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  • 32 GB version reads much faster than indicated  

    Transcend TS32GSDU1 Class 10 UHS-I SDHC 32GB Premium Memory Card (300x) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (Personal Computers)
    Have just the 32GB variant and get it tested with H2testw in an internal card reader of a new Lenovo laptops. A promise is a speed of "up to 45MB / s read, up to 20MB / s write." The test showed that the promised surpassed "up to"
  • Macbook 2012 SSD and internal reader  

    Transcend Ultimate Speed ​​SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 32GB memory card (up to 90MB / s read) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (Personal Computers)
    There is indeed a wide variety of opinions on this card. I have read some reviews and decided to try it just once, because I was afraid that most dissatisfied users have the wrong requirements. The card is fast, in fact, but only if the periphery is
  • Must-read  

    Tender Bar: A Memoir (Paperback)
    One of the best books I've read. It is funny, sad, gripping but most of all heart-warming and touching. A tale of growing up, finding and mastering life and more oft than once the reader will think back and remeber moments of his own life with Both h
  • A reader without pitfalls and snags  

    Tolino Shine eReader (electronic)
    I have the Tolino since 3 days and have tried almost everything. A great reader with simple handling, uncomplicated Up and download of books, very good radiated brightness, ease of use and even surfing the web is possible (if a sw ads not mind). The
  • Courtesy of Teens Read Too  

    Skulduggery Pleasant (Hardcover)
    It all started When Gordon Edgley died. Well, it started much Actually Earlier than that. I mean, if you want to be picky it "all" started at the dawn of time. Or is That Just When Time started? Never mind. The point is, for Stephanie Edgle
  • Better read the Rezesionen previously ...  

    DELOCK Adapter USB micro B St / USB A Bu (Accessories)
    Product does not function on the devices Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S Advance Neither the adapter itself is detected, nor a connected device. Also charging current does not reveal. I ordered two pieces, they both do not go. As a precaution I ha
  • USB 3.0 Card Reader fast, beautiful, stable and small  

    EasyAcc? USB 3.0 Card Reader (equipment)
    This card reader is delivered in a cardboard packaging; this is easy to open. It comes with the card reader, an approximately 55cm long USB 3.0 cable and a German manual. The processing of the card reader is clean and free of errors. The black alumin
  • great card reader at a good price ...  

    EasyAcc? USB 3.0 Card Reader (equipment)
    I photograph quite a lot with different cameras and memory card, and then transfer the images to your computer. Since then the same number of images as a rule, it takes with my previous USB 2.0 card reader correspondingly long. This USB 3.0 model tha
  • Klein & doing what he should. Read to write 130MB on average 20Mb / sec.  

    SanDisk SDCZ43-016G-G46 Ultra Fit 16GB USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 130MB / sec. (Personal Computers)
    SanDisk Cruzer Fit Ultra 32 Gb: Yes, it is really small. And he keeps as far as possible, the manufacturer promises (oops?). For the price of less than nine euros secure a fair and recommendable deal that can be perfectly stekcen in your pocket. , By
  • Runs great if you read and follow the arguments can!  

    Virtua Tennis Challenge (App)
    Runs great on my xperia z ultra, configured with original firmware and correctly Amazon Appshop and Smartphone. Who makes it wrong, yes you read here. The download is 287 MB in size, hm ... What that might mean well and what requirements you have to
  • Current ebook reader - a small decision support  

    Tolino Shine eBook reader (Personal Computers)
    I was recently faced with the challenge to choose a ebook reader for my mother in law. Of course, something goes on with some tact before, as you can imagine, especially since I myself read Ebooks primarily on my phone (Experia Z1) or my tablet (Expe
  • Price / performance and especially the read / write speed top!  

    32GB SD HC 32GB QUMOX SDHC Class 10 UHS-I memory card Secure Digital High Speed ​​Write Speed ​​40MB / s read speed upto 80 MB / s (Electronics)
    Basically you have to now do not say so much to an SD card, or write. The function of such a card should be well known to everyone. Therefore, only once briefly the writing and reading speed, I have measured with the card in a USB 3.0 SD card reader
  • Fast reading dwarf at a fair price  

    Transcend TS-RDF5K card reader (SDHC / SDXC / microSDHC / microSDXC, USB 3.0) Black (Personal Computers)
    Transcend provides the card reader into an easy-to-open package. The with dimensions of 56 x 24.1 x 9.1 mm ultra-compact stick is stowed anywhere fast. Despite its very low weight of just 11 grams (2 coin: 9 grams) of the stick seems durable. When fi
  • One of the best autobiographical novels I have ever read  

    Tender Bar: A Memoir (Paperback)
    I read Agassi's autobiography Open Which I thought was just a great book. I am not much into tennis and I do not care much about Agassi as a celebrity. I picked up the book Because ofnthe very vulnerable look in Agassi's eyes on the front copver. I r
  • Does not work in SD card reader  

    Eye-Fi Eye-Fi 32GB MOBI Mobi wireless SDHC 32GB Class 10 Memory Card (Personal Computers)
    The map does what you want, but it works not via SD card reader on your PC. Once installed on your smartphone makes this a wireless connection to the integrated access point of the map and downloads new files. This is depending on the number and chan
  • Very quickly, when the card reader cooperates  

    Sony SF32UX Class10 32GB SDHC memory card with UHS interface (accessory)
    The card makes a stable impression, work (as expected) problems in my Sony Alpha 77 and is very fast, especially when one considers the extreme compared to a Sandisk Pro moderate price into account: So I have a Kingston FCR -HS3 Media Reader 87 MB /
  • Very good solution to read the disks of my defective Notebooks.  

    Delock Converter USB 2.0 to SATA / IDE (Personal Computers)
    After the total loss of my notebook to read a perfect solution to the developed plates. Works flawlessly and without any prior knowledge. To wire to guide and off you go. Sure you can buy a 2.5 "enclosure for external disks, but so it goes.
  • Very fast read / write transfer rates !!!  

    Kingston Memory Card SD4 / 8GB SDHC Class 4 - 8GB (Personal Computers)
    I have the map checked with respect to the read / write speed with the (benchmark) test program H2testw, and I must say that this class 4 SDHC card is extremely fast, and is even faster than some Class 6 SDHC cards. (Speed ​​index class 4 means at le
  • Current ebook reader - a small decision support 1  

    Tolino Shine eReader (electronic)
    I was recently faced with the challenge to choose a ebook reader for my mother in law. Of course, something goes on with some tact before, as you can imagine, especially since I myself read Ebooks primarily on my phone (Experia Z1) or my tablet (Expe
  • Very good e-reader for a fair price  

    Tolino Shine eReader (electronic)
    I own the Tolino Shine now for a few weeks, here are my first impressions: Purchase motivation - The special price as the Tolino is currently the cheapest Reader with engebautem light. - I can buy eBooks from any vendor, borrow, download. Packing The