philips qt4020 battery


  • Philips PowerPro battery Uno everyday Test  

    Philips Powerpro Uno FC6170 / 01 Mini Vac (25,2V Li-ion, turbo nozzle) black (household goods)
    Seeking for some time a slight vacuum cleaner to supplement. To suck all about the staircase, since my old vacuum cleaner is simply too bulky and too heavy. So I gave myself the PowerPro Uno Philips. When the parcel arrived unpacked directly times: I
  • AA battery pack  

    Philips PowerLife Battery AA Mignon 12 pack (accessories)
    Goods was perfect and was within the promised deadline by the seller can zugestellt.Ich this seller fully weiterempfehlen.Philips PowerLife Battery AA Mignon 12er Pack
  • Phone rejuvenated!  

    Philips Rechargeable 700mAh AAA R03B4A70 4 rooms (Accessory)
    My Siemens phones no longer held the load With Philips 700mAh battery, I feel like new phones: best sound, durability conversation ..
  • For the three-day beard, a flop  

    Braun Series 7 BT7050 beard and hair trimmer (including precision trimmer and travel case) (Health and Beauty)
    When my 10 year old Philips the battery is slowly on his mind. The search for a new trimmer has proved difficult, in nearly all devices is something to complain about. I still tried to BT Brown 70 Premium, because I thought the top unit of the brand
  • Top all when the subject batteries would not  

    Philips SHD8600UG / 10 Digital hi-fi wireless headphones (flexible strap, CD quality with digital 2.4 GHz transmission, noise-free) (Electronics)
    The headset itself is just great: sound, little to no noise Large drawback: you can not use any batteries in it, the charger starts at me only with the Philips own battery charging, which I think is the only large but gripe !!!
  • PHILIPS CR1220 button battery  

    CAMELION - Lot 5 lithium batteries CR1220 (Accessory)
    I decided to get into the purchase of battery on amazon because I began to get tired of paying 10 euros a stack at the tobacconist, so in view of the price I thought why not .... well good surprise I received CR1220 philips brand :) so I hope it will
  • Philips Imageo LED candles with 3 battery charging station  

    PHILIPS myLightAccent, Candlelight CandleLights White 3 set at 6W, bulbs included, 3 flame 6910860PH (household goods)
    ... Just awesome! In addition to the product description: - The charging station is also excellent as a "candlestick" very decorative, and candles can also remain therein because the electronically controlled charging station automatically after
  • Philips AE5220 portable DAB + / FM radio, battery / mains operation, 3 + 3 W RMS  

    Philips AE5220 / 12 portable radio (digital FM tuner, DAB +, battery / mains operation, 6W RMS) silver / brown (Electronics)
    First of all: The instrument is contrary to the information in the Prospectus and the manual a stereo radio with 2 speakers! The Stereo digital radio Philips AE5220 is an easy to use DAB + and FM radio, making it future-proof. Its design makes it sui
  • Battery for Philips SBC-SC477  

    Battery NI-MH 1200mAh 2.4V for Philips baby monitor baby monitor SBC SC466, SBC S477, SBC-SC477, SBC S484, SBC-SC484, SC487 SBC replaces NA120D01C089 (Electronics)
    The article is great for little money. After four years of our battery Philips SBC-SC477 did limp. Unpacking, from the charging station and after a short time it is ready for use. The battery life also seems the original suit. Strong buy recommendati
  • Exchange gg. Old NiCd battery (650mAh) in a Philips Beard Trimmer  

    Tecxus NiMh battery AA (1.2V, 2100mAh) (Accessories)
    has thus worked perfectly. Fortunately, the device was still open by screw. I have something gg. Disposable! The delivery was very quick and easy, the product totally meets my expectations, the capacity is sensational and a little DIY has my beard tr
  • Philips 6FR61LB1A Lithium 9V Battery  

