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  • Connect is the supreme principle. Entertaining family game by the authors of Qwixx  

    Nürnberger Spielkarten 4035 - Träxx strategy game (toy)
    Overall score: 7.0 Material: 07 Entry: 10 Feel: 07 long-term fun: 06 The game: The players try to match their panels as possible all 61 honeycomb / swatches with a pin to connect (because each honeycomb not reached brings a minus point). One should d
  • Qwixx is really awesome!  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4015 - Qwixx - Nominated for Game of the Year 2013 (Toys)
    Qwixx. Classic simply awesome! If I want to move a group of "non-players" to play I've ever brought UN BLUFF or TABU out of the closet. Now I have with QWIXX still a small but interesting game with which I can not move players to play. The name
  • Qwixx - 100% - Fast, easy, fun ohen end  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4015 - Qwixx - Nominated for Game of the Year 2013 (Toys)
    This game is easy to explain how exciting and the best in 1 minute. At stake Block there are 4 colors (red & Money in number strips 2bis12 and Green & Blue 12-2) The rules are as I said simply: The first player throws with all 6 dice (2x Whit
  • Qwirkle  

    Qwirkle Game (Toy)
    I found this game at a friend and I bought it on. it is a mixture of rumikub and scrable, play very good reflection, even my 8 year old daughter love, family is perfect
  • Qwixx blocks  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4019 - Qwixx additional blocks (toys)
    The game is fantastic but there are the play list used, according to the number of participants. The sheets are easy to read, it is the original pressure and thus the pleasure is no set limit
  • Qwirkle Travel  

    Schmidt Spiele 49270 - Qwirkle Travel (Toys)
    The game itself is very good. However, the Travel version includes very small stones. Only about half the size of the "normal". Not for older people ...
  • Great entertaining, ultraportables dice game - earned as SdJ nominated 2013!  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4015 - Qwixx - Nominated for Game of the Year 2013 (Toys)
    Video at Amazon.com See I was long gone so convinced a game not to like, and I have no longer as wrong. A simple, banal dice game in which the only relavante deciding whether to leave out a few numbers or not, that should be interesting or even fun?
  • Simply a special card game.  

    Nürnberger Spielkarten 4034 - The Game - Card Game (Toy)
    The use of payment cards in board games is likely to be about as innovative as cubes and a block to tick. But Steffen Benndorf has already proved with Qwixx that he does not require innovative materials to create just such a game. Although I felt the
  • Nice pastime for the whole family  

    Schmidt Spiele 49257 - Qwirkle Cubes (Toys)
    The game is really fun. even the little ones can already play. The rules are simple. When children play, we do not count points. Qwirkle cubes is also an entertaining pastime for adults and thus for the whole family. Great game!
  • Nice, simple and quickly declared family Tactics  

    Nürnberger Spielkarten 4035 - Träxx strategy game (toy)
    In Träxx it is important to involve as many fields the player board in a distance. For all numeric fields there are in accordance with their respective value VP. For those not involved fields, there is one downside. Procedure: Any player reveals the
  • Tactical character or Wegfindungsspiel for 1-4 players, ages 8 Steffen Benndorf and Reinhard distemper.  

    Nürnberger Spielkarten 4035 - Träxx strategy game (toy)
    Players must draw on their table the optimal way to get as many points at the end of the game. The catch is that the way they "walk" can be determined by cards namely field by field. You should weigh and to demonstrate patience, not to rash
  • This one, no! It is better to release the cubes  

    Iello - 51005 - Platform Game - Qwirkle (Toy)
    Qwirkle, kind of "scrabble light" where you have to form standard colors or shape instead of words, is a simple game where chance is predominant, and where there is no way to deal with it . From there it closes bored waiting his turn, especially
  • Dice do not roll properly, and more complexity  

    Schmidt Spiele 49257 - Qwirkle Cubes (Toys)
    Qwirkle Cubes has at least made a lot of sense as a game variant of the "conventional" Qwirkle on the carton and expectations aroused in us, as we were the basic version (which was rightly Game of the Year, as we find, and at least for us in the
  • Ingenious idea, but can not compete with the original  

    Schmidt Spiele 49257 - Qwirkle Cubes (Toys)
    For gameplay of Qwirkle I probably do not need anything more to say, the most interested in cubes, the original will know or at least have heard of him. We love Qwirkle and so, of course, this new version has us very interested. First, I can say that
  • Fast dice game at any time ... - Simple but fun game - great for the holidays.  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4015 - Qwixx - Nominated for Game of the Year 2013 (Toys)
    Fast dice game at any time ... QUIXX Overall score: 8.1 Material: 06 Entry: 10 Feel: 08 long-term fun: 09 Qwixx is a simple game for in between. The rules are understood very quickly and you can start the game. The game: The aim of the game is to ear
  • very nice warmers or nightcap.  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4015 - Qwixx - Nominated for Game of the Year 2013 (Toys)
    The players try to cross on their match sheet as many figures of four different color series. The more crosses a player could put in a row, the more points he will receive at game end. Procedure: In turn, the players roll the dice. For each color ran
  • Very entertaining game of dice  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4015 - Qwixx - Nominated for Game of the Year 2013 (Toys)
    When I ordered mine before New Year's Eve a few games - including Qwixx - I had no idea that this would be such a fun game. I was initially impressed by the high rating cut as well as the game idea and have it put on me without further ado. For "Game
  • Quick gelerntes but exciting until the final game of dice  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4015 - Qwixx - Nominated for Game of the Year 2013 (Toys)
    Goal of the game In Qwixx is rolled and ticked. Here there is no waiting time for the other players, because everyone can share a throw of a player. The idea is to make crosses in colored rows of numbers. These range from 2 to 12. 12 to 2. If you hav