oehlbach power socket 907 review


  • Oehlbach Power Socket 907  

    Oehlbach Power Socket 907 High-quality multi-socket anthracite (Accessories)
    The workmanship is very good and the bar makes a high impression. Suggestion: Complete INDEPENDENT separation possibility of groups would be even better. MJ
  • Compatibility with the CAN-bus controlled power socket on BMW Motorrad not given.  

    CTEK Comfort Indicator 56870 (Automotive)
    Unfortunately I had to return the device, which was carried out properly since the indicator from the CAN bus system of the BMW R1200ST was not recognized and is turned off after a short time. The battery can not therefore be charged through the powe
  • Can I go in the car or even use at home on the power socket!  

    Travel Charger + Car Charger for PART NIKON Battery EN-EL12 for Nikon CoolPix S8000 (Electronics)
    It invites both the EN-EL12 original battery and a spare battery for my Nikon reliable. Important in my Nikon, since otherwise the camera when it is dependent on the power supply can not be used. The device has an LED, red when charging, green when f
  • Prima adapter - makes my CTEK system plug a power socket  

    CTEK Comfort Connect Plug Adapter (Automotive)
    I own a CTEK charger for motorcycle batteries and have attached the there enclosed CTEK connector system for the purpose of fast charging the battery permanently on the bike. What I do not like that clunky (cigarette lighter) DIN-board sockets are fo
  • including a 4-way power socket when only one connector is usable?  

    Eufab 16567 socket 4 in 1, 12 V, 10 A fuse, control - LED as battery power indicator, 1 m cable for cigarette lighter (Automotive)
    this product is completely pointless! only one outlet can be used! then you can completely save yes! stupid stupid
  • Wi-Fi from the power socket!  

    Netgear XWN5001-100PES AV500 Powerline adapter CPL for tablet PC (500Mbps, WiFi, RJ-45) (optional)
    In the larger apartments wireless coverage with a wireless transmitter is often insufficient, the NETGEAR XWN5001-100PES can die very flexible. First of all install the appropriate software the transmit and receive pair, and one has the 230V mains vi
  • UK power socket!  

    Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Stand for Nokia Lumia 820/920 White (Accessory)
    Too bad I did not pay attention to the fact that the product was shipped from the United Kingdom, decision is not in the right format! Despite the commendable efforts of the vendor who supplied in the package a UK adapter -> Europe, it is square in s
  • InLine SATA power Y-cable SATA socket to 2x SATA plug 0.15  

    InLine SATA power Y-cable SATA socket to 2x SATA plug 0.15m (Personal Computers)
    In my PC each HDD tray has a cable with a SATA power connector. In order to provide a plug-in board with power (see nis Reviews: 'Power Adapter S-ATA 15Pin Male to 4-Pin Molex connector' and 'InLine® power extension internal, SATA plug / socket, 0.5m
  • Cable bridges the power supply from the wall socket to the device  

    InLine power cord, shockproof angled to IEC connector C13, 3m (accessory)
    What should we write in in such a review, which relates to a cable. Actually I wanted to have a settlement on the female side of the cable. But so it goes well and the cable meets exactly its meaning. It is longer than the original cable and supplies
  • Excessive power supply, nowhere dimensions of the lamp (here now but)  

    Philips HF3520 / 01 Wake-up Light (Sunrise function, digital FM radio) white (Personal Care)
    The alarm itself is a positive development of the previous models. With whom I was never satisfied. Many small improvements and very good feel now. However, still missing some details that actually can include in this price. What bothers me here now:
  • Prima Power ... 1  

    TomTom High Speed ​​USB Multi-Charger (Optional)
    ... For 2 USB powered devices in the car while maintaining the 12V socket for another car kit. But watch out, the cigarette lighter may not be plugged into the adapter TomTom, just in the designated original socket of the car - but no matter, eh Smok
  • The power supply has already proved  

    90 ° adapter for Tolino Bertelsmann worldview Thalia Telekom Hugendubel - 230V charger plug charger for Tolino shine eBook readers - Steckerlader 110-240 volts special plug 90 degrees - black (Electronics)
    I have acquired the power adapter to charge the Tolido everywhere at every power socket can. So not permanent dependency results from a USB - port. Now I would have to use another power supply, but I preferred this machine uses the acquisition and us
  • 3x distributor with USB socket and extension cable  

    mumbi Car Auto 3-way Socket for lighter + USB Car Connection (Accessories)
    I bought the 3-fold distributor, because I always have to plug multiple power supplies and have only one power socket. Since this is also very much attached in the rear center console, it was important to me that the distributor has a cord and the pl
  • Incorrect power supply  

    Konstsmide 6182-203 LED acrylic dog with Santa Hat / H: 35/50 cm / W: 31/50 cm / T: 20 cm / 40 cold white diodes / 24V external transformer / transparent (garden products)
    Dog ok. But as I read here a couple of times, unfortunately the wrong power supply was there. Not suitable for power sockets.
  • A power block ...  

    POWER-POND Basic 12000 mAh (2x2A Output) External Battery Portable Battery USB Power Bank quick charger for mobile phones, tablets, smart phones Bluetooth Speaker, GPS, Navigation system, eBook Reader and many more. (Accessories)
    ... First class! Previously had a device uses Gomadic 0.7A charge current and 3000mAh capacity, which, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S3 4 times no longer wanted after. I was looking for a strong possible battery, which provides at least 1.5A Output a
  • Get Flawless original power supply  

    Original Acer Tablet Power Supply 12V / 1.5A / 18W Iconia A700 series o. Power plug (Electronics)
    ATTENTION! As described here is only the power supply without the vorzusteckenden plug (which is plugged into the power socket and the power to the power supply transfers) delivered. In my case, the connector was bent to the notebook and unusable, so
  • eSATAp p = POWER  

    DELOCK Cable eSATAp> SATA 22pin 6.4cm 2.5Z 8.9cm (Electronics)
    Quite simply, if you can put in your eSata book a USB plug (eg stick), it is an eSATAp (p = power) socket, then it goes. Usually eSATAp connectors are found only on laptops.
  • Very useful for power-hungry Smarthphones  

    Xoro MPB 250 Power Bank Pocket Edition mobile battery charger for Android smartphone / cell phone with Micro USB charging socket (2500mAh, 1x USB) white (accessory)
    Outlets is, there is not going anywhere. Therefore, it is a nuisance again when the smartphone makes flabby middle of the day, because the battery is sucked empty. As you can counteract this evil is very awkward with spare batteries (if ever the batt