review babyliss home light connected


  • Solid but light connection  

    Samsung Ativ S i8750 iTALKonline Black Micro USB Sync & Charge / Charging Desk Stand Dock Charger (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The product is fairly solid and well finished. By cons, plugging my ATIV S above, not only there is the game, but the connection (however without cover) is light and so my device is often disconnected. I have mixed feelings about this purchase and wo
  • Home lighting  

    Mag-Lite X12016 little Lite-Pack Set:. 1x Mini Mag-Lite AA + 1x Solitaire including keychains loop (household goods)
    The two lamps fulfill their purpose perfectly! I am very satisfied! Who needs "floodlight" should of course use something bigger ... No shorts, no excessive batteries and light bulbs wear, successful finding keyholes with the Solitaire, sufficie
  • Review for HP-light wand  

    Harry Potter light Wand (Toy)
    So I was very excited about the light wand. When he I have when I ordered it surprised me when I ordered it was because I was going to get it until Monday. But he came on and I had so Sammstg him on Thursday ordered point to Amazon for the quick deli
  • Pleasant light, connection not possible as hoped  

    LED Strip Strip with USB cable, warm white, length according to your choice L = 50cm / 1m / 2m, suitable for PC Laptop TV Auto Power Bank background Undercounter lighting
    I ordered this LED strip as backlight for my TV (Panasonic 50 '') and deliberately a bar with a USB port chosen because I hoped this easy to connect via the USB port on the TV (TV on / LEDs on). Unfortunately, this funtioniert not, would have also be
  • Beautiful light connection (very) difficult  

    THE Lampux Flexible LED Strip Light, 12V, warm white, waterproof, 300 3528 SMD LED units, ideal for DIY, pack of 5 m (Electronics)
    Tape supplied with 2 power tips and two straight fittings. All is well as long as we use it in one piece. As soon as one wants to use straight fittings or fittings to 90 °, the galley for fittings: it is necessary to cut the bulging plastic coating t
  • surprise! amazon product reviews, a little "light"  

    The Twilight box (Paperback)
    a little disappointed because the description on the website is not very accurate, and as I had not read the comments ... I expected to receive 4 volumes "paperback version of", and these are writing books ... So no reading for me! but I admit t
  • David Auna home graciously sent me this radio (like no other) to test it.  

    auna Connect 150 - wifi internet radio with DAB + and FM tuner, 2.1 speakers, USB media player (alarm clock with dual alarms, color screen, equalizer) - Wood (Electronics)
    This review is from: auna Connect 150 - Radio with DAB + wifi internet and FM tuner, 2.1 speakers, USB media player (alarm clock with dual alarms, color screen, equalizer) - Wood (Electronics) So this time I stayed ébaudi, amazed, curious and interes
  • Highly Recommended - finally real warm white LED light  

    Sebson 10er Pack GU5.3 / MR16 LED lamp 4W - 35W bulb see -. 280 lumens - GU5.3 LED warm white - LED lamps 110 ° - 12V (household goods)
    Sebson LED light, finally genuine, with halogen or incandescent light comparable, bright, warm white light for living spaces. Am excited - after all the returns of other providers due to cold, white place advertised warm white light. Sebson shows tha
  • A light in the night  

    Integral LED-CL-EU ILNL Kids Night Light Sensor with Auto Light Sensor Detector Automatic White 11.4 x 7.6 x 6.3 cm (Kitchen)
    Really ideal for use desired home, light a down the hall and stair climbing, too powerful in my opinion for a room and not suited to the security of a small stroke that can hurt the little translucent plate ( but in the hallway door open it's perfect
  • Light leakage  

    Asus PA238Q PC LCD Screen 23 "(58.5 cm) LED Display Port / DVI-D / HDMI 1.3 Black (Personal Computers)
    I was about to buy this screen, so I consulted several forums that talk about it. And unfortunately I have found that almost all testers sites and the vast majority of reviews talk about light leakage (bottom left and top right). They have 2012 buyer
  • A lot of light, but unfortunately hardly standlight  

    Busch & Müller LED headlights (equipment)
    As already described in the other reviews, the main light is beyond all doubt. The spotlight is small, light and elegant. However, the parking light is virtually absent. You have to concentrate on, so as to perceive. I venture to doubt that other mot
  • Lights are working properly  

    2 Universal taillights, tail lights for car trailers
    I have to change my review regarding this lights, because I did not know that there are special lamps which have two contacts. From where I bought the trailer had wrong in it :-( The lights are exactly its purpose. The producers make the cable openin
  • Beautiful light at a decent price  

    V-TAC 4253 E27 13W LED Bulb Globe Shape 240 V 50/60 Hz warm white VT-1883 (household goods)
    I'm very satisfied with the lamps. Schönhell (nix for "discreet" home lighting) and neutral light (neither cold nor yellow). Because the ball is made of plastic, also quite easy for filigree frames. The black overprint on the base could be discr
  • Light yield okay, color temperature very cold, something flimmerig  

    1 piece LED bulbs G9 5W LED Bulb 64 * 3014 SMD LEDs cold white HI-Power Energy-saving lamps AC220-240V (Ø18 × 50mm)
    Have compared a 2.6W from the supermarket - this one has a much whiter, colder light. For home lighting less beautiful - as a task light not bad. AC flickering more pronounced than in the comparative LED - this one takes during rapid eye / head movem
  • Fabulous light yield  

    Smart LED battery lamp bicycle (equipment)
    This lamp excited right away by a truly exceptional workmanship. Properly funny it is, however, when you turn on the lamp - the luminous efficiency is terrific! To 30 meters away Nachbragrundstück rüberzuleuchten - and still easily erkenen everything
  • Speedport W 920 V from T-Home  

    T-Home Speedport W 920V (accessory)
    Servus, anticipate, I have the Speedport received a few days ago and installed easily and everything works properly. Internet Access: - The Speedport is an ADSL / VDSL modes for fast Internet access and high-speed surf're to 50,000 kbit / s, but for
  • Works but unpleasant light color  

    IDACA 4-Pack G9 energy saving lamp LED light 220V 6W 3014SMD 78 x 360 ° beam lamp lighting warm white
    Negative: In order to reduce our electricity costs I have already changed several lights to LED. This G9 LEDs should now light our dining table, but the color of the light is so unpleasant yellow that we have the new LEDs now condemned to the stairwe
  • brings a lot of light into the dark! Top familiar Makita quality  

    Makita BML801 LED battery lamp 14.4 + 18 V Li-Ion (Misc.)
    Hello there, have long searched for using various battery lamps, but 2x 1.5 Ah and now 2x 5 Ah'm stuck with Makita because my batteries available. Since I currently renovating a long time and we have power only in one room, the lamp is the true bless
  • Price / performance simply breathtaking ...  

    Microsoft Lumia 535 Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inch) display, quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor, 1.2GHz, 5 megapixel camera, single-SIM, Win 8.1) (Electronics)
    First of all I have to say that I usually do not write reviews here, as I usually do not have time. Since I'm pretty excited about the phone and hope that many others will have their pleasure, I have struggled through it;) PS: The mobile phone was no
  • Good Notebook with small weaknesses  

    Acer Aspire VN7-791G-70M4 43.9 cm (17.3-inch Full-HD) notebook (Intel Core i7-4710HQ, 2.5GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSHD, Nvidia GeForce GTX850M, DVD, Win 8.1, Full HD IPS screen) black (Personal Computers)
    The 791G I use in a slightly different facilities for almost 6 weeks and have thus sufficient experience to write a review. Pro: - Performance. Very good. No matter what I run on it, it works. When playing very high details possible applications and