    Philips 6FR61LB1A Lithium 9V Battery (Accessory)
    Slightly more expensive than alkaline batteries, long-life battery that is designed to supply a "smoke" detector. Batteries "Lithium" is recommended for this use.
  • Battery for Philips Baby Monitor  

    Battery NI-MH 700mAh 4.8V for Philips baby monitor baby monitor SBC-EB4870 A1507, SBC-EB4880 A1507 replaced MT700D04CX51 (Electronics)
    The poles on the connector (red and black cable) of the batteries were swapped! After exchange of the cable to the connector of the battery now works 1A.
  • Replacement battery for Philips baby monitor  

    Battery NI-MH 700mAh 4.8V for Philips baby monitor baby monitor SBC-EB4870 A1507, SBC-EB4880 A1507 replaced MT700D04CX51 (Electronics)
    As already mentioned several times, the battery is installed incorrectly. This should at a battery that is specifically promoted as a replacement for the baby monitor, not the case. Of course you can plug umpinnen, but that's certainly not for everyo
  • Ingenious energy battery on the go - invites many micro USB devices: smartphones, cameras, BT earphone / speaker see list.!  

    Sony CP-ELS USB portable power supply for smartphone (Accessories)
    The offered here Li-ion battery consists mainly of the white lithium-ion battery Battery "Sony CP-EL" with a capacity of 2000 mAh nominally. The CP-EL / ELS has been offered by Sony to date for MSRP of 24,90 Euro. Any price below offers, is
  • TOP TV! Proposes Samsung, LG Philips & hands down ...  

    Sony BRAVIA KDL-50W685 126 cm (50 inches) 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 200Hz XRM, DVB-T / C / S2, WiFi, SmartTV) (Electronics)
    First of all I would like to note the following: I am a film and Serienjunkie without TV is nothing like me. I use my TV so every day and not only, for example when ironing. In recent years, I always went back to the brand Philips or Samsung, but now
  • Philips HP6393 / 00 for perfect eyebrows!  

    Philips HP6393 / 00 Satin Compact Body and Face Trimmer (Health and Beauty)
    This is my first face - and body trimmer. Since I have very thick and bushy eyebrows and the opportunity to test this Facial Trimmer, I ordered it right away! When he arrived and I unpacked the Philips HP6393 / 00 Satin Compact Body and Face Trimmer,
  • Philips can designe and pay expensive brand name!  

    Philips Pico Pix PPX 3410 LED Projector (VGA, Contrast Ratio 1000: 1, 800 x 600 pixels, 100 ANSI lumens, HDMI, USB) (Electronics)
    The projector was delivered as usual fast and reliable. After I already had to return reasons another mini LED projector from others I have persuaded myself when purchasing the Philips Pico Pix 3410 by the good reviews. The projector looks very good
  • Very good Minibeamer with WiFi and battery  

    Philips PicoPix3610 Pocket Projector (1080p, Contrast Ratio 1000: 1, WLAN, USB) (Electronics)
    I was looking for a small tranportablen Beamer, which can be operated with a rechargeable battery as possible and should be transported with my pocket easily. In question came: Tbright X100 (100 lumens) Aiptek V150W (150 lumens) Acer K137 (700 lumens
  • has never had a better electric shaver only the battery is nix  

    Panasonic ES7101 Wet Dry Battery Shaver (Health and Beauty)
    this device is really the hammer at the price! only the hair on the neck need something more intense devotion while shaving. but that seems to be due to design (was brown with my 15-year-old also so). mouth and cheeks: 2x over it and almost smooth ra
  • Good beard trimmer: Washable, 2 cutting heads, strong battery - Recommended for people with beard with claim and fine trimming  

    Philips BT5270 / 32 beard trimmer (with 16 adjustable cutting lengths) (Health and Beauty)
    Video at View Philips has launched this spring two good new beard trimmer on the market, this one and the BT9290. The BT9290 has additionally the laser function and costs a little more - because everyone needs to superior even if he needs