review for graef cm702 coffee grinders


  • For espresso to coffee, from super fine to coarse, it works.  

    Krups coffee grinder grinder GVX242 (household goods)
    After I'm no longer active professionally and therefore have more time I can devote myself to the coffee / espresso enjoyment more. So far with me is a 5years old fully automatic machine and a Nespresso machine. Everything to be fast in the professio
  • Review for the laity and for the advanced  

    Canon IXUS 1000 HS Digital Camera (10 Megapixel, 10x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD video, image stabilized) brown (Electronics)
    IXUS 1000 HS Since this review is extensive, I have divided into two areas. The first part is aimed exclusively at the layman. In the second part I will go more in the advanced range. Every reader can thus pick out its range, which is interesting for
  • Revised review for the K-3 in the Silver Edition with the latest firmware update!  

    Pentax K-3 Premium Edition SLR digital camera (24 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) LCD screen, Live View, Full HD) incl. Handle / Battery Silver (Electronics)
    Not what I had hoped for, as I had ordered the K-3 in black without updates very early !? But it was confirmed to me what was (see Color photo booklet 1/2014 Page 34 to 37 and PHOTOTEST Heft 1/14 Jan. / Feb. Pages 26 and 27) to read in a few test rep
  • nice coffee for a good coffee  

    Krups Nespresso Pixie YY1202FD Red Espresso machine orange Electrical (Kitchen)
    Coffee easy design to use for a good coffee I bought it to change my old coffee, the latter much faster heating, automatic stop very convenient. Only downside: common to all Nespresso, a little noisy ....
  • Review for the iPad Case  

    JETech® iPad mini 1/2/3 shell Cover Case Case with Stand Function and Auto Sleep / Wake for Apple iPad mini, iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display and iPad Mini 3 smart Cover Case (Purple) (Personal Computers)
    Apparently here mingle the reviews for JETECH-iPad case and Bluetooth headset :-(, I can only report to cover. After over a year of intensive use for my iPad mini 1 I am of this case still enthusiastic. It is - 210 grams of weight and almost 1.5 cm t
  • Very surprisingly, for this price, to receive such a stable quality. Have we also due to the customer reviews for  

    HUDORA Kiddyscooter Joey Pinky 3.0 11060 (Toys)
    Very surprisingly, for this price, to receive such a stable quality. Have decided also due to the customer reviews for this scooter. Gets our niece for Christmas, so it can make even not for everyday use. Did the scooter mounted equal. Was very simpl
  • 5 filter cartridges suitable for fully automatic coffee machines from Bosch ...  

    5 filter cartridges suitable for fully automatic coffee machines from Bosch® Siemens® AEG® Krups® (household goods)
    . 5 filter cartridges suitable for fully automatic coffee machines from Bosch, first recession since I have the filter is not changed only for the delivery, of course, follows, hope that they are worth the reasonable price; delivery very fast, the ef
  • What's in the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Millenium Falcon Pack it - Unboxing + Review for beginners  

    Heidelberger HEI0408 - Star Wars X-Wing - Millennium Falcon, Expansion Pack (Toys)
    The X-Wing Miniatures Game is a super simple and yet complex tabletop game. It is very fast and really exciting. It provides a quick start for beginners and advanced has nevertheless a wealth of tactical options which are upgradeable ever by now nume
  • Mini-reviews for demanding photographers in the field lifelike color reproduction  

    Sony SLT-A37K SLR digital camera (16 megapixels, 6.7 cm (2.7 inch) display, Full HD, 3D panorama) Incl. SAM 18-55mm Zoom Lens (Electronics)
    I would like to make a mini-reviews for those where a natural color reproduction is an important criterion. I come from the professional graphic arts and color matching part of my job. Maybe I can not think why this shortcoming of the Sony Alpha SLT
  • Empehlung for a pure coffee enjoyment  

