Np-Fv70 fake distinguish


  • NP-FV70 defective or fake?  

    Sony NP-FV70 camcorder battery Li-Ion (Accessories)
    After the first use I noticed immediately the much shorter duration as compared to the existing battery of the same type. To the thing to get to the bottom, I made a few tests under defined, the same conditions, so repeated charging and after each un
  • Most of the ~ 20 EUR are FAKES  

    HD DVR car camcorder 2.5 "TFT LCD Screen LED infrared night vision
    I have 2 not buy from these Dashcams here but directly from China. As I have constantly had problems with both. I've made smart and came it that most Dashcams of this type are sold to the 20 which are mostly surrounded FAKES. Enclosed my English revi
  • The Fake Sound Of The Future!  

    The Fake Sound of Progress (Audio CD)
    The Lostprophets, undoubtedly a band that knows how to appreciate their craft, and has since released three albums. Each of these three is another focus. On their debut, it is the heavy guitars and the unkomeerzionellen songs that characterize the al
  • Switching from Apple to Samsung (NO FAKE review) // EDIT 04/07/2015  

    Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)
    Sun Contrary to 90% of all other reviews I really get this device (with Telekom contract) and have it so well in front of me. Since I had an iPhone 4 and 5 like this review targeted to a wide turn out interesting, precisely because I too. To 11.4 the
  • Watching - there are also fakes !!! (The original is great though)  

    Canon RC-6 wireless remote controller (Camera)
    I bought the remote shutter button down by STRATA24 (the FBA) and was surprised that the product works very badly - maximum distance was about 1 meter. Then I have a bought by Amazon (the 16 will cost 13.49 instead by STRATA24). And, what a surprise,

    Samsung EB-F1M7FLU Li-Ion Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (1500mAh) (Accessories)
    ATTENTION FAKE !!! after a few weeks my phone suddenly did not go on. Since I went to SAMSUNG Customer to show my phone. The employees put a win original battery and see that we went back! When she looked at the alleged "original" battery,

    Original Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 Charger ETA-U90EWEGSTD + ECBDU4AWE data cable White Power Adapter Charger MicroUSB 2A Amps 2000 mAh Charging Cable + Data Cable (Electronics)
    ATTENTION: Heaps FAKE POWER SUPPLIES! I want to point out that here some fake China power supplies are sold. See my uploaded by comparing the original power supply and power supply fake. These fake power supplies never reach the 2A during charging. W
  • Worthless (Fake)  

    ASSMANN USB2.0 Hub 4-port bus powered 4xUSB A / F 1x (Accessories)
    Tija, intervened for me to Klo.Das part is only as USB 1.1 it betrieben.Habe on 2 computers tested under Win7 / 64 and XP and Linux Ubuntu.Windows bleats to which the part could more quickly when it detects wollte.Linux only USB 1.1. Since the part i

    Just One Last Dance [feat. Natural] (MP3 Download)
    full of fake unfortunately because it is so here is natural feat ... haha ​​natural not even sing along, so be careful when buying !!!!!!
  • Definitely not a fake  

    Michael Kors Women's Watch Chronograph Quartz Parker golf arbener steel MK5354 (clock)
    Did the clock check let's original even if there is made in China had concerns about because recessions but definitely not a fake and just about 100 EUR save my wife was just great for Valentine's Day just overjoyed :-))
  • Fake 2  

    Michael Kors Women's Watch Chronograph Quartz Parker golf arbener steel MK5354 (clock)
    Be inspected by jeweler and it turned out that it was a fake !!! If the price not to aktzeptieren ....
  • FAKE !!! 3  

    Michael Kors Women's Watch Chronograph Quartz Parker golf arbener steel MK5354 (clock)
    Have set the clock to check and it's definitely a fake! Will my attorney can clarify this matter and expect an opinion on the part of Amazon.
  • No it is not a fake! WITH CASIO spoken!  

    Casio FX-991DE Plus technical and scientific calculator with natural display (Office supplies & stationery)
    Throughout the Internet the good Lord has XY (see below) distributed its Amazon review, in which he proclaims loudly that it was the device is a fake, because "3 Jahle guarantee" is written on the packaging. However, after consultation with
  • Original Levi's 501 No fake !!!!!  

    Levi's Men's Jeans Straight Leg Modern 501 (Textiles)
    Hello, First let me say that I almost only Levi's jeans wear and they've always bought in a Levi's store. Now I needed a new pair of jeans again and because I had a voucher for clothing action, I thought to myself I watch something Amazon has so for
  • HANDS OFF! These are fakes / counterfeits that are not worth the postage.  

    New Small Swarovsi crystal filled tealight candle holders
    I ordered for my severely disabled daughter four Swarovski tealight holder. From the "originals" I have two pieces. Because they like my daughter as well, I wanted to have four more of them, as a gift for my daughter. In the Swarovski busin
  • Attention: FAKE 1  

    Emporio Armani Classic Watch AR0155 (clock)
    Do not submit the elaborate packaging, the 126 "positive" reviews and the price dazzle: it is a fake - for scrap
  • Product OK, delivery miserable - Attention fake reviews!  

    Bluesim® Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sweat Catcher Sport Stereo In-ear headphones (Qualitätsgrantie) with APTX technology and microphone of the handsfree function for iPhone 6 6 Plus 5S 5C 5 4S iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4 S3 Note 3 and other mobile phone (electronic)
    Addendum: I initially awarded 2 stars. After I've seen, these are all 5-star ratings fakes up to two or three exceptions, I pull again from a star. Anyone who wants to check it: Most people who awarded the 5 star have given all "strange names
  • Caution There are fakes in circulation!  

    SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB SDCZ48-064G-U46 Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 100MB / sec. Read (Personal Computers)
    Caveat: Unfortunately I had to rewrite this review because Amazon has now not published me for the umpteenth time a review to which I have normal images / screenshots appended. Why unfortunately I do not I can therefore add no screenshots of CrystalD
  • How to Detect a fake  

    Original Samsung microUSB charger ETA0U10EBECSTD (compatible among others with Galaxy S2) in black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I wanted to give you a few tips on how to recognize fakes. First indication that the charger no original Samsung charger is recognized by the fact that according to the solvents that are required for the curing of cheap plastic, stinks. For more info
  • to distinguish it from the original covers barely  

    AMARAY DVD cases- 50 Cases Blu-ray Disc for 1, 11 mm (Office supplies & stationery)
    I'm very satisfied with these cases. They are of the original Blu-ray cases really hard to distinguish. Solely the blue color is a little lighter, this falls on the shelf but virtually not at all on. The chrome-colored Blu-Ray Logo looks very profess