moulinex 12 in 1 multi cooker


  • Multi-cooker XXL  

    Cuisinart Electric Multi-Cooker MSC600E 4-in-1 Dorer / Sauter, Stewing, Braising, Keeping warm, Boil, Steam (Kitchen)
    Damn, what a monster! This is a device that has no place in a half-salt food. Large and heavy, it has a fine stainless steel finish which makes it almost seem slim. Almost! Because of course, it actually meets the dune large capacity pressure cooker
  • Multifunctional cooking talent for low-budget price.  

    Russell Hobbs 21850-56 Cook @ Home Multi Cooker, 11 cooking programs, anti-condensation cover, keep warm function, 900 W (household goods)
    My experience with devices made by Russell Hobbs limited so far on the use of a toaster. That's okay, but no world revolution and from this point of view, my expectations of the Cook Home & Multi Cooker were not euphoric. A multifunction device from
  • Awesome! Easy to cook. I told you all the recipes included with the device ;-)  

    Moulinex CE704110 Intelligent Cookeo Multicooker with 100 Recipes White / Chrome Finish (Kitchen)
    This product is a relief, a formula a kitchen, in short an indispensable product! Quickly received quickly tried and quickly adopted. This product is an all in one and my kitchen is small, it is indispensable. This product is a multi-cooker and pract
  • Go head 8in1 Kocher - Multifunctional cooker - properly used a real relief  

    Go head 8in1 Kocher - Multifunctional cooker
    This cooker cooking time and temperature itself must be entered, and a 24-hour pre-selection is not possible. For this, the cooking time and the heat can be varied (up to 120 minutes, and 240 degrees). The glass lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher,
  • Cooking for Lazy  

    Go head 8in1 Kocher - Multifunctional cooker
    Have the boiler acquired as 2nd choice for half of the price and am very satisfied. I use the Multicookings mainly in the summer house. The enclosed instructions and the (somewhat challenging) recipes as well as recipes from the Internet provide assi
  • Versatile and cost-effective  

    Russell Hobbs 21850-56 Cook @ Home Multi Cooker, 11 cooking programs, anti-condensation cover, keep warm function, 900 W (household goods)
    The Russell Hobbs Multi Cooker keeps up to its name. Whether soups preparation, cooking meat or vegetables, or even the preparation of fish, everything is possible and programmed with intuitive operation in no time. In addition, the device provides a
  • Healthy fries in than 15 minutes  

    Philips HD9240 / 90 XL Airfryer hot air fryer (Rapid Air, 2100 Watt) black (household goods)
    '' 'TESTED FOR YOU' '' After we have already possessed the smaller model and used almost 2 years, I was now very excited about what to expect here. But before I presume facts at once from the beginning. '' Unlike the normal fryer '' With or rather wi
  • easy, fast, and clean  

    Russell Hobbs 21850-56 Cook @ Home Multi Cooker, 11 cooking programs, anti-condensation cover, keep warm function, 900 W (household goods)
    Video on Watch For Amazon, I could now for the customers / inside, test the Cook Home Multi Cooker by Russell Hobbs. The unit was well packaged and delivered quickly with me at home, the outer carton is decorated very classy, ‚Äč‚Äčthus suited
  • good simple practice  

    Moulinex Inicio MK100800 Rice Cooker (Kitchen)
    I just bought this mainly for two things: prepare rice for sushi / maki, rice and prepare for more traditional dishes (fish / meat sauce). The pressure cooker is easy to use. It is necessary to respect the rules of good rice usages..acheter (put the
  • can be removed with the block moet  

    Philips HR2200 / 80 Blender Warmer Smoothies / Gaspachos / Compote / 990W 1.2L Soup Maker (Kitchen)
    After 10 days of use, this material seems strongest and quietest of the three machines I have, it also has another advantage, as the blades can be removed with the engine block, it is much easier to clean, and there is no risk of injuring themselves
  • alliance between cast and modernity  

    Cuisinart Electric Multi-Cooker MSC600E 4-in-1 Dorer / Sauter, Stewing, Braising, Keeping warm, Boil, Steam (Kitchen)
    Nice surprise with this Multi Cooker Electric cooking that combines the old cast iron casseroles in the modern electrical. You can cook everything easily with the programmer that allows to choose the cooking method "simmer", "jump-braising&
  • 88 Mixed Review  

    Philips HD3137 / 77 Multicooker with 14 cooking programs Ceramic / Black Plastic / Metal 5 L (Kitchen)
    I am relatively happy with this machine recently purchased, I especially wanted to launch a delayed cooking in order to ask me quietly home from work instead of putting me in the kitchen. I especially like these aspects: - Cooking very economical, th
  • Great product 3588  

    3000002542 Plancha Campingaz Gas Extensible Chariot Steel Black Enamel Double 127.4 x 49.7 x 97.3 cm (Garden)
    Very good product that is more French. I'm very happy, I recommend. The plancha is really wide that facilitates multi cooking
  • Little trustworthy  

    Sinbo SCO5033 Multicookings, Capacity 5.0 L, 900 W, automatic pressure control (household goods)
    The Multicookings came not in their original packaging with me - it had him obviously not anyone ever wanted. From a rudimentary German instructions I had read in the other reviews, but here she was missing completely. The decision not to retain the
  • Little comfortable and quite expensive  

    Severin KM 3895 James the Wonder Machine All-in-one food processor (1050 Watt, 11 functions) black / white (household goods)
    "James," as the manufacturer this food processor has christened a bit silly, is up against stiff competition. Devices that are good for steaming, boiling, stewing, blending, crushing and emulsifying, there are now many. Between about 300 euros (
  • Philips Airfryer XL - Is baking accessories for Airfryer XL too small?  

    Philips HD9925 / 00 Back Accessories for Airfryer with non-stick coating, black (household goods)
    My research at Philips resulted in: The baking accessories HD9925 / 00 is not recognized by the manufacturer as compatible accessories for Airfryer XL. [...] Original data sheet: [...] This special baking accessories HD9925 / 00 for your Philips Airf
  • Ingenious part - but no recipe book  

    Sinbo SCO5035 Multicookings, 700 W, 6 Auto programs (household goods)
    I bought a few weeks ago the multi cooker, because as a single thought the idea was tempting morning the unit to fill and thanks programming function in the evening to be found a warm dinner. Or evening porridge to "judge" and the morning having
  • Moulinex CE4000 Pressure Cooker, electric, 6 liters  

    Moulinex CE4000 Pressure Cooker, electric, 6 liters
    The Moulinex is extremely convenient and the food (especially beef / stew) is really great. He is, however, comparatively expensive to clean. The lid consists of 4 parts, the rubber seals are not hold in the long run. High otherwise a high quality pr
  • Moulinex AT714G32 Multi Moulinette 3 blades  

    Moulinex AT714G32 Multi Moulinette 3 Blades (Kitchen)
    A very well the first three times and then the engine has trained more blades when food was in the bowl ... Only works that empty, which has absolutely no interest
  • moulinex cookéo  

    Multicooker Intelligent Moulinex Cookeo CE7011 - Quick Pressure cooking - 6L tank for 1-6 people - culinary guide and interactive digital display (Kitchen)
    Super great. Working day continues, I program my evening dinner in the morning. When I returned in the evening it's ready !!! And especially not several pans to wash. Gain time and speed.