proxxonn torque motorcycle alternative


  • Torque wrenches from Proxxon  

    Proxxon 23345 MicroClick torque wrenches MC15 3-15Nm with plastic case (Misc.)
    Yes, this is an absolute aha effect. Need a torque wrench, adjustable 3-15 Nm for Aluminium and Carbon road bikes. Was one of an unknown company. This had an adjustment scale 2-14 Nm. So far so good. When, after a setting with 4 Nm the bolts were tig
  • Perfect tool for narrow money  

    PROXXON 23349 Torque wrench MicroClick MC30 drive 6.3 mm (1/4 inch) (tool)
    The small Proxxon torque wrench is absolutely worth the money. Perfect handling and convincing quality. Very useful is the included table for average torque (M6 = 10 Nm, etc.). There is no alternative in this price range and significantly expensive p
  • power is more than enough  

    Hesselink 230V electric impact wrench PIW-1000 (Misc.)
    Power more than enough. What I wanted. Steel wheels were now 5 months in winter it. according proxxon torque they were to open at 16 kg. Down 1 x and the Polzen was there. Even lighter and faster it gets. When reindrehen I could plan to stay 1 second
  • A top tool that is a must for any serious bicycle wrench!  

    PROXXON 23349 Torque wrench MicroClick MC30 drive 6.3 mm (1/4 inch) (tool)
    Proxxon is a long time for very good products at a fair price with great service. This applies fully to with this product: Packaging top Top tool Why therefore only four stars is now asking the interested reader: The answer is quite simple. The key i
  • A simple and inexpensive torque wrench for motorcycle  

    Draper 34570 Torque Ratchet 95 mm square drive 10-80 Nm / 88.5 to 708 inches / lb (UK Import) (Tools & Accessories)
    Hello, I just wanted to tell you that this torque wrench fits perfectly to the needs for any thread of a motorcycle. Moreover it is not expensive at all, and this is even more true when the shipping fees are offered. :-)
  • As an alternative to motorcycle Navi  

    Wicked Chili Rain Case 2.0 bike mount for Apple iPhone 4S / 4 / 3GS / 3G (splash protection, charging cable, headphone jack, portrait / landscape) (Electronics)
    Have my case brought to it to be attached to my bike with Superbike handlebar (22mm). It keeps very tight and extremely safe even at high speeds on the attached space. For me an absolute alternative to the expensive Navi Becker, Garmin, etc. for more
  • Torque wrench proxxon  

    Proxxon - Micro Click 200-23353 - Torque wrench (Tools & Accessories)
    Very good quality for this key! A little big but it exudes quality, easy adjusting knob, already had this kind of key in use pro! Only downside was 40 until she begins 200. Forced to take the small clamp for small :-(
  • Proxxon 23345 Torque wrench MC 15  

    Proxxon 23345 MicroClick torque wrenches MC15 3-15Nm with plastic case (Misc.)
    I am very pleased! The part does exactly what it should. Dissolves clearly noticeable from. For various small and attachments on the bicycle, just right
  • Proxxon 23353 Torque Wrench  

    Proxxon 23353 Torque wrench MicroClick MC200 drive 12.5mm (1/2 ") (tool)
    High-quality tool, a year ago it was a gift for someone and I could myself make an impression on this tool. Quality of workmanship precision as a tool and a reasonable price were my purchasing decision.
  • With some caveats - usable torque wrench for little money  

    PROXXON 23349 Torque wrench MicroClick MC30 drive 6.3 mm (1/4 inch) (tool)
    Previously I was using as a minor supplement to Gedore / RAHSOL TORCOFIX K 40-200Nm a Gedore Torcomatik in 1/2 "8-70Nm. But at the bother me who like to be adjusted time setting and the size and weight of the massive 1/2" Umsteckratsche , Next t
  • Cheaper but good torque wrench, which is my demands!  

    Unitec 20809 Torque wrench with nuts (Automotive)
    I bought with the torque wrench in order to change my car tires can. Especially when it comes to torque wrench can be so incredibly much money to spend, which is of no interest for a private person who 2x takes him into the hands of a year. From my p
  • Service of Proxxon (24.09.2012)!  

    Proxxon 23353 Torque wrench MicroClick MC200 drive 12.5mm (1/2 ") (tool)
    Had bought more than 8 years ago on 03/06/2004 for 85.95 this torque wrench (Proxxon Micro-Click 200 / S) and now had my first problem with this torque wrench. The handle turned with thus an accurate set of torque was no longer possible. I use this t
  • Little thought, not perfect - there are also no alternative  

    Sony AKASF1.SYH frame holder for Action Camera (Accessories)
    So, here's my review, I'll keep it short. PRO: + Fulfills its job, finally the Action Cam is also laterally attachable + Contacts are accessible CONTRA: - Unfortunately locked the yellow slide up not one, can therefore move. - I must say, I do not no
  • Excellent alternative to the U-lock  

    ABUS Folding Lock Bordo Granit X-Plus 6400/85, 45053 (Equipment)
    The Bordo Granit X-Plus is a Level 15 Faltb├╝gelschloss for bicycles. Level 15 marks The resistance to violent break-up and is one of the highest level, which are common in the field of bicycle locks. More security is only available for considerably m
  • Very good alternative 1 1  

    Swiss Charger Kits Imoto SCC40001 Headset Mini Bluetooth Headset (Accessory)
    These motorcycle headsets are a very good alternative to branded products amounting two or three times more expensive. The volume is sufficient - nothing too however. I also added a dot of glue to attach the microphone correctly.
  • Great quality in full metal design, high torque  

    Proxxon 28128 Bench drill TBM 220 (tool)
    This Reszension should be a help in the selection of equipment and also focuses on bench drills from the Baumarmt. It is primarily a comparison between "Proxxon bench drill TBM 220" and "Dremel 400 Digital" built into "Dremel Work
  • Solid, even for Sporty motorcycle tours.  

    (secured Dopelt) mumbi bike mount HTC One X + X TwoSave for motorcycle and bicycle holder (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have to use the positive reviews, and by a lack of alternatives, recently decided this holder for my bike. Well, so far I was not disappointed, the quality of the material has ├╝berrrascht me for this price range, high-quality hard plastic, self-loc
  • strong breakaway torque  

    SIRUI K-20X tripod head (aluminum, height: 98mm, weight: 0.4kg, Loading capacity: 25kg) Black with Removable TY-60 (Accessories)
    Cleverix has already mentioned it, I can fully confirm it: the ball head itself is a wonderful product, but there is one major drawback: The breakaway torque is too strong when using the friction screw. It is hardly possible to align the head with mi
  • Without alternative price-performance ratio  

    Cardo Scala Rider Q2 MultiSet PRO with gooseneck micro (Electronics)
    First things first: The Scala Rider is a solid intercom with good to very good voice quality. His main purpose fulfilled it with flying colors. The specified range is true about. Disconnections do not occur in my type of use (day trips with 2 motorcy
  • Recommended! Cheap & good-quality alternative to expensive WACOM Tablets :-)  

    Hanvon Graphics Tablet USB Black A4 battery-free pen drathloser Express Touch keys 1024 dpi 5080 LPI incl. Software and Driver (Personal Computers)
    Now that the WACOM patent monopoly has fallen, now finally also offer other manufacturers relatively cheap graphics tablets with similar good quality on the market at. It was finally time to break the monopoly price WACOM'sche through real competitio