    Saeco Intenza + Water Filter from BRITA, filter, cartridge, 4-pack (household goods)
    Empehlung for a pure coffee enjoyment. We believe that the coffee now still has a better flavor. No Geschmackferfremdungen or other properties through the filter. We recommend the water filter without restrictions.
  • Reviews for "Hercules DJ Control Instinct"  

    Hercules DJ Control Instinct 4780730 included DJ software (electronic)
    Hello first;) I inform you now with a few brief details from the DJ controller: Processing + Dimensions: The device is about 25cm wide, 20cm long and 7cm high. That's very small, but for the price, the size is ok. The build quality is quite ok, but t
  • Actually ideal .... with weaknesses / review for non-techies  

    Iiyama ProLite XB2779QS-S1 68,5cm 27 inch LED AH-I (Personal Computers)
    Unlike most monitors currently on the market, this monitor has a much higher resolution, resulting in a noticeably sharper picture and more beautiful result. I work in the IT industry, have to read a lot on the monitor and one thing is clear: whereve
  • Not for the Italian coffee  

    AR110510 Moulinex Grinders Ruby Red 11.5 x 11.5 x 18.5 cm (Kitchen)
    If I had to use it only for seeds (flax, sesame) and spices (pepper, cumin, pink pepper), I would have given it 5 stars easily. But having found a bio pure Arabica coffee beans, I was hoping to do two things at once. My dream is to drink through this
  • Review for Smoothie fans ....  

    Moulinex DP805G shredder La Moulinette Plus Deluxe, including stand mixer attachment, white / metallic red (household goods)
    Smoothie fans, or those who want to be there, watch out! The Moulinette looks good, and you can make super smoothies by mixing jug, as long as you heed the following: No to large frozen ingredients blocks or hard fruit / vegetables to use, and always
  • Cleaning tablets for fully automatic coffee machines  

    Cleaning tablets for fully automatic coffee machines 240 tablets per 2g
    We have Because of headings. Reviews ordered these tablets. So far we have used them once and are very satisfied. How do you get in the long run our coffee machines we will see. It is likely any obviousness that I can give no final judgment for an ap
  • The second best method for preparation of coffee  

    Aerobie 80R08 Aeropress cafetiere with 350 paper filter (household goods)
    I prefer to drink coffee as a "extended" from the portafilter (with 2-cup sieve). But as my wife so that can not cope, and also always complained when so many devices adjust the kitchen worktop, the filter holder was banned in my second home in
  • Perfect for the intended purpose - review for new firmware and new app version  

    Jawbone Bluetooth UP24 Activity / Sleep Tracker Bracelet (Size L) orange for Apple iOS and Android (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I carry the UP24 a week now and have played in the last 2 days to update the new firmware and the new app, here's my report. *** Preliminary *** First, you should ask yourself what you really expect from a gadget on your wrist. I would have no device
  • The review for the man  

    Braun 7681 WD Silk-epil Wet and Dry Epilator (Health and Beauty)
    Preview It's common knowledge that men usually are equipped with a luxuriant body hair than women. While in earlier times the men still wore chest hair toupees in the movies, hair is taboo for men nowadays. Thus, this change affects the society on on
  • Review for LTD. Sponge Connection Box  

    Planktonweed Tape (LTD. Sponge Connection Box) (Audio CD)
    One thing in advance ... it is my own opinion to the box and the album itself. No one is saying that my or other opinion is the only right therefore forms you best own opinion about the ham. I will first assess the box with its contents and then eval
  • Review for UC5001: Very compact and powerful charger for the whole family  

    [Desktop Charger] Inateck 36W 5V 7.2A 5-Port (3port-5V 1A; 2port 5V-2.1A) USB Travel Charger Adapter with USB charger plug intelligent charging circuit for Apple & Android smartphones, tablets, and other USB-loaded devices EU Adapter - Black (Electronics)
    Although I already own numerous USB chargers, I have accepted the offer of a test position for a 5-fold charger. Why? Because it is free? No, because then I would have been lying around much useless stuff here that I can not do or I'm not satisfied.