protective membrane films


  • 6 x membrane films  

    6 x Membrane screen protection films Sony Xperia Z1 (C6902 / L39h, C6903, C6906, C6943) - Ultra clear stickers, Packaging and accessories (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Good qualities z1 membrane film with everything you need to prepare and lay the good (lil squeegee cloth) slightly smaller focus (1 mm) of bang for my silicone shell I buy protection is not taking off
  • Film protective membrane  

    6 x Membrane Screen protectors Samsung Galaxy II Grand 2 (SM-G7102 Dual SM-G7105 LTE, SM-G7106, G7108 SM-SM-G710K, SM-G710L, SM-G710S, SM-G7108V Grand view) - Ultra clear stickers, Packaging and accessories (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    This is a product that ensures the installation is easy and clear, over the film is very good because it does not mock the installation I am protected again and it provides a good contact to use. product according to my recommend this bran
  • Protective membrane  

    6 x Membrane screen protection films LG Google Nexus 5 - Ultra clear stickers, Packaging and accessories (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Excellent protective film and super easy application, good value for money. I recommend this product and super fast delivery.
  • But it remains thick protective plastic film  

    2 x shielded DISAGU Film écrancran protective film for Wiko Cink Five protective film against breakage (Electronics)
    This film is rather thick and easy to install but it remains the best protection plastique.Pour I prefer tempered glass film but it increased the phone.
  • Absolutely perfect screen protection window film for Samsung Galaxy S5  

    Best 4sale Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S5 i9600 screen protector glass protector G900 hardness 9H (Electronics)
    The film was super on time the next day of the order. After unpacking from the very safe packing and cleaning the screen it was to apply no problem at this very carefully crafted protective film on the smartphone. The film is very precisely and also
  • Good protection, annoying film  

    PSP - Accessory Pack 3 (Accessories)
    Tested with the "PSP Slim": 1. the threaded protective cover fits well and also hampers the UMD compartment bit. When the lid is completely unfolded, however, you may not have to thick finger, otherwise you will probably never to the R / L butto
  • protective membrane 1  

    6 x Membrane screen protection films Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830G / S5830M / S5830 / S5839i / S5831i) - Ultra clear, Packaging and accessories (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Very fast delivery, good product, easy to install, nice touch and does not interfere with responsiveness of the screen. Very useful the wipe to clean before putting the protection on the screen, a product that I recommend
  • S2 protective transparent film  

    6x Film Vikuiti Screen Protector Samsung I9105 Galaxy S2 Plus Protector Film Clear, Ultra-Claire (Electronics)
    impeccable quality of transparent film, is easy to install on my Samsung S2, the only regret is that it lacks a wipe to apply the film and wipe the screen fast delivery
  • Protective membrane 2  

    6 x Membrane screen protection films Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-i9190 / i9192 Dual Duos / i9195 LTE) - Ultra clear, Packaging (Electronics)
    I met some difficulties to set up the membrane (and I have also not totally successful). But it might be me who does not know how. The product appears to conform to the description.
  • Of screen protection membrane  

    X 6 (3 x 3 x Front and Rear) Membrane screen protection films Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503) - Ultra clear stickers with Installation Kit (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The product is perfectly arrival, days before the date that I esteem and with correct especifications. My valoration is very positive.
  • Slabo 2 x Screen Protector Film HTC Desire 610 protective screen film ...  

    Slabo 2 x Screen Protector Film HTC Desire 610 film protection screen protection film "Ultra Clear" invisible MADE IN GERMANY (Electronics)
    Explain why you like or not like this. Compare with similar products and share how long you have used this product. Identify the specific attributes (p. Ex. The comfort and fit of a shirt or the battery life of a camera), and fulfill the expectations
  • Unable to adjust  

    atFoliX FX-Antireflex Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 GT-i9205 (3 pieces) - Anti-glare screen protection! (Accessory)
    Adjust the film to the nearest quarter of a millimeter is essential in order to remove bubbles. Otherwise, the edge of the film does not adhere to 100% on the surface of the screen. In this case, despite your efforts, a broad band of "bubble" ca
  • membrane protective films Nikon D500  

    6 x Membrane screen protection films for Nikon D5100 Digital SLR (DSLR) - Ultra Clear (Invisible), scratch-resistant, original packaging and accessories (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Impractical membrane up with a way to use English. Small gadget to avoid scratching the screen of the Nikon D5100, malgrés all pretty utils! With some vision and poor information screen after instalation, the rest of the sticker paper used has the fa
  • Protective Films Arce Xperia S  

    Master Accessory Pack 6 Screen Protector film for Sony Xperia arc S (Accessory)
    These films are in accordance with the description. There are two plastic that protect each film. Besides at first I had not taken that one and I thought this was bad but actually removing them properly there trèèèèèès little air bubbles giving a fai
  • Very good protection 2  

    tinxi® Tempered Glass Explosion Proof toughened glass for Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch Premium Screen Protector Ultra hard screen protector 2.5D 0.3mm (Electronics)
    Since I have an iPhone 6 in Gold Plus, I did not want to hide in a normal flip case this beautiful baby. But I'm afraid that the screen scratched (in a woman's handbag is always a lot going on) I had to decide: Flipcase, foil or nothing (which I woul
  • Super film! 25  

    atFoliX screen protector Becker Professional 50 (3 pieces) - FX antireflective, antireflective Premium protector (accessory)
    I have never raised so easily make a film! Well, it may now be due to the experience, but the film was a perfect match, settled after the first Anpassversuch (about 2 cm were glued) Remove to correct without damage again and could then be brought up
  • Protects the display, but does not fit 100% and dissolves again  

    3 x atFoliX Samsung NX300M Protector Shield - FX-Clear crystal clear (Electronics)
    In short, however, protects the film is extremely thin to gro0, so I had trouble fitting first, but the second attempt it worked for almost half a yes, the film dissolves, however, because you just yet is minimal over the edges.
  • Provides protection, but no more  

    SWIDO X024303 anti-reflective hard coated screen protector for Canon EOS 70D / 70-D (2-Pack) (Accessories)
    As the title of this review says, the film provides only protection against scratches. The anti-reflective effect, I can not find, but a significant deterioration in the image displayed on the screen, unfortunately. It acts smudged and blurred. In or
  • No more plastic films!  

    delightable24 tempered glass screen film protective glass made of tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini - Crystal Clear (Electronics)
    After I got my first Mini S5 protected by a favorable protective plastic film and this already deteriorated display image to the beginning and after a very short time had a number of micro-scratches, I opted for this protection glass. The price appea
  • Protected while keeping the feel "glass"  

    Orzly® - MOTO G Premium Tempered Glass Protector 0.3 mm - Screen Protector for Moto G (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The highlight of this protection is the comfort of use: it is glass, so you do not feel the plastic problem as finger with protective plastic films, and is more solid. By cons is much more expensive than a plastic film! For model Moto G, the shape of