qdi mini cube


  • Very nice product (Mini Cube Black)  

    EWT Mini Cube black electric fireplace (household goods)
    The fireplace was purchased in order to have a (not ugly) Heating in addition in a 20sqm room. He accomplishes this purpose in my opinion well, therefore the following comments: (+) looks great Flame effect is real and not cheesy 2 steps actually adj
  • Super Mini Cube!  

    Arctic S111 powered speakers (USB 2.0) (Personal Computers)
    The boxes are just 7 cm wide, as high and a little deeper. Sure, compared to larger boxes naturally lacks basses - because the physics is not outwit. Nevertheless, it does not bother, because you know in advance. What are clearly convinced the dynami
  • Rubik's Cube  

    Rollei Innocube IC200T Pico Projector for Apple iPhone / iPad / smartphone / tablet silver (Accessories)
    The wow factor is huge. As you unpack a mini cube and has a full-fledged projector ready quickly. Quick is not quite right, because the supplied cables are not I-Phone-compatible. The HDMI cable but can quickly produce the laptop to connect. Retrofit
  • Astonishing quality for such a small price  

    Tera Mini Speaker mp3 cube / Mini Speaker USB / speaker jack 3.5 + FM radio + LCD + Card slot TF / Micro SD for laptop, tablet, car, car, MP3 MP4 iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Nokia etc. Silver (Accessory)
    Everything is in the title, but I detail still somewhat: - Detection and registration, really high speed, thirty FM channels - Excellent speaker, whose power is really amazing (that is of course not of high fidelity, but the sound quality is very goo
  • Small but effective! 16  

    Moulinex Fresh Express grater DJ800G34 Cone Macedonia included Ruby Red (Kitchen)
    Quickly out, quickly used quickly washed !!! The cone performs Macedonia "minis" cubes ideal for glasses. However the engine is not powerful enough for parmesan cone and quickly heats. I mostly bought for grated carrots and I'm satisfied with th
  • Very nice! 145 3  

    Aolevia 3 × 3 × 3 Mini Cube Magic Cube Professional - No Need Sticker (Toy)
    A cute little cube to put in the pocket or handbag. It measures 3 cm side, it is a Dian Sheng stickerless (colors are tinted in the mass) and rather solid. It has a tiny corner-cutting but it turns already much better than the key fob in Rubik's. Pla
  • Power Dwarfs  

    Ultron Active Speakers Mini Cubes 2.0 for PC and notebook black (Accessories)
    At first I was almost shocked at how small the boxes actually are. After connecting it sounded then only times rather weak and I thought this was a bad buy. But I was completely wrong, in these dwarfs infected pretty power! Of course this is no hi-re
  • -passabler sound, not for audiophiles, poor to improve speakers in the notebook etc. suitable  

    Ultron Active Speakers Mini Cubes 2.0 for PC and notebook black (Accessories)
    Hello There, -Here now the review of Ultron Active Speakers Mini Cubes 2.0. First the technique, the boxes are well-made, feature a USB connection for power supply and a 3.5mm stereo jack plug to the appropriate to be connected to reinforcing device.
  • good buy 601  

    Haribo Goldbären / Golden Bear 100 mini bags, 980g sealed tray (Grocery)
    conforms to my expectations despite some really positive feedback. I ordered '' mini cubs' and I got 'minis cubs' !!!! Good value for money
  • Very good passive sound system  

    Audiopro Avanto 5.0 Home Theater Set (Electronics)
    I just got back after a few tries with Mini Cubes (Bose or devil motif 6) of this classic passive system 5.0 entschieden.Und I did not regret it, because you want to have a dynamic and natural sound is nothing like driving a passive system where the
  • Small Boombox  

    August MB300 - Clock radio - MP3 player / stereo - Clock Radio (Electronics)
    So I bon of this little thing really impressed! ; O) The sound coming out of this Mini Cube is terrific. It looks very chic, has many playback options. Did it to me ordered for the kitchen & have to say the can! Only 4 stars there are therefore: the
  • Devil 103918004 wireless BT Bamster Soundbar  

    Devil BT Bamster portable Bluetooth Soundbar White (Electronics)
    After my kids got a Bluetooth dice from a discount store for 14.99 at Christmas, I was convinced by a Bluetooth speaker. Of course I wanted to have something better. So I opted for the devil. Unit arrived promptly. Unpacked and connected, everything
  • Small but (very) fine ....  

    Jaytech 77002424 Bluetooth Mini Bass Cube active speakers (1 piece, 3.5 mm jack, 3 Watt, USB) (Electronics)
    The Mini Cube Bass has fully met my expectations. Due to the size I was a little skeptical about the expected sound, but I have to say it exceeded my expectations more than fulfilled. The bass is very good, the volume as well. One can use for present
  • Good but far too cumbersome and complicated  

    Andoer Mini Digital Portable Music MP3 / 4 Player Music Player Micro SD / TF USB Disk Speaker FM Radio (Black)
    What can the device for that price is great, even the Lichtergeblinkt is perhaps for children and other a great feature. If you want to use it but it is unpleasant. If you want to use the wheel, you have in submenus. If you can adjust the transmitter
  • Dwarven post-its - funny, but not overly practical and expensive arg  

    Post-it 2051 L sticky note cubes Mini 51x51 mm, 400 sheets, lemon yellow, lime green, blue (Office supplies & stationery)
    The term "sticky note cubes Mini" and the clear indication of size 51 x 51 mm make no secret of it: This post-its block is small, very small even. Since you often no more than a phone number or an appointment noted, are the little pieces of pape
  • A genial Distractions, varied and entertaining family game ...  

    AMIGO 02320 - Dice Mania! (Toys)
    ... That works exclusively with dice - and very good! Dice Mania is designed for 2-6 players, ages 12 and comes with 133 diverse cubes and 100 job cards to the player. At the beginning the game board is prepared, and the cube sort (in addition to the
  • Mini vehicles cubes  

    Buki - 7127 - Construction game - Mini Cubes Vehicles (Toy)
    Always so happy that the pack animals already buy very good mini solid cubes, my 3 year old have fun with many
  • JAY-tech mini SA101 Bass Cube Mini Speaker and MP3 player (microSD card slot, USB) green  

    JAY-tech mini SA101 Bass Cube Mini Speakers and MP3 player (microSD card slot, USB) Green (Electronics)
    Unbelievable what is in this little device to power! I am absolutely thrilled about the price performance ratio! The memory card must be purchased separately is only natural at this price! 5 Star Plus
  • Mini Speaker Bass Cube by Jay-Tech  

    JAY-tech mini SA101 Bass Cube Mini Speaker and MP3 player (microSD card slot, USB) (Electronics)
    Through the recommendation of a colleague I bought this speaker for our notebook. Have now seen at Amazon, that You are the identical speakers also of Music? Which are all made in China anyway (it is well) and everyone does just his own stamp on it .
  • auvisio Mini MP3 Station "MPS 550.cube" with integrated radio  

    auvisio Mini MP3 Station "MPS 550.cube" with integrated radio, blue (Electronics)
    Use the good Sück as garden radio and can only say: TOP! Takes as good away as no capacity and the radio and MP3 functions are absolutely fine for the price!