookStyle card slots for Sony Xperia M2 Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    If you like it plain and simple, is operated absolutely well with the shell. It makes a good impression and is processed by the color and the material is not so susceptible to dirt - important if the smartphone has to the site with. Would we buy agai
  • Striking beautiful mobile phone shell.  

    Accessory master bus with I love London Design Hard Cover for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 (Accessories)
    Very nice Handyhülle. Easy to install and fits perfectly. Only the standby button is slightly more difficult to reach, so a star deduction.
  • Great protection for great mobile phone  

    GMYLE (R) Black Zoom TPU Case with glass cover and GMYLE brand logo for Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I'm really excited about this mobile phone shell. Top processed, fits perfectly. Thanks to material that prevents sliding the phone is when taking great in your hand. Is great, you need the lens cover while photographing does not remove, the lens pas
  • beautiful shell for noble protects the mobile phone  

    Elegant Book Bag for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9195 Mini Wallet in Brown Book-Style @ Energmix (Electronics)
    this Handyhülle brown leather knows how to please: how to open a book, with slots for credit cards, for example, and a closure means incorporated magnet. The mobile phone is pressed into a sleeve connected to the plastic tray. This shell fits perfect
  • Strong and stylish mid-range mobile phone with neat extras  

    Sony Xperia M2 Smartphone (12.2 cm (4.8 inch) TFT display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8 megapixel camera, NFC-capable Android 4.3) (Electronics)
    I go below some detail on the mobile one who has no desire or little time can scroll down to Pro / Contra List and Summary ... I'll extend / change if what strikes me the review. Since I had to send in my Xperia ZL for repair, I looked around for a t
  • Schicker mobile phone protection  

    QUADOCTA iPhone 4 / 4s Ultra Slim Case - Cases - "tenuis" in Yellow - Ultra thin iPhone cases - Slightly transparent Case (Electronics)
    A new mobile phone protection was needed. The old one was made of thick rigid plastic and unfortunately soon over. The color picker liked my daughter equally well and this time the shell should be slightly thinner, making it possible to also take tim
  • A high-end mobile phone - not the ultimate cameraphone  

    Sony Xperia Z1 Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inch) Full HD TRILUMINOS display, touchscreen, 2.2 GHz quad-core processor (Qualcomm), 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage, 20.7 megapixel camera , Android 4.2) Black (Wireless Phone)
    Seeking a cell phone that is my daily companion. A mobile phone with the broadest possible range of applications - but with a clear focus on the private use and less social interaction. In this context, I replace many other devices, the mobile phone,
  • Beautiful and practical mobile phone pocket  

    mumbi bag in Book Style for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 / S3 Neo bag white (accessory)
    The bag not only looks good, it is also well made (stitching). The mobile phone is well protected all around, sits firmly and securely in the tray and can be easily removed and reinserted. When charging the mobile phones which BookStyle bag can be st
  • Very handy for mobile phones  

    Strap strap strap strap strap nylon for mobile phone, camcorder, camera, MP3 player, etc. by BLISTERLAND, Color: Black, Total length: 17 cm. , Carrying weight: up to 1 kg. (Electronics)
    I bought this Handstrap for my phone (Samsung Galaxy). Since the mobile phone is quite smooth (usually in a cell phone pocket to protect against scratches, without possibly firmer protective shell) I wanted to avoid that it slips times out of hand. Y
  • Great functionality, an appreciation for the mobile phone  

    LG G3 Quick Circle Cover for wireless charging via Qi-compatible chargers - black (Accessories)
    Attaching the LG CCF 340G.AGEUTB is easy to do: The back of the G3 is removed and the phone is inserted into the shell. The smartphone fits perfectly into it, the lid closes reliably without magnetic closure, the recesses for the LED and connections
  • Broken cell phone shell  

    Donzo Wallet Structure Case for Nokia Lumia 620 with credit card slots and Stand Function Black (Accessories)
    I have the cell phone pocket now about 3 months. Meanwhile, the edge of the plastic shell is circumferentially almost completely canceled, so that the mobile phone no longer holds in the shell. My opinion: not recommendable.
  • Protected mobile phone from damage display  

    mumbi S TPU Cases Nokia Lumia 720 Case transparent white (Electronics)
    The transparent Handyhülle I drew immediately after receipt of the phone on my phone. I had the phone less than three days when it falls out of my hand and with the display in the middle of the floor tiles. Thanks to the mobile phone casing, the disp
  • A battery charger, for both the tablet Z2, Z2 as well as the mobile phone.  

    Supremery micro USB to magnetic charging cable adapter for Sony Xperia Z3 Smartphone, Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet, Sony Xperia Z2 Smartphone, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony Xperia Z1 Smartphone, Sony Xperia Z Ultra XL39h, Sony Xperia Z1 Mini - USB 2.0 Dongle Adapter OTG ConnectionKit (Electronics)
    As recently the 19% action took place at a rennomierten electronics store, I could not stand to buy the Tablet + phone temptation. Here is two when no corresponding adapter and since I use a shell for both the docking stations fiehlen unfortunately o
  • Good function for clamping a mobile phone with swabs  

    Somikon Tripod Adapter for Smartphones & cameras without tripod mount (Electronics)
    I have this tripod adapter (Somikon Tripod Adapter for cameras & phones without tripod mount) brought to (for flash shoes) to use it with a small ball head as mobile phone holder on the camera. - On the upper metal rods recognize a small plastic pin.
  • The Ram-Mount system is perfect for all mobile phones in the car  

    RAM-MOUNT - RAP-B-238 - Diamond Base with 1 "ball (Electronics)
    Since the RAM mount system is sold in parts and there unfortunately are no sets, I am writing this Brief for all the parts that I bought, these are RAM-HOL-UN5 (Universal Phone Holder, in which her every phone, also for example as I can pinch a Iphon
  • Just the right mobile phone!  

    HTC Desire Z Smartphone (9.4 cm (3.7 inches) touch screen, 5MP camera, Android 2.2 OS, QWERTY keyboard, HSPA, without Branding) Tungsten Grey (Electronics)
    I had always been Nokia users and until recently was always vollstens with branded content. I had recently a Nokia N97 mobile phone is a good thing per se, but I have some problems impelled me to buy a new mobile phone. Among other things, the softwa