mr.clean for intex cleaning


  • Bache for Intex pool  

    Intex - tarpaulin INTEX freestanding Ø 3.66 m (Garden)
    Perfect. A small cable allows to tighten the sheet to prevent it flies with the wind. It was purchased due to proliferations of algae that could not eradicate malgrès full of chemicals. The sheet will block light and thus stop the growth of algae; si
  • For Intex Excursion 4 totally inappropriate ...  

    Intex boat accessories paddle set plastic, multicolored, 122cm / 2 parts (equipment)
    ... All made entirely of plastic, processing well. Has cracked during heavy oars. Rudders for the serious use far too small. Hiking to 2maligem use in the trash. For children with a small rubber boat certainly adequate.
  • c is the Intex  

    Intex - # 58919 - Games Outdoor - Pool Round Bache - 366 cm (Sports)
    c is a tarpaulin for Intex pool Intex wife so perfectly the pool no surprise taille.en widely cheaper than in stores that say more nickel !!

    INTEX - Pool Cleaner Robot Automatic Bottom cleaner - For filtration 4.54 m3 / h to 13.25 m3 / h (Garden)
    This robot works perfectly for Intex pool "rectangular ultra frame" and makes the services I asked. In addition, its price is not exaggerated.
  • very disappointed 6 1  

    Intex-59954-accessories pools tarpaulin-bubble diameter 4.57 m (Garden)
    I ordered this for my tarpaulin above ground pool; my astonishment when unpacking the last week ... The sheet is lousy quality ... same packages we receive protected by bubble wrap are better quelite ... and above all ... I paid for INTEX BRAND tarpa
  • ATTENTION with the visual that does not correspond to the product  

    Intex Development Company - solar pool cover for Easy (366 cm) (Garden)
    Hello, The visual and descriptive appearing on this product does not correspond at all with the product delivered. I am very disappointed. The cover is not suitable for INTEX Easy Set Pool 3.66 (the diameter of 3.66 INTEX Easy Set pool is diameter gr
  • Unfortunately wrong to small pool liner delivered - better control immediately  

    Bestway 56229 Framepool "Power Steel" Set with filter pump + accessories 732 x 366 x 132 cm (equipment)
    Had previously ienen Quick Up Pool (round). But since you can not play water volleyball ... The order and delivery with the forwarding company was flawless. The accompanying CD is nice, but the only says "everything is super easy." That's not qu
  • Spare parts for a perfect vacuum cleaner  

    Miele 4406058220 telescopic tube 3 pieces (household goods)
    The vacuum cleaner is perfect, but that the adjustment of the telescopic tube is so sensitive, is a real design flaw. Were they in Miele quality no one would need this spare part. These are original goods with the same structural defect. The old pipe
  • Lightweight, easy to clean aluminum pan with good coating ideal for crepes  

    Tefal Logics Crepepfanne A16810 25 cm (household goods)
    So far we have always made crepes in a normal pan. Ideally it is not, good results were still achieved. This Crepepfanne but it does the same again more fun, the crepes go faster and you need less oil. Due to the low edge of the Crepes can turn very
  • Second vacuum cleaner for dust container necessary.  

    Dyson DC52 Animal Bagless vacuum cleaner turbine (Ball / 1300 Watt, turbine nozzle, additional accessories, no filter washing) (household goods)
    Sucker good, but the evacuation is a disaster and only recommended as a garden owner. A mistake the alleged hundreds of engineers at Dyson have done: I buy a Super Sucker to the dust - even the best - rauszukriegen, and stand in the drain in a cloud
  • Good vacuum cleaner for normal use  

    Siemens VS06G2410 Bodenstaubsauger SynchroPower Power Edition (2400 Watt, 4 L, 2-piece accessories) black (household goods)
    Good vacuum cleaner for domestic use. He does exactly what he should Tuen. It sucks and the reliable and powerful. Highly recommended for the price definitely on. He pushes the air up and out, which is also useful for a vacuum cleaner in my opinion,
  • Maintenance and cleaning for the face  

    PIXNOR P2016 Portable 7-in-1 facial cleaning equipment Brushes for Women & Men - deep cleansing of the skin - Natural Anti-Aging - Microdermabrasion Cleanser Set - exfoliating dead skin cells - Stimulate collagen - Beauty Care Massager Facial Massager (Pink) (Health and Beauty)
    In fact, the brush is intended as a bathroom gadget for my wife, but before that I had the beauty Ixo times but take a closer look and see what you get for your money. When unpacking, I was surprised, facial care brush is comfortable to hold, feels g
  • A review for allergy sufferers (and people actually expect clean air)  

    Beurer LW 110 air scrubber, black (household goods)
    I bought this Luftwäscher because pollen and grass pollen allergy. He should at least in the bedroom for a reasonably clean air care (plus pollen protective fleece on the windows). After two weeks I have to clean functionality say ... which cleaning
  • great brush attachments for cleaning and maintenance but a bit too expensive ....  

    Brown SE80m face Face essay mix face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    I must admit when I saw the one offering the introductory price (now the brushes are indeed a good third cheaper) I thought that this is a complete device with 4 brushes. Contributed to this surely the picture. But that was unfortunately not the case
  • Complete Set of 4 different attachments for cleaning brush  

    Brown SE80m face Face essay mix face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    I have long been using a facial cleansing brush of brown and no longer want to miss it. However, it is not specified here Brown Face, but the model is also included in some epilators sets of Silk Epil 9 and the Silk Epil 7. Even for these essays fit
  • Pleasant cleaning brush, but for an entertaining use  

    Beurer FC 45 face brush (Personal Care)
    The Beurer face cleaning brush has a pleasantly soft brush attachment because I had from the competition already some unpleasant scratch brushes for testing. The device is also easy to handle without reading the manual. The On button is also the off
  • Extra-soft tops for the cleaning brush  

    Brown SE80s face Face Sensitive paper, 2 paper face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    I have long been using a facial cleansing brush of brown and no longer want to miss it. However, it is not specified here Brown Face, but the model is also included in some epilators sets of Silk Epil 9 and the Silk Epil 7. Even for these essays fit
  • very good coffee enjoyment, but high cleaning effort, nothing for the office, expensive  

    Miele stand-cup coffee machine CM 6300 Lotus White (Kitchen)
    There were already a lot of reviews posted on this machine, so I shall confine myself to a brief description with pros and cons list. Some anticipation: The coffee, cappuccino and latte taste very good. The milk foam is very good, perfect crema. Ofte
  • Beamer almost as loud as a handheld vacuum cleaner - therefore not for lectures or living room suitable for smaller rooms  

    Acer P1173 3D SVGA DLP projector (directly on 3D-capable HDMI 1.4a, 3,000 ANSI lumens, contrast 13.000: 1, 800x600 pixels, MHL) white (Office supplies & stationery)
    I once again after a long time bought a projector from Acer - the last device has held for almost 10 years. The projector is quite bar during the turn, but moves as soon as the image appears within a few seconds the fan to the highest possible level
  • Very quality solution for cleaning  

    ARMOR ALL 31735L Universal Active Foam Cleaner, 500ml (Automotive)
    Hi, the spray is really easy to use and works very fast. Spraying, leave on short and clean brush with cloth. it's that simple. I have an older car (10 years), so the difference was quite extreme !. Has summarizes everything cleaned from the cushions