Philips clock radios aj3500


  • Philips Clock Radio  

    Philips AJ3231 Clock Radio Dual Alarm Analog Tuner Front Mirror (Electronics)
    Wake very original, the style changes the eternal clock radio, and color of the hour, easy to use and with the reading of longer need an mp3 cd radio in the room
  • Finally, a Philips clock radio that does not wake the whole house!  

    Philips AJ7010 Clock radio with digital tuner Aluminium (Electronics)
    Everything is in the title. The big problem in this brand is the fact that many models are starting to wake up slowly and the volume increases until the maximum level, so unbearable. Well, no. By programming the alarm can be selected as the increase
  • Philips Clock Radio AJ3400  

    Philips AJ3400 Radio / Clock Radio (Electronics)
    Easy adjustment, good sound quality, 10 possibilities to store different radio station, repeated awakening Only downside is that the lighting is a bit too strong despite the "brightness" to limit
  • Philips Clock Radio 1  

    Philips Clock Radio AJ1003 Digital Tuner Design mirror and brushed aluminum (Electronics)
    Model simple but striking design. Nothing to say in the operation. Please read the instructions because several functions. Pretty good audio quality for this type of product. No problem after years of continuous use
  • Clock Radio more refined in my perception ...  

    Philips AJ7010 Clock radio with digital tuner Aluminium (Electronics)
    This Philips Clock Radio fulfills its role perfectly: with dual alarm activation on working days and adjusting the set volume - good quality Radio to the product size - Selection of summer time - Function "sleep" for a timer - Setting "Low&
  • Solid clock radio and large print  

    Philips AJ3400 Radio / Clock Radio (Electronics)
    This Philips Clock radio AJ3400 rather large (191 x 103 x 69.5 mm) and weighs 330 grams, has a nice design and the huge display gives legible even from a distance (2 brightness modes are offered: medium high), which is suitable for people with sight
  • Review Philips AJB3552 / 12 clock radio (DAB +, LCD display)  

    Philips AJB3552 / 12 clock radio (LCD display, DAB + / Digital Radio, Sleep Timer, Gentle Wake, DBB FM digital tuning) (Black) (Electronics)
    I bought the Philips AJB3552 / 12 clock radio and after 4 weeks use I can make a good picture of the device. For this I have to say that my first review ever is the reason I write because I the negative reviews for this product do not share in partic
  • Philips AJB3552 / 12 Clock Radio  

    Philips AJB3552 / 12 clock radio (LCD display, DAB + / Digital Radio, Sleep Timer, Gentle Wake, DBB FM digital tuning) (Black) (Electronics)
    I purchased this unit also recently and can not confirm much of the previous reviewers. But perhaps it is also because a newer machine, where errors have been fixed (hum etc.). I am fully satisfied with the device. Yes, the night lit the alarm light
  • Class Clock radio  

    Philips AJB3552 / 12 clock radio (LCD display, DAB + / Digital Radio, Sleep Timer, Gentle Wake, DBB FM digital tuning) (Black) (Electronics)
    I have the clock radio Philips AJB3552 / 12 bought (not with Amazon, because my old alarm clock radio one day gave up the ghost and I had to buy a new urgent on the same day). I'm very satisfied. The unit meets all my requirements for a radio alarm c
  • THE clock radio !! 1  

    Philips AJ6000 Radio / Clock Radio (Electronics)
    Finally, a clock radio with good sound quality !! Ability to display three levels of intensity, choice of wake by radio or sound effects, the only downside is the inability to choose the volume of the alarm, even after adjusting the master volume bef
  • Application: clock radio in the bedroom  

    Auna Radio Gaga Digital Design Wlan-Radio Internet Radio Alarm Clock Radio for wireless home network (DAB / DAB +, FM Tuner, USB, AUX, remote control, 2 alarms, snooze, sleep timer, RDS) (Electronics)
    For 15 years I used a Philips MC115 Micro System in the bedroom as a clock radio. Now it was time to replace those old energy guzzlers to a modern multi-product. The choice fell on Auna Radio Gaga in black - mainly because he good reviews and test re
  • Worst clock radio all time  

    Philips AJ3115 / 12 radio alarm clock (digital tuning with presets) white / black (Electronics)
    Bought at Media Markt. I run this clock radio to a solar system, thus completely independent of the mains supply! Since commissioning, the device is continuously powered. The voltage may not fluctuate as it is controlled by a battery and the solar ch
  • A pleasant good clock radio with iPod dock  

    Sangean RCR-10 B Digital stereo radio (AM / FM tuner, LCD) (Electronics)
    I wanted to replace more order on the bedside table and, therefore, an iPod charger, a few schraddelige Aktivböxchen and a clock radio (brand Sangean) through a single device. After comparison of different manufacturers of clock radios with iPod dock
  • Very high quality and beautiful to sighted clock radio with special features  

    Philips ORT2300B / 10 miniature original Radio (Electronics)
    I have used for over ten years no clock radio and am now been ORT2300B / 10 very pleasantly surprised after a week use of Philips and do not want to miss it. First, the radio simply looks next to the bed of just good. The original radio design is jus
  • Clock radio  

    Sony ICF-C05IPB clock radio with docking station for Apple iPod / iPhone (electronics)
    Thought mainly as a clock radio, the clock radio. Good part dimbares display, good sound both radio and from docking station for iPod. Unfortunately, to program only one alarm. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with this device.
  • Sounds like a clock radio.  

    Lenco GRID-7 portable Bluetooth speakers (11 watts RMS, 3.5 mm jack, USB) incl. Carrying strap, power cord and cable for charging (Electronics)
    After a very long loading time I took the device into operation. The connection with Iphone and Mac worked without problems. All entries have been confirmed very loud, via annoying language. The music was lower level than the voice confirmations of t
  • Great Clock radio  

    Pure Siesta Mi clock radio (DAB / DAB + / FM with RDS, 16 station presets, alarm functions 2) (Electronics)
    I looked for a clock radio, the clock its own can adjust and otherwise works well, neat sounds and not lit at night my bedroom. So fulfills its function well. The research on the internet drew surprisingly long way off, because apparently is just thi
  • Good clock radio  

    Philips AJB3552 / 12 clock radio (LCD display, DAB + / Digital Radio, Sleep Timer, Gentle Wake, DBB FM digital tuning) (Black) (Electronics)
    Yesterday I received these radio and must say that I am actually very happy so far and my speakers can not agree, except that this radio is in standby mode, very quietly roars with me. What is not so bad for me personally, as I do not fall asleep nex
  • Usable clock radio with mediocre sound  

    Sony ICFC11IPB.CED clock radio with docking station for Apple iPod / iPhone (Electronics)
    Attention, first of all, the following notice: The Sony clock radio works ausschließich (!!!) with an iPhone 5 or iPod 5, which is not shown in the above product description so. Hence the warning to all who hope to use the device with a previous iPho
  • Great Clock Radio 1  

    Soundmaster FUR6100SI radio Clock radio with Pojektion (Electronics)
    This clock radio has a great equipment. From a disconnectable clock display (for the night), a non-contact sensor to quickly find selected times (by the way 2 hours possible) or date display, up to a perfectly functioning clock. The alarms can be set