puzzle minnie trefl 4 in 1


  • Puzzle Minnie  

    Trefl - 34119 - 4 in 1 Puzzle Minnie - 35-48-54-70 Parts (Toy)
    Fully satisfied; It's Done happiness of my 2 little girls who love doing puzzles and there Minnie what happiness for them, 4 stunning puzzles of different size, great for change !!
  • Despite less known manufacturers very good quality  

    Puzzle Fantasy koláž 1500 (Toys)
    Actually, I'm always a little skeptical when I do not know a puzzle brand, as I have already partly caught puzzles of very poor quality. That reminds me the motive, however, has very much, I bought this puzzle anyway and was pleasantly surprised: Mea
  • Still puzzles ...  

    Trefl - 34119 - 4 in 1 Puzzle Minnie - 35-48-54-70 Parts (Toy)
    I bought these puzzles for my two little girls. They love Minnie and many other heroes and heroines but also the 4 puzzles allow for plaisie both as parts numbers are increasing. And then the second will soon do both more difficult. They have always
  • fun puzzle app with addictive  

    LYNE (App)
    This app is perfect for in-between. But if you're not careful, it can happen fast, that one is so much under the spell that you forget everything around you. So watch out for example on the train, that you get out will not forget. Conceptually, it is
  • Tricky puzzle - Very well staged  

    Hitman GO (App)
    The game convinced at all levels! Those who especially love the Hitman series the tactical aspect will be delighted by the game mechanics! Square Enix has really come up can be a great thing by the sneak `n` Shotter was umgemünzt on board as a tricky
  • Great puzzle game  

    Monument Valley (App)
    Monument Valley is a very entertaining puzzle game that challenges one to constantly think outside the box - in the truest sense of the word! You have to change the perspective and the perspective that is always to find the right way. That makes a lo
  • Cute puzzler with a good increase in difficulty  

    Lazors (App)
    On pitches of varying sizes Blöck with different characteristics have to be arranged so that the laser beams illuminate all photocells. Simple gameplay, very good for in-between. I especially liked that the difficulty increases linearly beautiful: Th
  • Good puzzle app with expansion potential  

    KAMI (App)
    Battery-hungry app, easy to use, low level of difficulty. The objective of this puzzle game is to reduce all different-colored areas on a color. Each round has a pattern that contains up to four colors. By tapping an area changes this, with a nice an
  • Very suitable for puzzle fans ..  

    Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove of Druids (computer game)
    ... As the hidden object scenes are very spartan, the main focus of this game is the puzzles. These have been designed highly variable and have it in them. In between there is sometimes easier, but you can tell really, as the developers have placed i
  • Super puzzle game for very fair price  

    CLARC (App)
    A great game for in between, with classic yet refreshing puzzles, plus a unique, striking and beautiful visual elaboration. All around recommendable! I recommend to download previously the Lite version. If you like the lite version, you'll love the f
  • one of the best mobile Puzzler  

    CLARC (App)
    >> Detailed rating when played through << The game makes a great first impression! The sound and music are awesome. The graphic style and settings are consistent and give off a great game world. The puzzles are fresh and new (although spo
  • Perplexing puzzles, cute robots and cool graphics  

    CLARC (App)
    Clarc captivated me from the start. Cool puzzle, the easy start, but quickly very crisp and challenging be - great! The robot world with its characters and their story is lovingly told and sweet and in conjunction with the beautiful look of the graph
  • Great puzzler with charm  

    CLARC (App)
    One notices that Clarc was made with love. The graph looks beautiful, the puzzles are tricky but fair, and the robots are so cute that you can not resist love. It's great fun to walk through the factory worlds and with the small robot to solve puzzle
  • Lovingly designed adventure puzzler  

    CLARC (App)
    CLARC is an all around harmonious and expresses entertaining adventure puzzler, the refreshingly stands out from the usual, commercial, mobile games. CLARC is a real game. The graphics are lovingly decorated and the soundtrack untzerstützt the atmosp
  • great puzzle game with beautiful graphics  

    Unmechanical (App)
    Great graphics and nice atmosphere combined with nice puzzles. Can be contrary to some reviews here easily install and run properly on my OP.O. Handy but extremely warm. Nevertheless, full 5 stars from me.
  • I can not imagine entertaining puzzle  

    Portal 2 - PS3 Essentials (video game)
    Game concepts based on Portal puzzles were common even before the portal. And there are now even more so. The predecessor to Portal 2 on PC, however, was probably the best so far and successful implementation. Varied puzzle elements, executed as part
  • Great puzzle with the usual top quality from Ravensburger  

    Ravensburger 19141 - Skyline Singapore - 1000 Teile Puzzle (Toy)
    Well - what can I say great. It is a beautiful motif in the usual Ravensburger Quality. No related parts or other quality defects. Have finish the puzzle gepuzzlet one afternoon within 7 hours was very captivating :)
  • nice puzzle for in between  

    Montezuma Puzzle Premium 3 (app)
    Visually nice homemade puzzle, no time pressure. No advertising. The background music is extremely annoying, and when the power goes off, all sounds are unfortunately gone.
  • Creative puzzle game with Adventure-game background  

    Source Memento (App)
    Those were some of the smartest Puzzles - not an adventure game, but pure puzzle game, but put up very nice. But I am surprised the long start time - sometimes I wonder what's going on in the background everything, but the fun of the game, it did not
  • Partly tricky puzzle fun with fast end  

    Cryptic Keep (App)
    The puzzle game is not bad. Some of the solutions can only be solved with the random principle and I was with the whole game after 1.5 hours already finished. The game is in English did not bother me, because everything explains itself. For short-ter