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  • Good luggage scale, which can also be used for weighing small children, as kitchen scales or for weighing parcels.  

    Karcher 130116 Mobile, digital universal and luggage weighing up to 50 kg (luggage)
    Video at Amazon.com See the Luggage Scale by Karcher is not completely made of metal, but works nonetheless processed and loaded in order. I have and use it for several years without having found each wear or defects in it.
  • Small hand luggage suitcase  

    Samsonite suitcases Cabin trolley Motio Upright, 50 cm (Luggage)
    I have to put the suitcase because many airlines pay meticulous attention for some time on the luggage mass. This case does not constitute a problem. Similarly to its low weight is beneficial thing that allows more payload. Otherwise just the slightl
  • Cheaper and good luggage strap to prevent the trunk rises  

    Hama Luggage Strap, 5x200 cm (Luggage)
    I have this luggage strap bought for US travel to prevent the luggage bursts when the plastic latch should break. After I saw how ruthless our luggage was thundered from a tape to the next was much more comfortable to me still a baggage carousel drum
  • Just a luggage strap, luggage holds  

    Hama Luggage Strap, 5x200 cm (Luggage)
    The luggage strap including closure makes a stable impression and surrounds the suitcase or travel bag securely. Although I have chosen orange color is slightly pale, but the purpose is fulfilled. And at the baggage carousel can I identify my luggage
  • Perfect for this price as carry-on luggage  

    Travelite 2-wheel Trolley board ORLANDO 53cm, 37 liters (luggage)
    I bought the suitcase before NEM quarters of a year since I currently very often professional travel with German Wings and similar low cost and reluctant to give up luggage because I need little luggage on short trips. The case is perfect for this be
  • Small and beautiful ideal for holiday luggage  

    Inateck 4-Port USB 2.0 Ultra Mini Hub Four USB 2.0 ports, OTG adapter compatible with all exceptional speed OTG-enabled devices, tablets and smartphones (eg Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note 2, Asus Memopad, Sony Xperia Z, Acer Iconia Tab, Asus Transformer) USB cable 15cm (Electronics)
    A few days ago I have again something better known by the company R & M Technology GmbH of Leipzig under the product name Inateck get to test. It was a USB 2.0 Hub, which allows you to connect USB devices with a mobile phone or tablet. What exper
  • Good suitcase for hand luggage  

    Hard shell case "New York" Gr. M, 56cm, 42 liters 7 different colors
    This case must always assess facing the very low price. Would he survive a flight in the baggage compartment of an airplane, I doubt it. But for a short break or as hand luggage it is best suited. It is extremely light, the 4 wheels are going very we
  • Class luggage, great quality  

    Travelite Derby 4 Roller Trolley 67cm Expandable (Luggage)
    Toller suitcase in workmanship and quality, but something had me fooled in size despite the unitspan. Enough for a few days holiday with normal luggage.
  • Good luggage strap, a bit too expensive  

    D & N Travel Line Suitcase 6100 (luggage)
    The Suitcase meets my expectations in terms of shape, color and quality. The baggage can be clearly distinguished by the color of belt-like pieces of luggage. However, shows a current ALDI offer that it is still significantly cheaper; ie must work no
  • Luggage can be found quickly  

    D & N Travel Line Suitcase 6100 (luggage)
    If the case marked with the blue luggage strap, then you can find it again quickly. Simultaneously, the sealing system of the case is relieved. His duties fulfilled the Suitcase well. He was delivered quickly. the price-performance ratio is ok.
  • Super Luggage Scale  

    Karcher 130116 Mobile, digital universal and luggage weighing up to 50 kg (luggage)
    Bought before our vacation this luggage scale. It weighs very precisely, is super to handle and very easy. She has, above all, against some other suitcase scales for hooking a metal clip, which also keeps safe and not, can tear like plastic holders,
  • small, lightweight and very affordable Luggage Scale  

    igadgitz Xtra 50kg / 50g (110lbs / 0.1lb) Portable Digital LCD Hand Baggage luggage scale with room temperature display + battery
    Before the holiday always starts the guesswork whether the luggage weight is not permitted or is too heavy. Then the scales was brought man without man and weighed with suitcases and in the end it never was true but as accurate. Therefore, it was tim
  • Practical baskets, much better than a basket on the luggage rack  

    BASIL rear bike basket black CARDIFF (equipment)
    I have a Ebike with seat tube battery and follow me. When we go on tour, I'll always loaded because Mama has indeed baskets and can since cram everything. Then still depends on the Lütte Follow me. From the load distribution which has been quite impr
  • Perfect size for hand luggage  

    Samsonite Spinner base hits 4-roll Cabin Trolley 55/20 (Luggage)
    I fly professionally very often and this Samsonite suitcase is my faithful companion. There is room for everything that I need for 3-4 days, it is super light, rolled very well and has all hand luggage racks of all types of aircraft space. As luggage
  • Ideal as hand luggage  

    Cabin Max Barcelona hand luggage backpack travel 50 x 40 x 20cm (Shoes)
    The backpack is really bigger than you would think, that was the first thing I noticed when I unpacked the backpack. The dimensions are exactly (I measured it again for safety's sake) and on the straps on both sides, you can put together the backpack
  • Also suitable for hand luggage trolley  

    Crumpler Banana Bowl - M - neoprene camera bag - Silver - BBO-M-003 (Electronics)
    I have to be able to long searched for a way my camera securely in your hand luggage transport. Certainly offer certain camera bags, or backpacks at it, but I wanted to convey something more than just the camera. And precisely for such purposes this
  • Kärcher luggage scale weighs exactly 10g  

    Karcher 130079 Mobile, digital luggage scale (household goods)
    The Kärcher luggage scale is working properly and weighs just 10g. The display has a backlight and is easy to read. A major advantage of scale is that it is powered by standard AAA batteries, and that no expensive button cells are needed.
  • Peli Case 1510 - extremely robust, indestructible transport Protection (hand luggage)  

    Peli 1510 Carry On Case with one piece black (Accessories)
    PELI Cases are more than 30 years, the non plus ultra for transport security of sensitive and valuable things. My first I in 1985 bought the dismantling at a trade show and because it had been so good for me because of the elimination of the repatria
  • Super Hand Luggage  

    Cabin Max Lyon - Flight Approved Hangepäckstück with wheels 44l Interchangeable trolley backpack (Luggage)
    Super hand luggage This trolley! Accompanied us wonderfully in Africa on safari. You get a lot housed and still has an overview.
  • Great for travelers, but think about it: When you fly stuck in your hand luggage!  

    Lumsing 10400mAh Harmonica Style USB Port External Battery Battery Power Bank Charger for Smartphones, Tablets, iPad, iPhone, cell phone, PSP, GoPro, GPS - White (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Looks great and invites mobile, eReader or tablet easily and more than once (about 4-5 times) on. The supplied bag is ideal to similar the Power Bank with its cable in the handbag, backpack to transport. The size is roughly equivalent to a spectacle.