petit bateau mambo shorts


  • Petit Bateau Quality  

    Petit Bateau - Body - Baby Boy (Clothing)
    There is not to say the quality is nothing Petit Bateau and I tried all the brands with my 6 children! The Petit Bateau products are the best especially for underwear: that of my oldest daughter used to my youngest and they 20 years apart. A beautifu
  • Top quality Petit Bateau  

    Petit Bateau - Combination - Kingdom - Baby girl (Clothing)
    Very good quality, perfect size, in line with my expectations. Top price / quality ratio! Petit Bateau brand recommended. Ultra fast delivery thank you Amazon.
  • Never disappointed with Petit Bateau  

    Petit Bateau - Top - Lot 3 - Girl (Clothing)
    Very nice tank tops. As always at Petit Bateau, quality is at the rendezvous, and it shows! Bonus: batch delivered in a pretty cotton bag.
  • Quality Petit Bateau  

    Petit Bateau - 67897 - MILO - Tights - girl (Clothing)
    My 2 year old daughter puts it all the time, size is good, and the fabric is resistant as always with Petit Bateau, no complaints
  • Petit Bateau-unbeatable in quality  

    Petit Bateau Baby - boy (0-24 months) T-Shirt 35194 (Textiles)
    I regularly buy Petit-Bateau-products of all kinds for my grandchildren. I am an absolute Petit-Bateau fan because for me their quality is second to none. Although the brand is expensive, is absolutely no Vergang to the products: they do not wear out
  • Petit Bateau, a classic always perfect!  

    Petit Bateau - Top - Lot 3 - Girl (Clothing)
    Pretty colors, the perfect cut. These tops can serve small vest or strap tops. Great! ...
  • As always, great quality - Shorts however fall out very large ...  

    Petit Bateau boys boxer shorts 69770 (Textiles)
    The shorts have a nice, pleasant quality as most products from Petit Bateau. However, they fall very far from the legs. Therefore, our son is not transmitting it like - I suppose it "sloppy" him too. He prefers wearing the shorts, which abut the
  • T-shirt with a pretty neck and a nice color  

    T-shirt with short sleeves Fruit Of The Loom Women (Clothing)
    T-shirt with a pretty neck and a nice color. It is a bit wide at M and I find a little short (wider and shorter than a Petit Bateau in size 16 years). See it on the length if the fabric holds up better to washing the famous Petit Bateau. In any case,
  • Actually nice but the size? ...  

    Petit Bateau girls sweater Mariniere (Textiles)
    Basically, this is again a very nice sweater, not too thick and therefore in winter in overheated rooms also portable. The beautiful classic blue and white marigold are super beefed up by the wine-colored bags and neck edge. A small zip in the neck h
  • Good but narrowed slightly in the wash  

    Absorba Underwear - Body - Set of 4 - Baby girl (Clothing)
    Good product but it does not take great wash unlike Petit Bateau. Ok for colors but slightly narrower body which very bother when you're at the boundary between two sizes, eventually you will not long keep the body.
  • A must-read for entrepreneurs and investors  

    Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future (Paperback)
    Great book from Peter Thiel. Short and straight to the point. Many Good examples from PayPal and SpaceX. A must-read for entrepreneurs, investors and everyone interested in startups.
  • Excellent product 67 1  

    Petit Bateau - Body - Crew neck - Short sleeves - Lot 5 - Baby girl (Clothing)
    As usual, I'm not disappointed Petit Bateau! It does not move and it is very cute! I recommend!
  • Adorable January 20  

    Schiesser - Jersey Girl body (clothing)
    Cute tank top! cotton is soft and comfortable stretch and I love this brand for the originality and quality of small underwear. As against it large size and experience I gain 10 years while my daughter will soon be 11 years old and measuring 1m44. I
  • pretty panties 1  

    Petit Bateau - Brief - 3 Pack - Girl (Clothing)
    I bought these panties because first, many japprécie the brand "Petit Bateau" after which my brothers and I, then, my children serve me for my grandchildren, the problem currently have sizes; my granddaughter has 3 1/2 years I ordered 4 years an
  • the sailor must for the whole family ...  

    Petit Bateau - 66180 - Sailor Baby Organic Cotton Mixed - White Brain / Blue Electric (Baby Care)
    Quality irrréprochable Petit Bateau. Very practical press studs on the shoulders to move the baby's head. This little sailor can be worn all année.Elle available in all sizes. It's nice to dress like mom, dad and siblings ... Not very large size.
  • Perfect as usual 10  

    Petit Bateau - Romper - Lot 3 - Baby boy 0-24m (Clothing)
    The bodys Petit Bateau are just perfect, no complaints, quality is at the rendezvous and the whole mini price
  • The new handbag my daughter 31 months!  

    Smoby - 24048 - Doll and Mini Doll - Baby Nurse - Baby Carrier Bag (Toy)
    My daughter was 31 months this baby carrier bag at Christmas 2013 for her doll 'My First Corolle 30 cm. The doll holds well, even with her bunny soft toy ('Petit Bateau' Lapine Liberty about 30 cm, ears included) and more. My daughter takes it as a h
  • Small still beautiful boat  

    Petit Bateau - Hooded Sweatshirt - Striped - Boy (Clothing)
    A "must-have" at Petit Bateau. I already bought that kind of sweat for my son at Petit Bateau and I have never been disappointed. Soft, good resistance to washing and color that remains the same over time. Ideal for small budding sailors and the
  • Perfect 1 13496  

    Petit Bateau - T-Shirt - Kingdom - Boy (Clothing)
    The quality of Petit Bateau again! Beautiful color, pleasant grip and a perfect fit for washing and in time. Ideal for children who like to live, move, jump ...
  • Top among the Bodies  

    Petit Bateau Baby - Girls Body BODY LOT BRET, 2-pack (Textiles)
    My grandchildren have just Bodies of Petit Bateau-. They are high quality, very well made, lyres not look and they still somewhat elastic, so that they have been relatively long in use before you have to go to the next size. In this 2-pack the price