PearlCo filters compared


  • For amateur photographers a great set!  

    Dolder 67mm HD Multicoated / Multi-Coated 3 inkusive in 1 Filter sets UV, Zircular POL, ND-8 with filter bag made of nylon (Electronics)
    At first I was unsure whether I should order the set or not, but then I decided to do it, even though it actually was me just about the CPL filter. I use the set on the Canon 18-135mm IS (without STM) my EOS 700d. The package was delivered very quick
  • Large, heavy, low, flat + USB Port  

    Cherry EASYHUB keyboard USB (optional)
    After my old "office" Cherry CyMotion Master XPress by ~ 8 years (see my former recession on Amazon) "failure-symptoms" showed (shame really because the appearance was still good) - needed a new one. Again with cable, because for me, &
  • Works, but not comparable to higher-priced filters  

    Polarizer 58mm circular Hi ++ compensation (eg for Nikon D90 D80 D60 D300, Canon EOS 1000D 500D 450D 400D 40D 50D) (Electronics)
    I've decided a short review on this CPL filter to write, because he does indeed what a CPL filter to filter out namely polarized light, but he does so only to a very small part ... The more expensive, the filter significantly better! Anyone who is se
  • Comparative Test Coffee vs. Hand filters  

    Severin KA 5740 Coffeemaker "Café Caprice" with stainless steel thermos, black / to 8 cups / 1400W (household goods)
    Introduction # # As a lover of coffee drinks I have already tried and used the last years at home: 1x coffee machine, 3x coffee machine, 2x Siebträgermaschine, 2x hand filter, 1x Capsule Machine, Instant Coffee. For filter coffee I had last used a pl
  • Compare Denon X1000, Denon AVR 2113 Pioneer VSX-923, Marantz SR6007  

    Denon AVR-X1000 5.1 surround AV receiver (Internet radio, HDMI, DLNA streaming, AirPlay, 145 Watt) (Electronics)
    Understanding the purchase of a modern AV receiver: There are many reasons, trade in an old AV receiver against a modern instrument of current vintages. In addition to the expanded HDMI specification that can process 3D signals not only, but also pro
  • Compare before buying  

    KRUPS - FILTER - HOLDER MS-622248 (Kitchen)
    The filter holder is practical with the tamping lock and with the help of the ejection button. I prefer to say "ejection aid" because it only pushes the grind, not eject. On the last received model, the ejection is easier because the container m
  • Excellent printer (just a little difficult to set on a hidden wireless network with MAC address filtering)  

    Samsung SL-M2835DW / SEE Mono Laser Printer (Accessory)
    The only downside is located at the wireless setup, when a masked WIFI network with MAC address filtering. I had to use tricks to flush out the WIFI card MAC address of the printer, temporarily disabling MAC filtering on my AirPort Extreme for even a
  • Filters look good  

    Original Kenley pre-filter and post-motor HEPA Filters Allergy Complete Set Kit for Dyson DC05 DC08 Washable
    The filters fit perfectly. The HEPA filter appears to be original. By cons I have a doubt about the yellow filter. Indeed the blue part detaches which is washable but not the yellow part. Out on my original filter, the yellow part was also washable.
  • Execrable quality compared to the original  

    Round charcoal filter Type 185 hood arthur martin afc950w
    The original carbon filters from my old hood that have never been changed, I bought 2 new filters to replace them, and I could compare the two products - The original filters are almost three times larger (2 times thicker and wider) and thus contain
  • Compare Remington IPL6250 and Philips Lumea SC2008 / 11: because of "Infinity"!  

    Remington i-Light Essential IPL6250 infinity light cartridge (Personal Care)
    Last year I was able SC2008 / 11 Philips Lumea testing and now have the opportunity to compare both models directly. Here are my findings: Effect That IPL acts, there is no doubt. I have last year a half page test performed (dealt a body half, the ot
  • Super alternative to expensive Britta filters  

    PearlCo Unimax water filter cartridge pack 15 (compatible with BRITA® Maxtra®) (household goods)
    We have very hard water and a Britta water filter for coffee maker and kettle. The filter of PearlCo UNIMAX are the perfect alternative to the relatively expensive Britta original water filters, keep at least as long and fit perfectly. We change the
  • For me the best compared to the time eReader  

    Sony PRS-T2 - eBook reader - 2 GB - 15.2 cm (6 '), PRST2BC.CE7 Black (Misc.)
    Both my wife and I are absolutely fanatical reader. While I usually read on the way to work and on vacation, my wife devours the books outright. About two years ago the eReader have us then first really consciously noticed. He had been there before r
  • Tolle 4x4 filters for Kamerar Mattebox  

    XCSOURCE® 6pcs Gradual Neutral Density ND2 ND4 ND8 GND + ND Filter Set +3 slot machines bag + towel for Cokin Z Lee Hitech 4x4 "creditors Matte Box LF352 (Electronics)
    I have the Mattebox Kamerar Socorm bought me because it was a short time at a very attractive price. Not least because it has a filter holder for this particular filter size. The filters are of course made of plastic, but have a very even effect and
  • Hoya HD Pol Cir compared to the competition  

    Hoya HD polarizing filter cirkular 77mm (optional)
    I am one of those who simply have difficulties in making decisions and so then were unceremoniously back 4 polarizing filters in the 77mm version in front of me, for my Sigma 17-50 2.8 HSM. After watching the Hoya Pro1 Cirk had for my 67mm lens and t
  • Very good quality disappointing selection of correction filters  

    Rogue Gels Universal Lighting Filter Kit (Camera)
    The color foils contained in the Universal Lighting Filter Kit are made of premium-LEE filters. This also available from LEE information on the spectral characteristics of the filter are directly transferable to the Rogue-color foils. The color foils
  • Compare De Longhi ESAM 3000B with Saeco Minuto HD 8761  

    Saeco HD8761 / 11 Minuto coffee machine, steam / hot water nozzle, silver (household goods)
    Since the De Longhi is still displaced and the devices cost the same as I would like to compare them with each other. Our old De Longhi has about 6 years clamoring proved loyal service and we had to vacate her seat for some maintenance and ultimately
  • Fluval 306 compared with my Eheim Professional 2222  

    Fluval A212 306 External Filter (Misc.)
    On my 112L tank runs a Eheim 2222 with which I am satisfied. For the 200L tank it then turned to me again the question which filter I should take. The choice fell on the Fluval 306, if only because of the built-in suction. This is but a significant s
  • Good alternative to expensive filters  

    Cokin P121M graduated filter gray 2 (ND4) (Electronics)
    Currently, I use three Grauverlauffilter by Cokin: P 121 L P 121 M P 121 S For amateur photographers and landscape photographers a good and cheap alternative to Lee - filter or even the more expensive Singh-Ray (you should still be aware that these f
  • Good assortment of filters, holders and adapters  

    Formatt Hitech Prostop Belichtungsset (special edition signed by Joel Tjintjelaar, 100 x 100 mm) (Electronics)
    The filters are of good quality, adjust the metal holder and with precision screws well. The adapters fit nicely into the holder. Only the holder an edge was not quite good ground, therefore it was necessary to fit the adapter to start with slight di
  • Very good filters at a great value for money  

    JBL 6020000 external filter for aquariums 40-120 liters, ChristalProfi e 401 greenline, 60200 (Misc.)
    I watched with many external filters and compared. Since I only have a 60 gallon tank and anything larger is planned, I decided for this filter. The replacement filter materials are to have low and the handling is easy. The filter does not hear you.