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  • Really child-friendly play and movement songs  

    The 30 best play and movement songs 2 - nursery rhymes and songs Baby (Audio CD)
    The second edition of the children's play and movement songs has also become great again. Our children love the music to sing along, join in and dance along ... The guides are super ... Personally, I have to say that the first Aussgabe was somewhat m
  • Movie Song  

    Snowflakes (MP3 Download)
    Hey, this song is pure emotion, from Til Schweiger film KOKOWÄÄH comes Snowflakes White Apple Tree, just awesome, and the song immediately goes under the skin and into your ears, and there it shall then also drin.Echt top class!
  • A great movement song for Kids  

    Theo Theo (The Fitness Song) (MP3 Download)
    Exactly this item I needed. It is great fun to move to with children. A real family hit in bad weather.
  • 5 Good movie songs, wall Score  

    Against All Odds (Audio CD)
    The soundtrack to the film Against All Odds in 1984 is in my opinion quite interesting because some rarities. The soundtrack is divided into 6 songs and the instrumental score by Larry Carlton. The latter does not interest me and is perhaps only in c
  • Play and movement songs  

    The 30 best play and movement songs 2 - nursery rhymes and songs Baby (Audio CD)
    After impression the songs make with my grandchildren this CD is only average. Qualitatively well done, but unfortunately true - except for 2 songs - not the taste of my grandson, too bad.
  • One of the finest and most successful CDs with children's songs ever  

    The 30 best play and movement songs - nursery rhymes and songs Baby (Audio CD)
    It is almost impossible! One of the most beautiful and best CDs of children's songs. I've tried many, but this is by far the most beautiful. Not in the long run annoying, but wanted to hear over and over again. Toll arranged, sung loving and warm, st
  • A Fatastischer song ...  

    Let It Go (MP3 Download)
    ..of the little-known pop duo from the United States. The two sisters show here a movie Song of the highest quality (at least I think) and not as a strange sound as Another Way to Die (James Bond Quantum of Solace) .From there me 5 stars, the wrong h
  • Super CD, will not be boring  

    The 30 best play and movement songs - nursery rhymes and songs Baby (Audio CD)
    I was with my mouse often to crawl hour and finally I have found a CD that contains most of the songs we know. I can only say great song selection and especially many (simple) songs, namely 30 pieces in total. It is only to movement songs whose texts
  • What's so great about this CD ?! The good reviews I can not quite understand  

    The 30 best play and movement songs - nursery rhymes and songs Baby (Audio CD)
    We bought the play and movement songs due to the highly acclaimed reviews. In addition, the CD from Amazon sales rank is located in the children's songs very top. But why this music CD to be so popular, me remains a mystery. Especially good we found
  • Silent Night / 7 O'Clock News  

    The Complete Albums Collection (Audio CD)
    In the early 90's were published in a triple-CD, the five regular albums by Simon & Garfunkel; the definitive editions are however only since 1997 and in 2001 - including bonus tracks - both in box set "The Columbia Studio Recordings 1964-19
  • More suitable for older children.  

    The 30 best party songs for children - to sing and dance (Audio CD)
    We can the good reviews not quite connect. Our daughter, 2 3/4 years, is enthusiastic about the play and movement songs and learning songs from the series and can all sing along. For each drive the CDs run up and down. In order to provide more variet
  • greedy Eilproduktion  

    The 30 best play and movement songs 2 - nursery rhymes and songs Baby (Audio CD)
    After we "play and movement songs" and the learning songs heard excited to Part 1, now the purchase of the follow-up CD: We are disappointed. (Our children are 1, 2 and 3 years). Overall, a new CD is in the series "30 best .." now
  • The first CD was much better!  

    The 30 best play and movement songs 2 - nursery rhymes and songs Baby (Audio CD)
    We already have the first CD of the play and movement songs. Because our son and we found that great, we also have to think about without large, bought the second. Unfortunately, this CD is not nearly as good as the first. Our son is listening to be
  • Very nice SUB with the perfect bass  

    Yamaha NS-SW700 Advanced YST II and QD Bass subwoofer (300 W, 25 cm woofer) 1 piece Piano finish black (Electronics)
    Yamaha NS-SW700 Advanced YST II and QD Bass Subwoofer ************************************************** *** I own this subwoofer now 4 years. It runs with a Panasonic SA-XR70 Hifi receiver with the composite 2 ELAC 207 front speakers 1 Elac Cinema 1
  • Musically very varied  

    The 30 best children's songs on a world tour - funny songs from 30 countries and regions (Audio CD)
    We have about 15 CDs from the series "The 30 best ...". The children's songs on a world tour in addition to the 3 play and movement songs CDs the absolute favorite of our little ones. He runs us practically every day with these 4 CDs afterwards.
  • Brilliant musical masterpiece!  

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Remastered) (Audio CD)
    "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is John Barry's fifth James Bond soundtrack to the sixth part of the 007-series and undoubtedly one of the musical milestones all James Bond movies (Her Majesty's Secret) from 1969. After the submarine, psychede
  • Top, top, top! Oct. 15  

    My songs 6 songs to listen, to watch 6 images (Album)
    My baby, my husband and I are a fan of this collection since its 5 months. It is his 'toy' favorite. At 7 months now he understood where to press to play the songs. At home it was almost the entire collection but we prefer everything song as audio cl
  • Great product 3489  

    Sennheiser HDR 160 additional wireless headphones for RS-160 (Electronics)
    The helmet really allows us to immerse ourselves in the movie with an audio sound of excellent qualities, it also helps isolate background noise s what I am I was looking at the base! Today I could not move m I ve try headsets and this one is by far
  • Unfortunately, no comparison to no. 1 & 2  

    The 30 best play and movement songs Vol.3 (Audio CD)
    We are total "The 30 Best" - fans - who, in addition to this, five more CDs that convince us all completely. Accordingly, we were happy when the new play and movement songs announced. Our daughter was then given immediately after appearing for h
  • Ok, but not a deal breaker  

    The 30 best play and movement songs Vol.3 (Audio CD)
    On this CD the remains appear to be published, because the CDs play and movement songs 1 and 2 are much better. On this CD, the songs are slower and animate the child does not really dance or sing. My daughter wants to hear only the other two CDs and