philips dvd player dvp 4320 price


  • As Blueray- / DVD player for the price quite ok, the DLNA and Smart TV unusable  

    LG BP440 3D Blu-ray player (Smart TV, DLNA, HDMI, 1080p upscaler, LAN, USB) (Electronics)
    Hello Everybody, I have the LG BP440 can now test well 3 weeks and am very happy with the performance as Blueray- / DVD player for the price. What is not at all, is the "Smart TV" function. Here the LG crashes repeatedly, despite the latest
  • philips dvd player 3880  

    Philips DVP3880 DVD DivX player HDMI USB Black (Electronics)
    I just buy a dvd player philips 3880 following the comments I have read and it is true that the installation and especially that I'm not at the forefront the technique provided you have an HDMI output you plugged the tv on one side and the other on t
  • Sony DVD Player DVP NS 728  

    Sony DVP NS 728 DVD player (HDMI, 1080p upscaler, DivX Certified, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    I needed a DVD player of mainly home-burned DVD's happening. So far, he does it without any problems, even DL DVD's and in hervoragender quality in picture and sound. Highly recommended!
  • A DVD player at this price, a must for any PC user.  

    Samsung BD-H5500 3D Blu-ray player (1080p upscaling, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    Obtained after 2 days. Unwrapped, checked if everything is present, quick look at the manual, all infected and already runs everything as expected. No trace of hum or whine runs quietly purrs and read short while. The menu is easy to understand on-sc
  • Not suitable for Philips DVD player DVP2880 / 12  

    Full HD 1080p HDMI cable gold plated contacts 2m (Electronics)
    Cable was not working. After I bought commercially another came the image. Consequently - cable was out of order Due to the low value but it was not important to return me
  • Very good DVD player despite dying format  

    Toshiba HD EP 30 E KTE HD-DVD player (1080p upscaling, HDMI, Network Attached) (Electronics)
    I want about the format dispute here does not speak, but rather discuss Pros & Cons. Pro: + Super brilliant image reproduction, both for "normal" DVD and of course especially in the HD DVD playback + Simple operation and programming / Plug &
  • Burning / playing on DVD Player  

    Intenso DVD-R blanks 4,7GB 1x-16x 25er Spindel Cakebox scratchproof (Accessories)
    From my full points. My HP burner has so far burned everything. So far, each blank was fired. My Philips DVD - Player plays the self-made films or photo shows without jerking and errors from !!! From me strong buy recommendation!
  • Philips DVP 4320 DVD Player  

    Philips DVP 4320 DVD Player (HDMI, 1080p upscaler, DivX Ultra Certified, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    This DVD player does what it promises, small compact and chic. Completely uncomplicated connecting the device to the standby mode. About the quality of the HDMI DVD Player is absolutely convincing. I bought this player for my parents, they are over 8
  • Philips Portable DVD Player With TV Antenna  

    Philips PD9015 / 12 portable DVD player and TV (LCD, integr.digitaler TV Receiver, DVB-T) (Electronics)
    Hello, I bought and tested this device. The first impression: visually looks very elegant, coated with clear coat .The picture quality is very good. Technical Features: The portable DVD player plays almost all formats like mp4, mp3, CD audio, DVD mov
  • Sony DVP NS 728 DVD - Player  

    Sony DVP NS 728 DVD player (HDMI, 1080p upscaler, DivX Certified, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    I just got my DVD player I have the box unpacked, sometimes just the three cables connected (power cable, HDMI and coaxial digital out) executed, Quick menu, and off we went. As usual, TOP FRAME TOP TON and Sony typically easy operation. In conjuncti
  • Phillips DVP 2880/12 DVD Player  

    Philips DVP2880 / 12 DVD player (HDMI, 1080p, USB 2.0 DivX Ultra, 290 mm wide) (Electronics)
    Since my old DVD player had given up the ghost, I decided for this device.The delivery arrived very quickly and I was amazed when I 3x determined unpack this little device was vorfand.Das old device as large. The installation of the player was easy,
  • Excellent DVD player.  

    Philips DVP3980 / 12 DVD / DivX HDMI 1080p Ultra Slim 3.7 cm (Electronics)
    I bought this dvd player after reading an article highlighting its video and audio quality; I'm just amazed! The images are very pure on my old TV sony 1992. But the surprise comes from the sound that is beautiful, warm and deep. I compared listening
  • Solid player with good price-performance ratio  

    Philips BDP3400 / 12 Blu-ray player (BD-Live (Profile 2.0), DVD playback with 1080p, Dolby Digital DTS 2.0, Dolby True HD, DivX Plus HD, EasyLink, SimplyShare, MyRemote, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    With the Blu-ray player BDP3400 Philips is a very visually appealing and valent equipment succeeded. The black-brushed metal and the small dimensions of the Player adds very harmoniously into collections of dark terminals. I was quite surprised how e
  • good DVD player  

    Toshiba SD1020KE CompactLine DVD player (Scart, DivX, MP3, Dolby Digital) (Electronics)
    It is a simple DVD player. Hookup is simple done us quickly. Scart cable ran and away you go. The charge for the CD comes out almost noiselessly. No sounds are playing the CD / DVD to register. The unit operates almost silently. What is good about th
  • good DVD player - but only with a scart connection, no HDMI  

    Toshiba SD1020KE CompactLine DVD player (Scart, DivX, MP3, Dolby Digital) (Electronics)
    In the product description is "... 1x HDMI ', which was misleading to me because the device has, as can be read in the heading, only one Scart connection. At first I thought, it's one of the devices that offer both connections, but this is not so. I
  • A nice little DVD Player  

    MEDION LIFE P71024 (MD 84396) DVD Player (USB, AC3, HDMI, MPEG4, OSD, PAL, NTSC, Xvid) (Electronics)
    I bought this DVD player to me about 2 weeks and am very happy for this price range, the only thing is something disturbs that he forgives no scratches no matter how big / small it is you see it on the screen (bad) or he goes as he should, and theref
  • Identical ------ Akai AD70H DVD player ++++ MEDION LIFE P71024 (MD 84396) DVD player  

    MEDION LIFE P71024 (MD 84396) DVD Player (USB, AC3, HDMI, MPEG4, OSD, PAL, NTSC, Xvid) (Electronics)
    Akai AD70H DVD player + MEDION LIFE P71024 (MD 84396) DVD player Identical ... Was initially not noticed: had ordered me two DVD players, both came on the same day and was amazed: both players are identical, probably from the same factory Manufacture
  • Tips DVD player  

    Sony DVP NS 728 DVD player (HDMI, 1080p upscaler, DivX Certified, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    Sony has finally once again managed to offer a DVD player that has a very good image -and sound quality! The extrapolation of DVD - films is absolutely great. The build quality is good and more than adequate for a player in this price range. Unfortun
  • A compact DVD player with no concern for autonomy  

    Yamada PVD-790X Portable DVD Player (Card Reader & USB) DivX 7 '"(Electronics)
    If you want to travel light and entertain your children for a long time, it is THE PORTABLE DVD PLAYER to choose from. The price is unbeatable given the features. And reads, in addition to DVDs, DivX / Xvid from CD / DVD or SD or MS without problems.
  • Not to connect a DVD player to a VP  

    Wentronic 50071 cable 2 m (Germany Import) (Accessory)
    This product is not working. It can not be used to transmit an image of a DVD player that has a SCART output to a projector that has a VGA input. No miracle for that: you have an adapter, which looks like a big box. This kind of cable is unnecessary