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  • vaccinations  

    Vaccinations, the right to choose (Paperback)
    appreciated the clear explanation of the pros and cons; which allows to get a clear idea of ​​what needs to be done. I recommend it to all who are hesitant because of lack of knowledge of the dangers of vaccines
  • the benefit / risk balance should she not pencherait detriment of vaccines?  

    (Good) health of unvaccinated children: Beyond the controversy! (Paperback)
    This is a book about vaccines and their side effects more accessible than many written by Michel Georget. It helps to have an idea of ​​the various practiced vaccines, mandatory or not, their side effects, and risks (or absence of risk) not to vaccin
  • The instructions for use of vaccines!  

    Who likes, vaccinia little! (Paperback)
    This book, written by a group of doctors, is truly a guide at a very affordable price that allows for the disease developed by illness. Each disease is well explained and there are one or combination vaccines and the risks and recommendations. Finall
  • Could not be better !!! 5 1  

    Frontline Spot On H40, 6 pieces (Misc.)
    Veterinarians and pharmacies require a lot more for this excellent product. At Amazon you can buy it very cheap! I use with my hounds Frontline for more than a decade and have always been very satisfied. I can recommend to give this means on the 1st
  • Zombie movie the S-Class  

    World War Z (Amazon Instant Video)
    Brad Pitt in a zombie movie? WTF? But well, why not. After all, it is not about the 1246. Cheap film but a 200-million dollar production. With twice as high advertising budget. And funnily enough it is Brad Pitt's previously most successful film of h
  • Meets expectations 4 1  

    Travel Wallet - Ticket pocket for travel documents, credit cards and pen with black zip ideal for Urlaubsreisen-
    The bag corresponding to the processing and usability ago my expectations. Tickets, vaccination card, business cards, everything has space. Would I buy it again.
  • But unfortunately not suitable perfectly  

    Travel Wallet - Ticket pocket for travel documents, credit cards and pen with black zip ideal for Urlaubsreisen-
    However, the processing is OK recognize the Chinese origin. Material is not very valuable and the mix of artificial leather and plastic can not really explain, because the plastic surface is very vulnerable spot. The division allows the carrying of 6
  • The best trilogy's degree ever !!!!  

    Champion (Legend) (Paperback)
    The book begins with Day with his brother Eden lives in San Francisco for eight months. Both suffer from the consequences of the experiments carried out by the Republic of them. Although Day and June have contact, it calls him suddenly and asks him t
  • Top Gift  

    Casual Casual Mum's Organizer (Baby Product)
    This organizer is a super gift for pregnant women already have. You can put everything tidy and has everything ready with a handle: ultrasound images, Mutterpass, recipes, schedules, insurance cards, stylus and even later, Memory books and vaccinatio
  • For Violet fans with baby a must  

    Casual Casual Mum's Organizer (Baby Product)
    I have a diaper bag from casual and wanted an organizer, so that the "Mummy" compartment is aufgräumt. Since purple is my favorite color, I opted for the casual Organizer in Butterfly purple. Pro: - Beautiful Purple what even a tick is even
  • beautiful, stable, good protection - zipper or elastic band would not be bad  

    Casual Casual Mum's Organizer (Baby Product)
    I have the Casual Mum's bought Organizer in order to keep my mother pass and the ultrasound images in it can - just the transparent box for the image it has done to me. Moreover, even well the vaccinated animals, the precautionary book, a pen and the
  • Again and again requests in the waiting room!  

    Casual Casual Mum's Organizer (Baby Product)
    The build quality is super. Here there is space for all medical records of child and mother. U-Hefte, vaccination cards and insurance cards. Fits securely in most handbags. And always talking point in the waiting room. "Oh, how convenient."
  • Extremely practical 12  

    Casual Casual Mum's Organizer (Baby Product)
    I find this super Organizer! Not only from Desgin I like it great, he is also super convenient. It has all his papers (whether Mutterpass, vaccination record, blood pressure pass, business cards ...) always neatly together. For me, the highlight is t
  • Total begeister!  

    Mutterpasshülle "50% Mama 50% Papa ... and a lot of miracles" of wool felt (White Grey) suitable only for the German Mutterpass! (Baby Product)
    Our first baby and everything should especially be! So also the "packaging" for the mother through. The excellent manner and fits into the front and back you can still see some store such as ultrasound images, vaccination certificate and di
  • Worked perfectly 1  

    Oasis FilterStarter Aqua Activ Biokick Fresh, 500 ml (garden products)
    After we fought for six months on our garden pond, especially the algae were not Lord, there came a complete treatment: Algae what was possible sucked, scrubbed, rausgekeschert sucked mud as possible Aqua Active Biokick fresh in the pond Next day rem
  • Exciting, exciting, exciting!  

    Helix - Season 1 (Amazon Instant Video)
    Helix has advised me a friend. The first season was moderately successful in the US, which does not itself but once again was on the train at the broadcast times and the fact that you have done too little advertising. Helix is ​​about a group CDC sci
  • Very good player, lightweight, powerful, practice  

    Players Fiio audiophiles X1 Champagne (Electronics)
    Back to prospective buyers. I listen: classical music, especially opera, French and American rap singers ... What I owned: a cowon J3, a Colorfly CK4 +, a Ibasso DX100 and smartphones Samsung S, S2, S3, S4, S5, Note 4 My headphones: Sennheiser HD700,
  • Read and disseminate  

    (Good) health of unvaccinated children: Beyond the controversy! (Paperback)
    "The vaccine efficacy has been proven." So that the subject is taboo. We can not speak quietly with his pediatrician without it assimilates us to a cult. So we are not even informed about the risks and side effects. So that we no longer routinel
  • book very clear and accessible to all, very complete  

    Dictionary of Homeopathy (Paperback)
    Unlike the comment "djessy" I find homeopathy very useful and this book is very well done, alphabetized symptoms explained succinctly but clearly followed the proposed treatment, and an overview of Materia Medica (c is the explanation of the pro