pleiades headphone amplifier review


  • An excellent headphone amplifier for the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones ...  

    Asus Xonar Essence One external Hi-Fi DAC (120dB SNR, 600 Ohm headphones, 11 replaceable op amps, XLR R + L, USB 2.0, Digital IN) (Accessories)
    I now have the Essence One only a few days, but still found time to test it extensively. I use it not (and will it not) use it as an external sound card. He is in my basement cinema and for me is solely his performance as a headphone amplifier intere
  • Behringer MICROAMP HA400 headphone amplifier  

    Behringer MICROAMP HA400 Headphone Amplifier (Electronics)
    Behringer MICROAMP HA400 headphone amplifier TOP part, no noise, hum, works clean On the contrary to previous reviews: My delivery (December 2014) a course for the German market power supply was there. All TOP
  • A headphone amplifier to one does not hear - the way it should be  

    Beyerdynamic A1 Headphone Amplifier (18dB) gray (Electronics)
    It is interesting when a reviewer headphone amplifier attest a sound. A good headphone amp has exactly no intrinsic sound, which by the way more difficult than is commonly imagined. The effect, when combined with a headphone amplifier suddenly much b
  • The Swiss army knife of headphone amplifiers  

    Creative Sound Blaster E5 High-resolution USB DAC portable headphone amplifier (3.5mm microphone, Bluetooth, NFC, USB) black (accessories)
    If you stay on the page for this product, then I need but actually no longer to explain what a headphone amplifier (abbreviated KHV) is, right? Perhaps very briefly summarized in a nutshell: If you buy yourself a powerful, wired over-ear or on-ear he
  • This switching power supply is also suitable for the operation of audio components such as headphone amplifier.  

    Profitec Universal AC adapter DC 9V 12V 15V 18V 20V 24V 13.5V / 1500mA max. stabilized (electronic)
    This switching power supply is also suitable for the operation of audio components such as headphone amplifier. I use it specifically for the KHV Musical Fidelity V-CAN, because the orig. PSU this provide a stabilized voltage. This power supply has n
  • Very good headphone amplifier  

    Teac HA-P50 portable headphone amplifier for Apple iPod / iPhone / iPad and Android devices (Electronics)
    I have the HA-P50 now very satisfied since 6 weeks and am. I often hear through headphones, as a player usually a smart phone, sometimes the computer. The HA-P50 is also a DAC and a headphone amplifier. The sound is impeccable and very accurate, in m
  • super DAC and headphone amplifier strong  

    AudioQuest DragonFly v1.2 | USB Digital Audio Converter (D / A converter) (Electronics)
    I own the dragonfly now three months and definitely not give it ago. Opposite the v1.0 manufacturer was lt. Improves inter alia the headphone amplifier. Although I can not compare with the old version, but: The Dragonfly offers more than enough power
  • Flexible and high-quality DAC with good headphone amplifier  

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus Digital to analog converter (Electronics)
    The DAC Magic Plus (465) is its connectivity flexible: Digital and analog inputs and outputs (coaxial / TOSLINK / RCA / XLR / USB and optional Bluetooth). The integrated headphone amplifier (short KHV) is sound quality with sufficient power. The use
  • A headphone amplifier - for what?  

    Pro-Ject Head Box II Headphone Amplifier (Electronics)
    Prices for headphone amplifier start at EUR 20 on the upwardly open price scale. Often, the built-in amplifier and receiver headphone amplifier does not sound especially. My new hi-fi system no longer even has a headphone output. I recently reactivat
  • A good headphone amplifier improves the sound of music noticeably  

    Creative Sound Blaster SB1600 E1 headphone amplifier for PC and smartphone black (Accessories)
    Why do we need a headphone amplifier? Well, if I take the sound of my smartphone when I hang the "good" Earphones off, then that's not so intoxicating ... If you still want to hear music with 2 people, then that's even schlimmer.Bei my normal ch
  • Creative Sound Blaster E3 headphone amplifier  

    Creative Sound Blaster E3 headphone amplifier (3.5mm microphone, Bluetooth, NFC, USB) (Electronics)
    Shortly: Function headphone amplifier: 4.5 stars Function USB DAC: 1 Star Since the function as a headphone amplifier clearly outweighs I give 4 stars. A little more detail: The E3 advertises itself as a headphone amplifier which can appeal headphone
  • The ultimate headphones. Review Sony MDR-1ADAC  

    Sony MDR-1ADACS High Resolution headphones with S-Master digital amplifier HX Silver (Electronics)
    I had the good fortune to come quite favorable to the new MDR-1ADAC. Sony is currently investing heavily in the new High Resolution sound technology. I was therefore very excited about what is rausholen these headphones from my Xperia Ultra Smartphon
  • Teac Headphone Amplifier HA-P50  

    Teac HA-P50 portable headphone amplifier for Apple iPod / iPhone / iPad and Android devices (Electronics)
    Got it here at Amazon favorable and did not regret it. I use with my iPhone 5s the Lightning output (digital) and go digital purely in the amplifier. The sound comes out at the end of the headset (B & W P7) is already impressive when you consider
  • Headphone Amplifiers Fiio Mont Blanc E12  

    FiiO E12 Mont Blanc amplified headset (3.5 mm Stereo Jack) Black (Electronics)
    The E12 is a portable amp audio Fiio. Mont Blanc is the flagship of the brand, it is positioned as the best mobile amp of its range, and most powerful. It may be made in China but the quality of materials and finish are impeccable. The product is sol
  • Outstanding headphone amplifier  

    SMSL M2 Power Amplifier Amplifier Amplifier portable headphone amplifier, external DAC decoder sound card, USB-Powered (silver), by Grandview (Electronics)
    The SMSL M2 I use to connect a pair of headphones AKG K701 to a MacBook Air or Mac mini, and it fits in perfectly with silver visually devices from Apple. Compared to the connection of the air of effortless M2 and there are higher volume sounds possi
  • A good headphone amplifier  

    LD Systems LDHPA4 headphone amplifier (4-channel) (Electronics)
    Because of my hearing a really useful Teil.Endlich I understand the often silent, insb.bei recorded movies, (Hard disk recorder) The volume can be infinitely einstellen.Auch music is now listening. It can be connected if more headphone 4 hard of hear
  • Headphone Amplifier for PC / TV and more!  

    Behringer MICROAMP HA400 Headphone Amplifier (Electronics)
    Hello there, have gained me the Behringer HA400 together with a Sennheiser HD555. I see mainly on PC films and love and especially hear loud music. Have the PC signal has always reinforced with a stereo system. This is now obsolete: HA400: Small but
  • Behringer MA400 Headphone Amplifier  

    Behringer MA400 Micromon Headphone Amplifier (Electronics)
    Device very well in order .Klang and power consumption. Unfortunately, the power supply from the UK, did not have another nehmen.Für average citizen reasonable. Chinch input would not be bad. Mechanical gelungen.Kauf and supply of Amazon very good. B
  • Excellent Headphone Amplifier, ........  

    SMSL SAPII TPA6120A2 Big Power High Fidelity Stereo Headphone Amplifier (Electronics)
    which unfortunately has only the large 6.3mm output jack. So I still need an adapter to 3.5 mm jack interpose. Positive are sound, definitely enough volume and the ability to switch off the device using a switch on the front. A blue LED behind the vo
  • Panasonic RP-HX550 review: class headphones with a high efficiency  

    Panasonic RP-HX550 Street Headphones (Electronics)
    The HX550 introduces a new design of Panasonic headphones. As with other, new equipment, the finish is now fine and the design very classic in a positive sense. For scarce 60, - Euro you get an excellent headset, maybe even the best current in its cl