rather as well


  • not bad meme rather very well  

    igadgitz Rose Tinted PC Case Hard Case for New Apple iPhone 5 4G LTE & 5S + Screen Protector (Not suitable for iPhone 5C) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    shell that fits perfectly on the iphone no problem Well as protective film for that price its worth it! It is slightly more than the photo Flashi after to see in time but good value for money.
  • Quality rather less well  

    blueLino 1430-4G aptX Music Receiver (Bluetooth v3.0 with EDR, 3.5 mm jack, S / PDIF) (Optional)
    With the quality of this product I am rather less satisfied with what was mainly due to the transmission via bluetooth. The distance was perfect (it was used on 2m i) fine. However, it was the sound that came out of my speakers, a bit disappointing.
  • Rather as well  

    Mele F10 PRO wireless airmouse including keyboard + speakers & microphone + gyro sensor -. The official Mele dealer / Shipping & Support 24 months warranty from Germany (Electronics)
    I bought with this remote control, hoping my Android Box on TV so to serve, as if I had a tablet in his hand. Quite so, it is not. A very good feature is the airmouse, a pointer with the left mouse button, which works as a whole, the extension of my
  • Rather less well  

    For the price okay. - Has, however, exhibit a number of shortcomings: - Cell phone sitting expresses tightly in plastic frame, so that when pressing the side buttons this jam often, resulting in the lock button for unwanted off - The new shell was in
  • Well written and useful to the manager  

    Manager Psychology - 2nd ed. - For more successful at work (Paperback)
    Good combination of the fields of psychology and management with rich and operational lines of work for the manager. The different sections of the book are rather relevant, well written, with humor. The Manager seeks will start with the chapter "Why
  • Rather less red  

    Sharkoon CCFL, Twin Set, red, 30cm (Electronics)
    (Good to see even in daylight) + Good luminosity + Easy installation (with cable ties in the housing attached) - The color is a rather bright red (dark pink) - The included adhesive pads ... should not use it, because they stick rather less well. - T
  • Master class in the middle class  

    Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) swiveling display, Full HD) Kit including EF-S 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS II (Electronics)
    Preface: The Canon EOS 600D is now my third DSLR. My entry camera was the Olympus E-420, which I like excellent. Then came a Systemkerama that Samsung NX 5 also very good, but the electronic viewfinder has me then but not so very much and also the ve
  • All good things come in threes  

    Nemo: River of Ghosts (Hardcover)
    Many of the great works of world literature are actually travelogues. Perhaps the most famous example is of course "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad. "The Lost World" by Arthur Conan Doyle is another example. A group of people
  • Unfortunately, but quite cheap, too bad.  

    Kaikai girls jewelry: Blue eyes owl pendant photo amulet to open Blumengraviering chain bronze (jewelery)
    Well, what I've expected. In the picture the amulet looks very pretty. In real (after 5 weeks for delivery) then unfortunately not quite. The "gems" have a slightly different color and are not shiny but rather .. well fishy-turbid. The chai
  • Half Best of the leftovers - but okay for newbies  

    Iron Man 2 (Deluxe Edition CD & DVD) (Audio CD)
    To date, AC / DC have resisted offering their songs to download to publish as well as greatest hits albums. A setting that can certainly pay tribute, the band abandoned but so far on the quick buck (it happens to fact that "Greatest Hits" a
  • expect no wonder with the price  

    10x check one way valve for aquarium air pump (Misc.)
    Half of the valves does the other rather less well what is one to expect at the price. It took me only 4 and 1 of functioning valves is then reserve.
  • disappointing and useless  

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - The Official Strategy Guide (accessory)
    definitely the most unnecessary solution book of all time. As a collector of the Final Fantasy games and all around it I had the game guide course already reserved. Had I left it had better ... After playing a quasi absolutely there's no point! The s
  • Cruel .... 4 1  

    Nokia C5 Smartphone [new version] (5.6 cm (2.2 inch) display, Bluetooth, 5 Megapixel camera) White (Electronics)
    I use this phone as a phone service, I would have it, it would buy privately went back in no time. As a personal basis for comparison is to my predecessor device, the Nokia 6021. Here are my criticisms: Address: a disaster from AZ. when you call the
  • Super - Leiwand!  

    SingStar - Legends (Video Game)
    I love SingStar Legends Real leiwand. That rather less well-known song titles have been selected, I find really cool. And there are great numbers for such. As "Roxanne" (pretty difficult to sing ... ;-) or "Live on Mars". If woman / ma
  • High-quality and practical keyboard Ideal for PS3 Controller  

    PlayStation 3 Wireless keypad for Wireless Controller (accessory)
    I have the keyboard now good 2 days and am quite happy with it, however, give only 4 stars because the "Touchpad function" was rather less well implemented. But I will get an exact equal. The first thing to the keyboard with the USB cable (not i
  • One could have guessed ...  

    WWE 2K15 - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    The game is rather average. The first game for the next-gen console WWE Reihe..allerdings rather average well implemented. Pro: -visually The game has logically made its predecessor a jump. The belt and the majority of the stars has been very well im
  • new beatsteaks album  

    Beatsteaks (Audio CD)
    One CD for 15 Euro with a playing time of almost 33 minutes! This is absolutely ridiculous, I play the singles more. Time back to the days of Musikkasette one would have to turn around after 15 minutes, the tape ... the gabs never !! I do not underst
  • headphones for home ...  

    Jays a-JAYS Four earphones with microphone + Remote for iPhone / iPod / iPad White (Electronics)
    After several searches my choice had finally covered the jay's oven particularly for flat cable .. At the reception, the first satisfaction, the product is really well packaged, we feel we will have quality. There are several tips available, 3 remote
  • Rapid and simultaneous charge of 2 tablets / smartphones  

    RAVPower® USB Charger Car Cigarette Lighter / Car for iPhone / iPad / Mobile Phone MP3 MP4, Tablet / Smartphone Android, 5V devices, Two Harbors iSmart (TM) 4.8A (24W / 5V / 2.4A * 2), White ( electronic devices)
    See video on Amazon.com There are a wide variety of in-car charger. However, they do not all have similar capabilities. In the past, I was very disappointed when I realized that some shippers do not allow simultaneous charging of two devices connecte
  • Simple to install and cheap  

    Mega Bloks - 97339 - Construction Game - Halo - UNSC Mongoose - 49 (Toy)
    This set contains the Spartan III Emile (Halo Reach) with its custom helmet. It is also a down side: the engraving is more like a barely visible gray task as a white skull as on the packaging. But it's hard to have something true. I also find it regr